Google Dino Game! All browsers and mobile devices are supported. Lớn start the game, just jump (space bar or up arrow). Lớn start the game on smartphone devices, just tap on the screen. Sit down - down arrow.

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Feeling lượt thích a Neanderthal when your mạng internet signal dies? Google understands your pains và offers a cool entertainment to lớn fill in time while your connection khổng lồ the World Wide web is trying to come back lớn life: Chrome dinosaur offline game!

The greatest advantage of this trò chơi is that it can be played without the Internet. It is a primitive endless runner trò chơi in the Chrome browser. The main character is a dễ thương T-Rex dinosaur trotting somewhere in an ancient desert. Surely, the dinosaur trò chơi has its purpose: to lớn avoid cacti and pterodactyls. Though the trò chơi seems pretty easy, it does not take long khổng lồ get hard because the game’s tốc độ will be constantly increasing as you progress further

How to lớn Play Chrome Dinosaur Offline Game?


The game can be launched in the Chrome browser on both desktop and mobile. The control is the simplest: when you see that black dinosaur in your browser signifying that there is no mạng internet connection, just hit the spacebar lớn launch the game. The spacebar is also used lớn leap over obstacles. The down arrow is used to duck. If you are on mobile, just tap the little Chrome Dino to lớn get into action and avoid obstacles, too.

The objective is to lớn survive as long as possible. The background màu sắc will shift from light to lớn dark (the alteration of day và night) after reaching certain milestones. The T-Rex trò chơi will stop once you fail to avoid the next obstacle or once the mạng internet signal recovers.

How was the trò chơi invented?

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Chrome developer Sebastien Gabriel says that their no internet trò chơi is the nod to lớn the prehistoric ages, millions of years before the technological boom. & the game’s px style is the reference khổng lồ Google browser’s error illustrations.

Chrome dinosaur offline trò chơi got the nickname “Project Bolan” in honor of Marc Bolan, the frontman of “T-Rex’, a legendary rock band of the 1970s. While designing the game, the engineers thought about allotting Dino more features lượt thích roaring & kicking but refused this idea lớn keep the game maximally simplistic or “prehistoric”.

The T-Rex trò chơi was first introduced in September 2014, but it did not work on earlier app android OS versions so that Google developers fully completed their brainchild only by December that year.

Now you don’t need khổng lồ turn Airplane Mode on or disconnect your internet connection khổng lồ relish Chrome Dino playtime. Just type “chrome://dino” in the browser address line lớn start this trò chơi in a full window!

The authors claim that this arcade can last as long as 17 million years – exactly for this period, Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs were alive on Earth!