xiaomi mi Yi IP camera shows in HD quality with a resolution of 1280 x 720 (20 frames per second) và a viewing angle of 111 degrees. There is a night vision function. The recording is done both to the SD card (from 4 to 32 GB) and to the cloud service of Xiaomi. A built-in microphone và speaker are also available. The following protocols are supported: IPV4, UDP, TCP, HTTP, RTP/RTSP, DHCP, P2P. There is a scheduled recording function or motion detection.


Down load phầm mềm - ngươi Smart home or ngươi Xiao Yi


Xiaomi Yi is not just an IP camerafor viewing from a local network, but also has a built-in mạng internet browsing function. However, no complicated manipulations with it và the router bởi not need to be done. For connection và initial thiết lập you need to install one of the programs on your điện thoại phone (iOS or Android) - mi Smart home or ngươi XiaoYi Smart Camera.

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Register in Xiaoim service

Before we showroom our camera here, go to the section "Profile" and register in the serviceXiaomi - it will be needed lớn save the clip and khổng lồ view the picture online via the Internet.


Next, open the tab "Devices". Click on "+" in the upper right corner of the window and select "Yi Camera".


After that the program will ask us to lớn make sure that the yellow LED on the camera lights up.

Enter the password


The next step is khổng lồ identify the camera and connect it lớn the network.

If everything goes well, the program will return lớn the main window. If not, he will offer lớn generate a QR code lớn connect lớn the router. By the way, I've never had a chance khổng lồ set up my camera automatically - only by scanning the code.


But before you do, you have khổng lồ reset all the settings to lớn zero with the "Reset" button.

Confirm & receive the QR code

Now the phone screen with this code should be brought khổng lồ the camera before the voice signal in Chinese, the xanh LED on the camera and the message on the screen of the program, which signals the successful connection.

Back to lớn the trang chủ page & see our IP camera mi in the list.


The current picture from the camera is immediately displayed at the top of the screen. Clicking on it takes us khổng lồ the camera control page. Here you can force the recording, activate the microphone/speaker, or take a picture. The time scale shows the periods in orange when recording was in progress. By the way, even in the absence of an SD-card the recording will be made in the cloud - for this purpose 4GB is available không tính tiền of charge.

To phối up the recording in detail, click on the "Menu" button in the upper row on the right side of the screen and enter "Settings".


The following options are available in the configurations:

●Motion recording in the frame

●Scheduled recording

●Switching off the lit LED for masking

●Setting a password khổng lồ connect to the camera

Xiaomi Yi IP Camera firmware

In particular, by default, it is truncated with the ability to lớn broadcast video clip via the RTSP protocol, which means that it can't be connected to either a video clip recorder or some other cloud service.

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●Turn off the camera và remove the SD thẻ from it.

●Download one of the firmwares with RTSP support - one (for cameras with revision lower than V2.1) or two (for revision V2.1)

●Format the SD card and unpack the trang chủ file from the archive to lớn the root of the flash drive