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xiaoaryannations88.com aryannations88.com 12T Pro
aryannations88.com 12T
xiaoaryannations88.com 12S Ultra
xiaoaryannations88.com aryannations88.com 12 Lite
5.7" flexible OLED display, front 3 chiều glass and back 3 chiều glass 22.56MP high-resolution camera Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 Processor 6GB + 128GB ultra-fast, high capacity memory options
Beyond aryannations88.com note 2"s stunning surface is the innovation behind the curved glass và deep technology. It packs a faster processor & storage, on top of a higher resolution camera.
Beyond the beauty of the 3d curved glass, lies the innovation of a flexible display. aryannations88.com lưu ý 2 uses OLED which has a flexible substrate that fits under the bends of the 3d curved glass, giving you a higher screen-to-body ratio & a larger display area.
Packs a powerful Snapdragon 821 processor, 10% increase in performance Comes with 6GB + 128GB ultra-fast, high-capacity memory option 4070mAh battery, GPS high-precision positioning, HD audio quality aryannations88.com chú ý 2 aces in speed and is powered to impress.
With a max frequency of 2.35GHz, Snapdragon 821 is 10% faster than Snapdragon 820. Switch between gaaryannations88.comng, music, video, & shopping apps quickly và easily.
Install more applications and more videos with the large capacity storage. With the latest UFS 2.0 ROM*, you now get faster read & write speeds on your phone.
With LPDDR4 dual-channel RAM, your phone now has higher bandwidth và is more power-efficient. Gaaryannations88.comng, app, 4K video, và animation loading speeds are greatly enhanced.
Continuously talk on the phone for 46 hours or play videos non-stop for 15 hours. Perform a wide variety of tasks, without worrying that your phone will run out of juice fast.
Uses dual-clock kiến thiết that supports high dynaaryannations88.comc output, low distortion, và high definition audio quality made for audiophiles. It also integrates ADC converter that produces high dynaaryannations88.comc range audio recordings that doesn"t lose unique when you playback.
We often lose GPS navigation when entering tunnels, but with our built-in sensor-assisted positioning, it continues to lớn provide navigation và accurate route when there is no signal.
The high-resolution rear camera takes photos that jumps khổng lồ life. Photos taken have more pixels, so even when you enlarge your photos, it remains clear & undistorted. It also comes with EIS 4K video stabilization, so you can take smooth, stable videos while walking. With the 8MP autofocus front camera*, you can capture beautiful selfies from any distance.
Bring your aryannations88.com note 2 on holidays or business trips overseas. The global edition offers global LTE bands that has over 6 types và 37 bands. Surf & be connected using the local high-speed 4G network.

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