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Visio is a data vizualization tool that allows users to pull data from locations lượt thích Excel or Sharepoint and transform them into diagrams, flowcharts, and timelines.

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Check out the Visio introduction đoạn phim here and then learn how khổng lồ set up Visio on mobile to take your designs with you anywhere. 

Recommendation: VISIO ONLINE 2 Updated (February 2021)

Step 1: Get a price quote from Dell (see tương tác below)example:

Hello Sam,Please send a price quote for the following Microsoft Premium ứng dụng subscriptions.VISIO Plan 2 - 12 licenses Thanks,CustomerStep 2: Pay for it:

Campus: your department billing contact

Step 3: Contact ITS to lớn associate licenses khổng lồ users. (Service Now)

Step 4: Billing - no kích hoạt required. ITS will auto-renew và bill for the next year. (Service Now)

ITS will tự động hóa bill via your ten digti UT account number và billing contact.The billing contact is the owner of all licensesThe billing liên hệ can modify users and transfer licenses.To modify use the URL above và select Modify

UT Microsoft reseller:

Sam Avellone

Account Manager

Dell Technologies | Partner Software Sales

+1 512 537 5743 (new number)


Notes:Technically, ITS is not involved until the licenses have been purchased và assigned to the tenant by DellDell does not communicate their process to ITSWe rely on the customer to lớn bring us the recieptITS will assign user licenses based on the Service Now request ticketService-Now Assignee Group:ITS-SYSTEMS-OFFICE 365




Using Visio Online allows you to:

​Take complex ideas và organize themUse templates for things lượt thích timelines, flow charts, & moreTake data from Excel, Access, or Sharepoint to lớn create dynamic diagrams.

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Getting Started

Getting a Visio License

Current university faculty & staff can purchase a license for Visio Online Plan 1 or Visio Online Plan 2 using this form. Licenses will be tự động hóa renewed và purchased at the full annual rate on November 1 each year. 


Visio Online Plan 1

(Renews Annually)

Visio Online Plan 2

(Renews Annually)





Web application 


Includes the capabilities of Visio Professional năm nhâm thìn and Visio Online Plan 1

Data Visualizer an Database Reverse Engineering

Improved tư vấn for AutoCAD drawings

Up lớn 5 installations of Visio on PCs running Windows 10,8, or 7

Request a Visio license>>

Accessing Visio OnlineSelect Visio from your available applications menu Visio Professional 2019 

Unfortunately, ITS does not support the Visio desktop client (Visio Professional 2019). Please refer khổng lồ your departmen"s desktop support group regarding its softwar acquisition & installation policies. 


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Get Working

Creating và Editing In Visio


You can start creating content in Visio by using some of its pre-made templates.


Don"t like templates? Learn how to create nội dung from scratch with some of these links: