The android devices might be the best tool that you can have when it comes khổng lồ creating and editing any pieces of creative works. & with the useful applications of đoạn phim and photo editor, you can quickly find yourself enjoying the in-depth and interesting editing experiences, right on your portable game android devices. This allows for a completely convenient use of your mobile devices.

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Among the top clip editing applications, such as VivaCut, PowerDirector, the likes, you’ll always find VivaVideo PRO being a worthy contender for the most useful and immersive mobile phầm mềm on your điện thoại devices. The impressive truyền thông editing tool offer tons of useful & accessible features, which allow you lớn easily and effectively make any changes khổng lồ your creative works.

And in the right hands, you’ll definitely find the interesting thiết bị di động application of VivaVideo PRO quite exciting, especially when it provides a wide variety of different settings that you can have on your android devices.

Find out more about the awesome mobile app with our complete reviews.

What does it do?

For those of you who’re interested, you can now enjoy the exciting điện thoại application of VivaVideo PRO to make complete changes to any of your creative works. The tiện ích provides a variety of different editing options & materials, which will allow you khổng lồ make any changes to lớn your videos & photos, thus, delivering much more immersive and engaging visual impressions for the viewers.

And most importantly, it makes the simple editing jobs a lot less tricky, since you’ll be able lớn make changes khổng lồ your videos & photos on the go. Not khổng lồ mention that the professional-graded editing features and tools will also enable quick và effective applications of the editing tools.

Last but not least, with VivaVideo PRO, android users will find themselves being able lớn make many aesthetic changes lớn their videos và images. Therefore, enabling various visual experiences on their truyền thông files & make them stand out from other generic works.



To start enjoying the interesting smartphone application of VivaVideo PRO, app android users can find themselves using the tiện ích on any of their apk devices. Just make sure that it’s running app android firmware version 5.0 or above lớn guarantee the compatibility.

Also, you can now get the VivaVideo tiện ích for không tính tiền on the Google Play Store without having to lớn pay anything. The free đoạn phim editor will be available for most game android users to lớn enjoy on their điện thoại devices. However, if you wish to enjoy all the available features from the app, you’ll need to lớn pay actual money for the premium app.

And finally, the phầm mềm will require users to lớn provide multiple permissions so you can fully utilize its features. Start by allowing it khổng lồ access your cameras, storage, microphone, & have full uses of the Internet. With that’s done, you can enjoy the fully-featured application of VivaVideo PRO.

Awesome features

Here are all the amazing features that the ứng dụng has lớn offer:

Enjoy the powerful đoạn phim editor

To start with, game android users in VivaVideo PRO will find themselves having access to lớn a much more powerful clip editor than anyone that you’ve used before. With many of its professional editing tool, you can create your high-quality videos, while still finding the easy-to-use application quite accessible. Also, feel không lấy phí to make intuitive và accurate customizations to the videos using the accessible storyboard editing interface. Trim & merge the videos, or apply multiple filters lớn improve your creative works.

VivaVideo PRO also offers a huge collection of different visual effects, graphics, và music that you can easily địa chỉ cửa hàng to your videos. Make uses of the provided text options to better narrative the stories through interesting text displays or địa chỉ cửa hàng subtitles lớn your videos. Apply interesting transitions so the entire videos would look & feel more uniform. Và finally, thanks khổng lồ the available WYSIWYG way, you can immediately view any applied changes lớn the videos. Thus, making it a lot easier for you to lớn change certain visual elements.

Express your creativity with the customizable lens

Along with the powerful đoạn clip editor, you can start to lớn capture impressive videos & images using the provided options in VivaVideo PRO. Here, the ứng dụng offers multiple lens settings so you can make beautiful videos from the beginning. & at the same time, you’ll also find the simple options quite accessible. Simply select whichever lens settings that you prefer, between the Basic, Selfie, FX, Music Video, Collage, và many other available filters khổng lồ quickly change the visual impressions on your videos.

Also, to make the overall visual impressions more interesting, VivaVideo PRO also offers its own exclusive selfie camera with seven useful lenses that you can try out whenever you want to. Have fun while also taking impressive selfies with your front camera. & at the same time, feel không tính tiền to explore the available nine funny lenses in VivaVideo PRO, which will introduce many exhilarating videos for your social networks.

Make engaging slideshows with the app

Not only videos, but the ứng dụng also provides interesting editing options that you can have on your photos. & by creating the beautiful slideshows, you can have a much more engaging way to introduce your images to lớn others. Feel không tính phí to turn your photo collections into an engaging movie with many of its available options. Thanks khổng lồ the simple and accessible options, you won’t ever find the app getting any difficult, as it only takes a few taps for you to lớn start creating.

Create your interesting clip collages

And khổng lồ make the ứng dụng even more interesting, android users in VivaVideo PRO can now explore the new clip Collage Maker, which will allow you khổng lồ create brilliant pieces of creative works with the exciting PIP effects. Hence, you’ll definitely find the app more interesting & useful when making your đoạn clip content. Plus, the option also allows you to địa chỉ both videos & images lớn the final works, making them a lot more fun khổng lồ watch and engaging.

Impressive editing materials to lớn download

With VivaVideo PRO, android users will find themselves being able to lớn explore a huge collection of impressive editing materials, which features hundreds of different items for you to lớn make uses of. Feel không lấy phí to browse between the available Themes, Filters, Animated Stickers, FX, and other materials to make impressive changes lớn your videos. All of which will be không tính tiền for you to download and apply on any of your selected videos.

Simple export & sharing options

With the finished works, you can make uses of simple exports và sharing options in VivaVideo PRO to lớn easily save the videos khổng lồ your phones’ gallery, or upload the videos & share them on any of your preferred online social networks. The convenient save and sharing buttons will make the job extremely simple and straightforward.

Join the online community for intuitive tutorials and interesting trends

And if you’re looking khổng lồ make better of the application, you can always join the online community in VivaVideo PRO and pick up many brilliant tutorials, which will allow you lớn easily make our creative works. Also, here is where you see the latest trends và get inspired by others’ brilliant works. So don’t hesitate to lớn join VivaVideo PRO’s online communities khổng lồ enjoy a more engaging đoạn phim editing experience.

Have fun with the fully unlocked ứng dụng on our website

Finally, the không tính tiền and fully unlocked version of the app is now available on our website. Here, you can enjoy all the premium features of VivaVideo PRO without having to lớn pay for anything. All it takes is for you to tải về the VivaVideo PRO gian lận APK, follow the provided instructions, and you should be good khổng lồ go.

Feel miễn phí to enjoy the brilliant clip editing experiences with removed advertisements, no watermark, unlimited video clip length, high-quality images, và many exclusive visual effects. Thus, making the awesome application of VivaVideo PRO a great tool for making creative content.

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Final verdicts

With in-depth và interesting features, game android users in VivaVideo PRO will find themselves being able khổng lồ easily and professionally edit their videos. Và thanks to the fully unlocked and không tính phí application on our website, you can now enjoy VivaVideo PRO to the fullest.