Nowadays our life ishardly imaginable without the internet. Over the last decade, its impact has been greater than ever: wepay our bills, lying onacouch, gothrough online negotiations with our overseas partners, stream HD-films, cửa hàng our groceries và clothes. Mạng internet technologies are constantly keeping upwith needs ofafast developing society. Itisnot aluxury touse over 500Mb/ sinternet connection và a1-antenna router isarguably not enough tocope with agrowing network load. Anew xiaomi mi WiFi Router 3is apowerful router keeping watch ofour mạng internet access 24/7.

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Working ataspeed ofthought

WiFi 802.11a/c công nghệ provides aspeed jump upto1167Mb/ s.

Modern giải pháp công nghệ horizons are expanding. Abetter chất lượng ofinternet connection và more advanced network equipment are called for that. Mạng internet audience isalso seeing its growth. Those users, who are passionate about online gaming orHD-film streaming, where high-speed internet access isrequired, are wrestling with aquestion where tofind agear that does the trick. With aXiaomi MiRouter 3one can explore beyond ordinary internet capability and have afrustration-free experience browsing the web.


WiFi reaching every room inthe house

Itsupports upto126 devices tofulfill the needs ofthe whole family.

Xiaomi MiRouter 3acquired four high-gain external antennas, anupgrade that helps togain broader coverage and faster performance. Four antennas reduce the risk oflosing connection, awell-managed simultaneous work ofadual band frequency, 2.4 GHz và 5GHz, mounts aclearer signal and spreads itatgreater distances. This advanced router supplies anon-rockable linkage with external devices, welcoming each thành viên ofthe family tolinger over their favorite internet activity.

4high-gain omnidirectional antennas

Choosing arouter with anantenna can goalong way towards gaining higher connection speed and amore powerful performance. Xiaomi mi MiWiFi Router 3is equipped with four high-gain external antennas tostrike with anexcellent performance: 2.4 GHz frequency has again of5dBi and 6dBi— for 5Ghz frequency. These numbers fell far short ofthe previous results. Four antennas give awider broadcast, & the signal remains high-pitched across the whole area ofyour house.


Remote control ofthe router

Mobile ứng dụng MiWiFi enables torun router system remotely. Itruns on Android and iOS, allows tocontrol router settings through its own network aswell asremote internet connection. Itispossible towatch over router activity outside the house và adjust awide menu ofsettings: kiểm tra and optimize resource usage for abetter productivity, block access for unknown users, set switch-off time & other useful things.


Internet access control

Anapp helps toset time intervals when the connection isopen toyour children, thus keeping a balance between play time & studying.

Unknown network security scan

Ifaguest user “knockson” your network, the system will send anotification message. Anaccess can begranted orclosed, sending the user tothe đen list.

Active user notification

This function allows seeing which thành viên ofthe family isconnected tothe network atthe moment.

Love watching films online? Pre-download them inHD-quality!

Sometimes running anonline film becomes adisaster because ofthe unstable connection, restricted internet speed orother possible pitfalls, the provider did not mentionof. Apre-downloaded movie isalifeline for amovie fan. Mi MiRouter 3serves asanintellectual media-center. Just plug aremovable hard disc into the router and run MiWiFi app, which will xuất hiện access toabroad spectrum ofmedia files, ready tobedownloaded. Coming back trang chủ switch onyour favorite device, whether TV, PC, tablet orphone and enjoy watching the film inhigh-definition.


Multi-level security approach

Surfing onthe net wedonot always put our safety first. Every day wegive out personal data without thinking ifits confidentiality iskept. Credit card numbers, passwords, và other tài khoản information search history và much more are aneasy target for hackers. Our levity isonly ahalf ofthe problem, the other half being avulnerable router operation system. Mi has astrong position inprotecting personal information & securing internet access, having developed a7-level security standard, aimed toprotect from diverse threatens existing onthe Internet.

Leak-proof— blocks virus and Trojan requests, safeguards user data.Anti-crack— intercepts attempts tocrack the router system, keeps router configurations intact.Guest network access— monitors and filters the network ofsuspicious devices. The system will inform ofabreach ifan“uninvited guest” appears. MAC-address filter recognizes amalware và blacklistsit.Anti-virus— inspects each downloaded tệp tin for viruses.Anti-phishing— ifauser isabout tovisit the malicious web-site, apop-up warning window, containing brief information aboutit, will appear.Anti-hijack— keeps router domain secure, blocking virus and Trojan attacks.Anti-malware— prevents from redirecting tounknown sites và spreading ofthe viruses around the browser.


Restarting minimal tonone

Xiaomi has done anambitious work trying tomake the connection more stable và reduce router restarts. Large 128MB flash is8times more efficient than inanordinary router. Anempowerment ofthis kind ensures stable router performance và allows toconnect upto126devices.

Simple design

Xiaomi went into overdrive togive the router anelegant and sleek look— itwill blend nicely with surroundings ofyour room. The router ismade ofplastic with amatt finish và has only one màu sắc variation— white. The coating isscratch-resistant and prevents fingertip appearance. Itiscompact (195×130×24mm) & lightweight (around 200gram).

The back side ofthe router isequipped with aventilation grid. The holes inthe grid provide cooling athigh temperatures sothat the device operates stable and fast. You donot need toworry about restarting router system all the time because ofoverheating.

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The front panel ofMiWiFi Router 3has athree-color LED that reports router status. Ifanetwork failure occurs oranother device logsin, the indicator will flash with acorresponding color.