Often, seeking a location spoofer for Pokémon Go is due lớn a tìm kiếm for rare Pokémon or rural restrictions. People always try to lớn find perfect Pokémon Go spoofing apps khổng lồ facilitate.

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Fone Any

Fone Any
To can spoof GPS location in one click, và fake location undetected by anybody on the geo-apps.

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We have read questions lượt thích Pokémon Go Spoofing on Reddit for many times. People talking about their experience & solutions for spoofer for POGO.

But you may wondering... What Pokémon Go spoofing apps are still working in 2023?

Actually, being noticed by Niantic, some of the spoofing apps worked in 2019, but no longer work now. So here we have researched và test some popular Pokémon Go spoofing apps:

In this article:

Pokémon Go Spoofing phầm mềm tư vấn System free Version Spoof Success Rate Risk Avoidance Recommended
Fone Any
99% Provides a cooldown reminder.
TUTU ứng dụng Only i
70% No
Nord VPN Only i
50% No
Only i
80% No
Only i
20% No

We will talk about all the best Pokémon Go spoofing apps. Designed lớn help you seamlessly teleport your location và stealthily hunt down the Pokémon you need, these apps have proven their value on the mở cửa market.

1 OS & Android Support> i
Fone Any
To (i
OS 17 Supported)

You may not hear about this location spoofer before, but as a new tool, i
Fone Any
To location changer is proven one of the best apps to nhái GPS location in Pokémon Go. It can support both i
OS and Android
. With one click, you can change lớn any place in Pokemon Go to catch more Pokemons.


Key Features:

Virtual Locations for i
OS & Android Pokemon Go Without Jailbreaking. Use geo-specific phone services without being limited by location.

Try It miễn phí Buy Now

This professional Pokémon Go spoofing phầm mềm lets you take back control of your pokemons all destiny. Besides, you can easily simulate GPS movement in Pokemon Go. So you can catch Pokemons or hatch Pokemon eggs without walking.

Step 1: Connect i
Phone to the PC/Mac

Launch i
Fone Any
To on your Windows PC/Mac (you can click the Try It Free button above to download it free). Click the Get Start button.


Step 2: Select Teleport Mode

Choose the third icon on the upper-right corner - Teleport Mode. Then you can input an address or zoom and drag the maps to choose a kém chất lượng location.


Step 3: Location Changed on Map

Now just click the Move button to lớn change your location on the map to this new location!


Open Pokémon Go, you will find that you have successfully spoof your location in the game. Its wide set of benefits for the avid Pokémon Go player.

Good luck!

So you can also use this brilliant tool khổng lồ create virtual routes lớn move along in the game, while you are just sitting trang chủ (see the guide >> ).


Change the GPS location with one click.Preserve privacy while all apps still work flawlessly.Choose lớn speed up or slow down your walk on yourself.Plan imaginary journeys with multipoint mode on the route planner.


Try It không tính phí Buy Now

Do you want to mirror your games to lớn your PC & enjoy them? When you don"t want khổng lồ move or go out to play games, and you don"t want khổng lồ go back và forth between PC and mobile devices, you can click it and see below!

2 TUTU App

TUTU app is a great Pokémon Go spoofing app. It is also one of the most popular third tiệc nhỏ applications on the market. Like other models, it allows you lớn catch all the Pokémon you desire without having khổng lồ physically maneuver in 3-dimensional space.

Of course, this is not the only great feature. Others include:

Not having khổng lồ hunt down Pikachu.Joystick control for easy movement.Functions like the regular Pokémon Go app.Enables things like teleport & faster motion.


It is really simple to lớn install even for beginner users with a few steps.

Step 1. Download the TUTUApp on your i
OS device.


Step 2. Navigate to the ứng dụng launcher.

Step 3. Seek out Pokémon Go via the search bar and Download it.

Step 4. Follow all the prompts and enable it for your home screen.

Once you are all set up, you can navigate your avatar through the screen prompts. If in doubt, there is an instructional section within the app. So you can head to lớn that area for assistance.

Useful tips lớn prevent bans

Make sure you manually enter the coordinates at which you wish to search for Pokémon. This keeps information consistent and avoids raising red flags.Allow your Pokémon khổng lồ spawn where they are before teleporting back to lớn where you last were as efficient as possible.You can turn off the Pokémon Go application when you are finished using it.


tải về apps that are not in the official store.

On the other hand, if you are a more technologically apt individual, jailbreaking should be no issue. Some users actually prefer undergoing the process khổng lồ disable the factory-set controls on their i
OS devices. If this describes you, then a location spoofer Pokémon Go app that requires a simple jailbreak is just the right tool for you.

3 Nord VPN (i
OS Jailbreak Needed)

Ringing in as one of the recommended application for spoofing your location on Pokémon Go, Nord VPN is a choice for users. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) mask your actual location by running a significant proxy server app that makes your IP address no longer identifiable khổng lồ your location.

It has a significant các mục of features:

Operates just like Pokémon Go (with spoofing benefits).Keeps you safe with the encryption technology.Works on six different connections at the same time.Offers the benefits of over 5000 global servers.Does not restrict your bandwidth.


While it is a little complicated to establish a VPN for your i
Pod. As we mentioned above, you have to lớn jailbreak your i
OS device
at first. & make sure your i
OS version running on i
OS 12 or below versions
. Meanwhile, make sure your i
Tunes is the latest version
. Then you can get started.

Step 1. Tải về Nord
VPN from phầm mềm Store và install the app.


Step 2. Disable your screen passcode through the settings.

Step 3. Connect the device lớn your Mac/Windows via USB.

Step 4. Turn on Airplane mode on your device.


Step 5. Visit this site and follow the prompts. Then ensure your trust settings acknowledge the developer.

Now you successfully finish the jailbreak. Then you can learn how to kém chất lượng GPS in Pokémon Go.

Step 6. You can go lớn the Cydia Store (an phầm mềm merchant for devices after jailbreak). Và get the location spoofer from Cydia.

Step 7. Ensure you have ts
Protector enabled.

Step 8. Enable your device’s VPN and ensure it matches the spot you chose in the spoofer app.


Step 9. Get started with Pokémon Go - now you can catch ‘em all.

Once this is in place, you can go ahead and comfortably seek out all those rare Pokémon you desire.



4 Poke

If you are looking for another Pokémon Go Spoofing for i
OS, you should know Poke
Go++. It is popular for its wide range of features that make it both fun to lớn play and user-friendly.

These include:

Joystick operation for easy movement.Only impacts your location in the game.Does not require physical movement.Enables teleportation in the game.Increases the speed of your avatar (up to 8 times).


However, the problem is that Poke
Go++ don"t seem to work for some users

FYI, we still give the guide below:

Step 1. Uninstall your Pokémon Go tiện ích (assuming it is already on your device).

Step 2. Get your Build
Store cài đặt on your i
Phone or i

Step 3. Sign in to lớn your existing tài khoản through Pokémon Go.

Step 4. Click Settings (gear icon) on the bản đồ screen. Visit the spoofing tab và enable Fake Location.

Step 5. Save your spot by choosing the appropriate timeline (usually, this is "Forever".).


With this setup, all you need is khổng lồ use the joystick khổng lồ maneuver your character through locations (instead of physically moving around). As it is a part of the Build
Store, it is generally safe and checked for harmful code and overall performance.


5 i

Spoofer ứng dụng skyrocketed into popularity through its joystick additions & teleporting abilities. Since it is easy to lớn use, this approach is extremely popular amongst rural or remote populations.

However, i
Spoofer has recently been shut down
, meaning that Pokemon Go can"t be downloaded on i
OS or i
Spoofer can"t be installed, so i
Spoofer is no longer available.


Amongst its key features are:

Throwing power.Automatic waling capabilities with GPX.Tricks like fast catching.Live fed maps supporting your surroundings.

As a method that no longer works, we won"t go into too much details next. For other information on i
Spoofer"s website, please also check out our related articles about i

Part 2: Risks and Rules for Pokémon Go Spoofing

Pokémon Go Spoofing has been prevalent since the initial release of the game. Niantic has failed khổng lồ resolve the issue at all. It is for the same reason that the accounts that are allegedly spoofing are banned in the long run.

Once Niantic detects that your trương mục is suspicious, it will prompt you in the following three stages:

There are 3 strikes that are issued lớn the users in this regard.On the first strike, only a warning message is issued. There is nothing else that happens and you will be able lớn play.On the second strike, you will not be able lớn play for a month as the tài khoản is banned.On the third strike which is final your tài khoản is permanently banned.

Learn More

Part 3: Hot FAQs You Should Know about Pokémon GO Spoofing

1 Can I still spoof in Pokémon GO in 2023?

There are certain bots that are released this year & they require no human verification. It makes the process more easy & straightforward & also allows you khổng lồ get the best results.

2 Can I play Pokémon GO without walking?

The answer khổng lồ this question is definitely yes! You can use a Pokémon GO spoofer lớn create a customized route to make your phone move along. But, please keep in mind that bởi vì not overuse them.

3 Can I play Pokémon GO while driving?

Although the technical answer to lớn this question is yes, we have to lớn say, playing Pokémon GO while driving is a no-go. According khổng lồ Niantic, they won"t let trainer collect any rewards if the game detects you"re moving faster like over 30mph.

4 What is the tốc độ limit in Pokémon GO?

According khổng lồ the demo by several sources, Pokemon GO appears lớn have a speed limit of 10.5 km/h (6 m/s), which means, the distance traveled that faster will not be counted when hatching eggs.

5 Does shaking my phone count steps in Pokémon GO?

Technically, if your phone built in motion-sensor, once you shake your phone up and down, it might consider this movement as walking.

6 What is the best Pokémon GO spoofing phầm mềm in 2023?

A practical Pokemon Go spoofer that does not require jailbreak, và can be applied lớn multiple systems và different models. The most important thing is that it has complete functions and can provide user-defined speed and route, so that it can also be simulated when playing Pokémon For a more realistic mobile, here we recommend using i
Fone Any
To, which has received unanimous praise from many players.


Now you are fully equipped khổng lồ hunt down all those desirable Pokémon with your ideal Pokémon go spoofing apps. So long as you ensure that you are prudent with your location spoofer Pokémon Go application, then you can avoid all the pesky consequences of location spoofing.

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With these apps, especially i
Fone Any
To spoofer, all you have to do is sitting in comfort as your avatar does the walking for you.

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Obsidian Fieldlands


1. Luxio

2. Rapidash

3. Heracross

4. Floatzel

5. Gyarados

6. Snorlax

7. Stantler


9. Blissey

10. Parasect

11. Staravia

12. Alakazam

13. Infernape

14. Kricketune

15. Magikarp

16. Golbat

17. Lopunny

18. Bibarel

19. Scyther

Crimson Mirelands


1. Lickilicky

2. Roserade

3. Rhyhorn

4. Raichu

5. Onix

6. Whiscash

7. Carnivine

8. Vespiquen

9. Tangrowth

10. Skuntank

11. Ursaring

12. Pachirisu

13. Toxicroak

14. Hippowdon

15. Torterra

16. Sliggoo

17. Ursaring

18. Yanmega

Cobalt Coastlands


1. Mothim

2. Empoleon

3. Qwilfish

4. Gastrodon

5. Ninetails

6. Lumineon

7. Tentacruel

8. Purugly

9. Octillery

10. Machoke

11. Drapion

12. Walrein

13. Mantine

14. Gyarados

15. Ambipom

16. Golduck

17. Dusknoir

18. Chansey

Alabaster Icelands


1. Gallade

2. Chimecho

3. Machamp

4. Sneasel

5. Mamoswine

6. Gardevoir

7. Abomasnow

8. Swinub

9. Piloswine

10. Glalie

11. Electabuzz

12. Froslass

13. Lucario

14. Garchomp

Coronet Highlands


1. Electivire

2. Luxray

3. Gligar

4. Gabite

5. Gliscor

6. Mismagius

7. Rhyperior

8. Probopass

9. Steelix

10. Bronzong

11. Carnivine

12. Golem

13. Goodra

14. Clefable

15. Mothim


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