Nowadays there are a lot of apps on the market that allow people from all over the world khổng lồ receive & send instant messages as well as communicate with each other by voice and clip calls. You might say that they are all the same but it will not be true. Some of them are working only on developing and implementing various communication features while others besides this also focus on providing their users with the best privacy và security possible. Learn how lớn work with one of the most popular apps from the second category và create a Zalo tài khoản using no di động number.

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Zalo account: key features

Every online platform has a bunch of features that can be both common và unique. This does also apply to lớn Zalo. Having a profile on this instant messaging app brings khổng lồ the table multiple advantages. With that being said, those who decide to register a Zalo trương mục will get access to lớn the following options và benefits:

Instant messages and notifications about replies;Fun & cheerful emojis và stickers;Voice calls without extrinsic noise and interference;Nearby search function;Group chats;Integration with all social truyền thông media networking sites;High security and privacy.

So it is pretty obvious that it makes sense and is definitely worth it to create Zalo account if there is a need lớn start using instant messenger with full functionality. However, even though this service is constantly working on increasing the privacy of users, there are still many those who would lượt thích to sign up for it without a phone number as it is a good way lớn remain anonymous on the web.


Is it possible lớn create Zalo using no phone number?

Zalo is mostly an phầm mềm for sending & receiving text messages. Just like other similar mạng internet platforms, it asks users to verify their personal mobile numbers when signing up. There is no way to bypass this requirement under any circumstances. But it is possible to lớn complete the Zalo sign up using no personal number. It can be done with the help of virtual phone numbers. There are a lot of platforms on the mạng internet offering such a service. But the most important thing about it is that it is pretty cheap. The cost of one such number does not exceed $1. Find out below how khổng lồ take advantage of this tool within minutes.

How to buy and use a virtual number for Zalo sign up?

Operating virtual phone numbers is very easy. Thanks to the user-friendly thiết kế of online platforms that provide them, even those who are doing it for the very first time can sign up for Zalo without phone number in a few minutes. Here is how it goes:

1. Register at


2. Proceed to lớn payment inlay, select a suitable option, và then use it lớn refill the balance.


3. Mở cửa the start page and select sản phẩm điện thoại provider country together with Zalo.


4. Purchase a virtual number.


5. Start the registration process on Zalo, fill out necessary fields with personal data along with the received virtual phone number.

6. Go back lớn and click “Get SMS”.

7. Copy the revealed verification code & put it on Zalo to finish the profile registration process.

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The job is done. This is how khổng lồ create Zalo trương mục without phone number. You can vị this literally at any time of the day as virtual numbers are always available và using them does not involve taking any kích hoạt by others.