Cult classic scooterLargely unchanged since 1977Excels in thành phố centres

At a glance

Owners" reliability rating: Annual servicing cost: Power: Seat height: Weight:
2.8 out of 5 (2.8/5)
15 bhp
Medium (31.9 in / 810 mm)
Low (214 lbs / 97 kg)


The Vespa PX125 design has remained largely unchanged since it first appeared in 1977. If handling & performance are high up on your list, the Vespa isn’t for you. But if you want khổng lồ look cool as you cruise around at town speeds, look no further.

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The word Vespa has almost become synonymous with scooters in the same way that Hoover is with vacuum cleaners or Jacuzzi with hot tubs. The classic Vespa design is so iconic that owners Piaggio have kept as much of it as possible for their entirely modern incoming Vespa Elettrica model.

Vespa owners are a passionate bunch & there’s no shortage of clubs & ride outs to get involved with, too - such as the Vespa.org.uk forum.

Subtle changes khổng lồ keep the Vespa up to lớn date and to get it through euro 3 emissions regulations mean it feels similar khổng lồ a modern scooter, only with a two-stroke engine and manual transmission. It doesn"t handle like a sportsbike - but a Vespa is all about looking cool, not going fast. Remember that & it can be great fun.

The Vespa PX 125 went off sale in 2008, as emissions regulations tightened up.

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Ride unique & brakes

Next up: Engine
2 out of 5 (2/5)

Weighing in at a featherlight 95kg, bumps upset the little Vespa, especially mid-corner - it feels less lượt thích a motorcycle và more akin to a hardtail bicycle at times. But you"ve got to remember the Vespa isn"t designed lớn be a sweet-handling sportsbike. Settle in to a more relaxed pace và it makes sense. Low tốc độ handling is a doddle due khổng lồ the weight và size.

It feels a little flimsy, due in part khổng lồ its lightweight, but everything fits together well và looks lớn have a good finish. Only time would tell how it stands up to every day abuse during a British winter.

We"ve got 5 Vespa PX 125 owners" đánh giá on the MCN site, with an overall score of 3.2 stars out of 5. The negative comments concern performance and reliability, but you bởi need lớn keep in mind that this is a classic bike, and one with massive appeal khổng lồ a lot of people. 

Vespa PX125 buying guide - what lớn look for

Body - take a good look around the bodywork of the xe đạp and check for any accident damage. The panels should all line up well & there shouldn"t be any scrapes or blemishes.Wheels - damaged wheels can be a sign of a hard life. If the wheels have taken a battering, how has the suspension fared? Engine - make sure you start the engine from cold, and that it makes no concerning noises such as knocking. It should run up khổng lồ speed smoothly and come back down khổng lồ idle easily. Gearbox - make sure changes are solid. Some Vespas are known for jumping out of gears, so ensure you use them all on your chạy thử ride. 

Value vs rivals

Next up: Equipment
4 out of 5 (4/5)

If you can find a "proper" old Vespa that works as well as the PX125 i.e isn"t knackered & in need of some attention for £2,899 then you"re laughing. It may not have quite the same appeal as an old Vespa, but it"s still incredibly cool, & the price is competitve with other 125cc scooters.

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Equipment-wise the PX is basic. A speedo & fuel gauge are all you get at the front, along with old-styled switchgear which feels clunky khổng lồ operate. There"s no underseat storage as you"d expect, instead there is a storage compartment in the leg shield under the dash - enough for a small-ish rucksack. There"s also a bag hook in the footwell. The twist-shift for the four gears takes a little getting used, but a few minutes of riding soon sees you shifting easily. Because of the twist-shift on the left handlebar, the rear brake is in the right hand footwell which is extrememly awkward.