Inspired by Japanese subculture & created by some of the most visionary designers in the business, the Yamaha MT-07 marked the real beginning of Yamaha’s “hyper naked” segment when it arrived in 2014. The 2023 MT-07 represents the progressive evolution of Yamaha’s popular naked middleweight, reinforcing the core values of this outstandingly successful & much-loved motorcycle.


The 2023 MT-07 styling reflects the ongoing evolution of the MT family The LED headlight assembly creates a signature front face, complemented by more attractive LED turn signals, & fuel tank covers with sculpted air ducts lớn give the MT-07 an aggressive appearance.

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The EU5-compliant, 689 cc twin-cylinder CP2 engine features an optimized air intake duct design & fuel injector settings, as well as a 2-into-1 exhaust khổng lồ provide a more linear engine response và high-torque throughout the RPM"s.

Equipped with a high-spec front braking system, the MT-07 features a front 298 milimet dual brake rotors giving more stopping power và greater controllability and a 245 milimet rear disc which improves performance, particularly in wet conditions.

5-Inch Full-color TFT meter
Smartphone connectivity with My
Ride app
Next-generation body toàn thân design with pure MT family DNADistinctive winglet-style air intakes
EU5-compliant 689 cc crossplane-technology CP2 engine
Maximum torque of 49.4 ft-lb produced at 6,500 rpm298 mm dual front brake discs
Inverted LCD spot colour instruments
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Yamaha Factory Warranty Policy

Yamaha Motorcycle Warranty Policy

In this warranty, the term "MOTORCYCLE" shall refer to lớn a new motorcycle manufactured by YAMAHA MOTOR COMPANY, LTD. ("MANUFACTURER") under the trade name of Yamaha, distributed by YAMAHA MOTOR CANADA LTD. ("YAMAHA"), sold at retail by an authorized Yamaha dealer ("DEALER"). The term "CUSTOMER" shall refer to lớn the owner or lessee of record of the MOTORCYCLE registered with YAMAHA & to any subsequent owner, & the term "DELIVERY" shall refer to the date of delivery of the MOTORCYCLE from the DEALER khổng lồ the CUSTOMER.

Section A - WarrantySubject to Section D, YAMAHA offers the following warranty coverage to the CUSTOMER:

Periods of warranty: Pleasure Use (including government use) Basic Period of Warranty

The period of warranty shall be ninety days commencing on DELIVERY on all models designated PW, TT và on YZ65 & YZ85 models;The period of warranty shall be one year commencing on DELIVERY on all other models.

Additional Period of Warranty for Street-Legal MotorcyclesIn the event DELIVERY occurs between January 1st và April 30th, the warranty shall extend to lớn April 30th of the following year.

Commercial Use The period of warranty shall be half of the warranty period indicated for pleasure use, commencing on DELIVERY on any MOTORCYCLE which has been identified as being used for commercial applications.

During these periods of warranty: Any part defective by reason of the MANUFACTURER"s faulty workmanship or material will be replaced or repaired không tính phí of charge.Any repairs or adjustments made necessary by reason of the MANUFACTURER"s faulty workmanship or material will be performed không tính phí of charge.

The MANUFACTURER reserves the right khổng lồ change the thiết kế of any mã sản phẩm without obligation khổng lồ modify any model previously manufactured.

Section B - Subsequent OwnerThe warranty set forth for in Section A may be transferred to lớn any subsequent owner provided that the period of warranty has not expired và that the CUSTOMER has complied with all terms và conditions of this warranty.The subsequent owner has the responsibility for ensuring that a change of registration is sent khổng lồ YAMAHA at the time of such transfer of ownership.

This transfer MUST be done by contacting the DEALER who will forward the following information to lớn YAMAHA:

the complete mã sản phẩm and serial number as shown on the original warranty document;the name of the previous owner;the original delivery date of the MOTORCYCLE;the complete name & address of the subsequent owner;the indication that the subsequent owner has received & read the Owner"s Manual & this warranty policy.

Section C - Obtaining Repairs Under WarrantyTo obtain repairs under warranty, the CUSTOMER must:

Ensure that the MOTORCYCLE is properly operated, maintained and stored as specified in the Owner"s Manual.Give notice lớn a DEALER of any và all apparent defects immediately upon discovery, & make the entire MOTORCYCLE available at that time for inspection và repair at the DEALER"S place of business.Provide proof of warranty coverage khổng lồ such DEALER (CUSTOMER"S copy of the New Vehicle Information Statement: N.V.I.S.).Authorize the DEALER to tear down the MOTORCYCLE for diagnostic evaluation should it be required.All warranty repairs must be done by a DEALER & final approval of any repairs rests with YAMAHA. All parts replaced become the property of YAMAHA.

Section D - Exclusions

This warranty does not apply unless: The MOTORCYCLE has been fully assembled và set to the MANUFACTURER"s operating specifications by a DEALER prior khổng lồ DELIVERY khổng lồ the CUSTOMER;The CUSTOMER has followed the break-in and storage instructions contained in the Owner"s Manual and all other instructions shown in the Owner"s Manual;The CUSTOMER can provide record of maintenance having been performed as recommended in the Owner"s Manual;Requests for repairs under warranty have been made as prescribed in Section C. This warranty does not cover the repair of damage resulting from abuse or neglect of the MOTORCYCLE. Examples of abuse và neglect include, but are not limited to: racing, competition, MOTORCYCLE models designated WR or YZ, with the exception of WR25R, WR25X, YZ65 and YZ85 models, modification of original parts or abnormal strain;use of lubricants, oils, fuel, fuel additives & mixtures other than those recommended in the Owner"s Manual, improperly installed accessories or use of parts or accessories that are not equivalent in thiết kế and chất lượng to genuine Yamaha parts;damage as a result of accidents, collisions, contact with foreign materials, impact, submersion or use of the MOTORCYCLE after discovery of a defect;appearance-related damages of body toàn thân parts. Examples of such damages include but are not limited to: scratches, dents, fading, flaking, peeling. This warranty does not extend to: MOTORCYCLES which have modified in any way from the standard specifications as shown in the Owner"s Manual, including any MOTORCYCLE whose odometer has been altered;normal wear và tear, corrosion and routine maintenance, such as the recommended service inspections;pre-delivery inspection và assembly;MOTORCYCLES from which the MANUFACTURER"s identification numbers have been removed or whose identification numbers have been altered or mutilated;wear and tear and/or maintenance parts such as drive chains, clutch plates and facings, oils và lubricants, spark plugs, batteries, generator brushes, sealed beams và light bulbs, tires, filters, brake pads, drive belts và fuses;inconvenience, loss of time, loss of income or loss of use of the MOTORCYCLE or any consequential damage of any kind;damages from theft, fire, vandalism, explosion, water or acts of God;storage costs, or transportation và shipping costs related to the performance of this warranty;damage due lớn "flat towing" (see your DEALER for explanation).

Section E - Emissions Control System Warranty(For applicable models only)YAMAHA warrants to the CUSTOMER of a MOTORCYCLE covered by this warranty with a displacement of 50cc or greater, that the MOTORCYCLE is designed, built & equipped so as to lớn conform at the time of DELIVERY with all federal emissions standards applicable at the time of manufacture và that it is không tính phí from defects in materials and workmanship which would cause it not lớn meet these standards within the periods listed immediately below. Failures other than those resulting from defects in material or workmanship which arise solely as a result of owner abuse and/or lack of proper maintenance are not covered by this warranty.

Engine Displacement - Period 50cc to lớn 169cc - 12,000 km or 5 years, whichever occurs first170cc lớn 279cc - 18,000 km or 5 years, whichever occurs first280cc và over - 30,000 km or 5 years, whichever occurs first

Section FThis warranty is in addition to, và not a modification of, any warranty required by the laws of any province of Canada.

Subject to lớn any applicable sales or consumer legislation, the above warranty is in lieu of any warranty or representation, expressed or implied, including any warranty of performance, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose on the part of YAMAHA, & any other obligation or liability on behalf of YAMAHA, and the above warranty constitutes your sole remedy và the full liability of YAMAHA. In no event shall YAMAHA be liable for special, incidental or consequential damages howsoever caused, whether by negligence or otherwise resulting directly or indirectly from the use of the MOTORCYCLE, or the MOTORCYCLE"S having replacement parts or the unavailability of replacement parts. YAMAHA does not assume, or authorize any person lớn create or assume for YAMAHA, any obligation or liability in connection with the MOTORCYCLE or any part thereof distributed by YAMAHA.

Original Equipment Tires Tires supplied as original equipment on your MOTORCYCLE are warranted separately by the individual tire manufacturer or its representatives. Generally speaking, this warranty covers defects in workmanship or material.

Storing Your MOTORCYCLE If your MOTORCYCLE is not to lớn be used for 60 days or more, it must be properly stored to lớn ensure against deterioration. You should consult your Owner"s Manual for storage details, but WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU HAVE AN AUTHORIZED YAMAHA MOTORCYCLE DEALER PREPARE YOUR MOTORCYCLE FOR STORAGE. Their highly-trained staff have the experience & the qualifications to vày the job right.

YAMAHA cannot accept responsibility for damage khổng lồ your vehicle or personal injury resulting from negligence or lack of experience in the preparation of your MOTORCYCLE for storage.

Pre-delivery Inspection Checklist The DEALER has assembled, inspected và tested the MOTORCYCLE according lớn the Yamaha Motorcycle Pre-delivery Inspection Checklist prior khổng lồ DELIVERY to lớn the CUSTOMER (some items may not be applicable khổng lồ all models). These items include:

Fluid Levels
Drive System
Cooling System
Fuel / Throttle System
Wheels / Tires / Suspension
Steering & Controls
Electrical System
Replacing damaged or missing parts
Test Ride

The Yamaha Motorcycle Pre-delivery Inspection Checklist has been provided lớn the CUSTOMER at the time of DELIVERY.

Change of Address or Other Owner Information If you should move after you have purchased your MOTORCYCLE, please contact the DEALER who will forward the required information lớn YAMAHA. Provide the DEALER with the model name và serial number as shown on the N.V.I.S., along with your new mailing address (or other information). This will ensure that YAMAHA has an up-to-date registration record.

6500 rpmNumber of Cylinders2Number of Gears6Seat Height805 mmGround Clearance140 mmKerb Weight184 kgFuel Tank Capacity14 litres
Colour Options & Price in India
Bike Variant2023 Yamaha MT-07
Availability Status in IndiaUpcoming
2-Wheeler TypeNaked
Latest Price in India2023 Yamaha MT-07 is expected khổng lồ be priced around Rs 7 lakh in India (ex-showroom).
Fuel TypePetrol
Colour OptionsStorm Fluo, Icon Blue, Tech Black
Official TaglineDark Attraction
Engine Details689cc, 2-Cylinder, Liquid-Cooled, 4-Stroke, 4-Valves, DOHC Engine
Fuel SystemFuel Injection
CoolingLiquid Cooled
Engine cc (Displacement)689 cc
Maximum Power73.4 HP
6500 rpm
Number of Cylinders2
Emission NormsBS6-Compliant
IgnitionTCI (Transistor Controlled Igniter)
LubricationWet Sump
Compression Ratio11.5 : 1
Bore80.0 mm
Stroke68.6 mm
Limited nguồn Version46.9 HP
Number of Gears6
Gearbox TypeConstant Mesh
ClutchWet, Multiple Disc
Final transmissionChain
Mileage23.80 kmpl
Front Brake298mm Hydraulic Dual Disc
Rear Brake245mm Hydraulic Single Disc
Front Tyre120/70-ZR 17M/C (58W)
Rear Tyre180/55-ZR 17M/C (73W)
Tubeless Tyres
Braking System2-Channel ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)
Key FeaturesInverted LCD Meter, Next-Generation Design, LED Projector Lighting, Bigger Front Disc Brakes for Stronger Stopping Power, Assertive Riding Position, LED Indicators, Latest-Generation Tyres, Colour, Graphics & Finishing.

Front SuspensionTelescopic Forks
Rear SuspensionSwingarm, (Link Type Suspension)
Frame (Chassis)Diamond
Front Wheel Travel130 mm
Rear Wheel Travel130 mm
Overall Length2085 mm
Overall Width780 mm
Overall Height1105 mm
Ground Clearance140 mm
Seat Height805 mm
Wheelbase1400 mm
Kerb Weight184 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity14 litres
Engine Oil Capacity3.0 litres
Pass Light




Yamaha MT-07 is currently not available in India but it is expected to be launched soon here. It is expected with a price tag of INR 7,00,000. It comes with a 689 cc engine producing 73.8 BHP và 68 NM of torque.Yamaha MT-07 – Rise Up Your Darkness!

I have been using the Yamaha MT-15 Version 2.0 for the past 25 days và it has been an absolute blessing. The speed and acceleration it offers is truly phenomenal và the mileage I have been getting in the city is around 35km/litre, which is quite impressive. The build quality is top-notch và the overall kiến thiết of the bike is quite sleek. The suspension & handling are excellent, making it a great choice for both city & highway driving. I would highly recommend this xe đạp to anyone looking for an affordable yet reliable ride.

The Yamaha MT-15 Version 2.0 is a great xe đạp for those looking for a power-packed performance. It"s powered by a 155cc single-cylinder engine that produces 19.3 Bhp & 14.7 Nm of torque. The engine is mated lớn a 6-speed gearbox that helps in providing good performance. The riding posture on the bike is good, however, the suspension could be stiffer as it doesn"t absorb bumps very well. The handling of the bike is good & it handles quite well in heavy traffic, especially since it"s a naked bike. However, if comfort is your main priority, then this might not be the xe đạp for you.

The Yamaha MT-15 Version 2.0 is equipped with a single-channel ABS system that provides an added layer of protection. This system helps to lớn reduce the braking distance và improve the stability of the bike. The raised handlebar and more conventional riding position of the bike makes it suitable for daily commuting. The bike also features a host of other features such as công nghệ bluetooth không dây connectivity, a multifunctional LCD display, and multiple riding modes. All these features make the Yamaha MT-15 Version 2.0 a great option for those looking for a practical và powerful ride.

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After the launch of MT-15 Version 2.0, Yamaha has taken the 155cc segment lớn the next level. The MT-15 Version 2.0 comes with a refined design that is both attractive & aerodynamic. The engine is powerful và efficient, & it is also lightweight, making it easy to handle. Moreover, the price point makes it a great option in the segment. All in all, Yamaha has done a great job of creating a comprehensive package with the MT-15 Version 2.0. If you"re looking for a stylish & powerful bike in the 155cc segment, then the Yamaha MT-15 Version 2.0 is definitely worth considering.

Loved it alot mt15 is proud for us
Its street fighter
Milage is very good i really loved it
Look is aggressive

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