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Are you eating a health food or a "dairy dessert"? How lớn pick a yoghurt that"s both nutritious and delicious.



Yoghurt (also spelled "yogurt") is often marketed as a healthy, calcium-rich Yet some of the yoghurt products in the supermarket fridge are closer to lớn a dessert than a health food.

We look beyond the hype và show you how khổng lồ pick the nutritious from the simply delicious.

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Is yoghurt good for you?

The answer is sometimes yes, sometimes no.

At its simplest, yoghurt contains milk and live cultures (bacteria) that cause the milk to ferment, creating a distinctive sour taste. But modern aryannations88.commercial yoghurts can have extra ingredients such as sugar, cream, thickeners, gums, starches and flavours.

So how vì you choose a healthy yoghurt from the plethora of products in the supermarket chiller? Here"s what you need to lớn consider.

Added sugar

"The healthiest yoghurt is low- or no-fat plain yoghurt," says Kate Gudorf, an accredited practising dietitian & spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia.

If you"re buying flavoured yoghurt, Gudorf rearyannations88.commends trying khổng lồ find one with less than 12g of sugars per 100g.

"Natural or plain yoghurt has around 6g of sugars per 100g due to the naturally occurring carbohydrate lactose. Anything above 6g will be added sugar, generally in the form of fruit puree, juice concentrates & sugar," she says.

And if you want khổng lồ sweeten it yourself, simply địa chỉ some chopped fresh fruit.


Calciumis a major health drawcard, but there are wide variations in calcium levels in different yoghurt products. "This often aryannations88.comes down to the difference in processing methods," says Gudorf, "as some manufacturers add extra milk solids, which add calcium. Others, such as strained Greek yoghurt, remove liquid whey, which reduces calcium levels."

In order lớn make a "good source of calcium" claim, a serving of yoghurt must contain at least 200mg – 25% of the rearyannations88.commended dietary intake (RDI).

Serving size

TheAustralian Dietary Guidelinessay a serve of yoghurt is ¾ cup or 200g. If you want a yoghurt to lớn eat on the go, look for a pot that"s 200g or less. A "between meals" snack should have no more than 600kJ.

Product format Breakfast yoghurts– Packaged breakfast yoghurt pots with muesli are an easy option, but the convenience can aryannations88.come at the cost of huge sugar levels. Dessert disguised as yoghurt– Sugary dessert products can appear on the shelves alongside healthier offerings for children. As most products aimed at kids have classic pester-power characteristics – bright packaging splashed with recognisable cartoon characters or cutesy images – it"s very easy for any harried parent to grab a package your child likes the look of without checking the ingredients & sugar levels. A product that has the word "dessert" on the packaging should ring alarm bells. "Squeezy" yoghurt pouches – Aimed at babies và kids, these portable yoghurts are convenient and popular. Many also contain a worthwhile amount of calcium and minimal added sugars, so are a good when it aryannations88.comes to packaged snacks for children. But if you"re after great nutrition at a fraction of the cost, & want khổng lồ avoid unnecessary added sugars, additives và excessive packaging, it"s hard lớn beat regular natural yoghurt for kids.

Is coconut yoghurt good for you?

The passion for all things coconut (for example, coconut oil and coconut water) extends to the yoghurt aisle.

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It"s dairy-free, so suitable for vegans và people with milk allergies or intolerances. But just lượt thích coconut oil, coconut yoghurt is a high-kilojoule, high-saturated-fat It also contains negligible calcium và is lower in protein than other types of yoghurt.