Looking for a better YouTube Alternative? Wish you had a piece of music or video clip streaming platform that offers a better user experience for your streams? For all your media solutions, we’ve got the perfect tiện ích for you, YouTube Vanced. Save big on your data usage & access various out-of-reach streaming features when you opt lớn settle for nothing less than the best YouTube alternative online. With millions of downloads, users have realized what they’ve been missing out on all along & you can too.

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What is YouTube Vanced APK?

YouTube Vanced is simply a better version of the stock apk YouTube application. What makes it better? It includes all the features of the original app và many other exciting characteristics such as ad-blocking & advanced SponsorBlock options that users have been crying out for. Furthermore, the service also provides users with access to lớn Vanced but for YouTube Music & while its features may not be as abundant as the Vanced option, it has its perks like adblocking and background playback.

Version Info

NameYouTube Vanced
DeveloperVanced Team
Size5 MB
Last updatedMay 10, 2022

Download YouTube Vanced app android Official for Android

To get access to the YouTube Vanced APK, you must first tải về Vanced Manager. This is a YouTube Vanced tải về manager app that offers MicroG & the YouTube Vanced application that can be directly installed without an không đúng installer software.

The Manager is also responsible for keeping your Vanced applications up-to-date on both root and non-root devices without any complications. On the other hand, MicroG is “a free and open-source implementation of proprietory Google libraries” that replaces Google Play Services on app android OS. In short, it allows YouTube Vanced lớn function on your device without permission from Google Play Services as most game android apps would have it.

Furthermore, YouTube Vanced isn’t available for devices such as android TVs & TV boxes. For these, you can download the SmartTubeNext app android as an amazing alternative.




YouTube is full of pre-roll, mid-roll, & sponsored ads for most of its videos. While these pop-ups have a right to lớn be there, since their sponsors paid for a spot on the platform, they can be intrusive to lớn the user’s experience on the platform. YouTube Vanced comes with a built-in ad-blocker that excludes ads in all videos giving you the best viewing experience you can get online. It’s lượt thích the unlocked version of YouTube Premium that doesn’t require any paid subscriptions.

Dark Mode

YouTube Vanced also includes a dark mode that creates an aesthetic appeal when using the app. Not only does it create a more appealing viewing environment, but it also enhances visual ergonomics by decreasing eye strain, enabling screens to lớn adjust to the current light conditions, & providing the user comfort when using their devices in the dark. Furthermore, it helps extend the battery life of your device.

Background Play


Unless you’re subscribed khổng lồ YouTube Premium, some features are unavailable in the original YouTubeversion. For example, once your screen is turned off or you leave the app, your đoạn clip stops. However, with YouTube Vanced, you can opt khổng lồ listen to the music/audio of the đoạn clip in the background while navigating other applications on your device. Even with your screen turned off, you can still enjoy the audio of any clip for as long as you’d like.

PiP Mode


Picture-in-Picture mode is a pop-up video box that allows users khổng lồ multitask while still watching their đoạn clip content. Your đoạn clip would be reduced to lớn taking a small portion of the screen allowing you to vày other things on your device while still playing the video. Similarly, this video box can be positioned anywhere on your screen for effective multitasking.

No Root

The application can be used on any android device without any errors of system access that may be caused in non-root devices. There is a version for both root và non-root devices lớn ensure proper functionality.

Vanced Settings


There are various customized settings for the ứng dụng which give users more detailed control over their preferences and đoạn phim play experience.

HDR Mode

To improve the video quality considerably in the app, you can access HDR Mode or Forced HDR. These options will drastically raise the chất lượng giving you an amazing viewing experience that you won’t find on the original YouTube application.

Parallel Use

Contrary lớn various myths that say you need lớn uninstall the original YouTube application to lớn use the Vanced version, YouTube Vanced can function along with the default app. MicroG allows it lớn function without Google Play Services, therefore, giving it a different package from the default one.

Save Offline

Just like the default YouTube application, you can tải về and save videos offline for later viewing. However, not all videos are downloadable just lượt thích in the original app.


You don’t have lớn worry about using the YouTube Vanced tiện ích even though it’s a third-party application that isn’t recognized by Google Play Services. The ứng dụng comes with anti-ban properties that make it impossible for your tài khoản to be suspended.

Sign In Using Google Account

If you’d like to retrieve all your personal information from the original YouTube phầm mềm including your liked videos, subscriptions, & recommendations, you can sign into the tiện ích using your Google account.

Gesture Controls

Using swipe controls, you can adjust the brightness & volume at your convenience just lượt thích in other clip players.

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Final Words

If history has proven anything regarding software it’s that user feedback is very important. For every need that goes unsolved, there’s a developer somewhere trying their best to come up with a better alternative that aims to lớn outdo the original version. Almost always, the alternative ends up being much better than the basic application and the YouTube Vanced app has proven this lớn be so. Tải về our app today và enjoy the many streaming opportunities that come with it.