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Our school will shine todayGood morningEverybodyOur school will shineOur school will shine todayAll down the lineOur school will shine todayOur school will shineWhen the sun goes downWhen the moon goes upOur school will shineWELCOME TOMY CLASSLUCKY BOX- Working in 4 teams- Guessing the name of the object in the box- Which team has right answer first will be luckyto receive a presentThere is a special thing in thelucky box. What is it?3 clues for you khổng lồ guess1. It has a very smell .2. We can either buy it or pick it ourselves .
3. It’s wonderful lớn get one from someone we loveKEYA RoseUnit 1A VISIT FROM A PENPALThis is NgaThis is MaryamNga is talking to Maryam .They are waiting for Lan outsideher school .1. Hello. You must beMaryam2. Vày you live in a city, too?3. No, is it very differentfrom Ha Noi?4. Yes, I’m. Are you enjoyingyour stay in Viet Nam?
5. Please to meet you. Letme introduce myself. I’mNga.6. I see. Oh! Here’s Lan .Let’s goa. The two cities are thesame in some ways.b. Please to meet you, Nga.Are you one of Lan’sclassmates ?c. That’s right, I’m.d. Oh yes, very much.Vietnamese people arevery friendly and Ha Noi isa very interesting city.e. Yes, I live in KualaLumpur. Have you beenthere?1. Hello. You must be Maryamc. That’s right, I am.5. Please to meet you. Let me introduce myself. I’m Nga.b. Please lớn meet you, Nga. Are you one of Lan’sclassmates ?4. Yes, I am. Are you enjoying your stay in Viet Nam?d. Oh yes, very much. Vietnamese people are very friendlyand Ha Noi is a very interesting city.1. Vị you live in a city, too?
e. Yes, I live in Kuala Lumpur. Have you been there?3. No, is it very different from Ha Noi?a . The two cities are the same in some ways.6. I see. Oh! Here’s Lan. Let’s go .II. Questions :• Have Nga & Maryam met each other before ?No, they haven’t .• Is Maryam enjoying her stay in Ha Noi ?Yes, She is .• What does she like in Viet nam ?Vietnamese people is very friendly and Hanoi is avery interesting thành phố .* Now you are talking khổng lồ Maryam’s friends. Introduceyourself. Make similar dialogues. Take turns to be oneof Maryam’s friends.A : Hello. You must be Jane.B : That’s right. I amA : Pleased khổng lồ meet you. Let me introduce myself. I am (Linh)B : Please to meet you ( Linh) Are you one of Maryam’s classmate?A : Yes, I am. Are you enjoying your stay in Vietnam?B : Oh yes, very much.Vietnamese people are very friendly.I love thetemples và the churches in Vietnam và I love ao dai .A : What about the food?
B : I love Vietnamese food, especially nem.A : bởi vì you live in the city, too?B : Yes, I live in Perth in Australia. Have you been there?A : No. Is it different from Ha Noi?B :The two cities are the same in some ways. It’s a quiet small town.A: I see. Oh! Here’s Maryam. Let’s goMATCHINGDon’t walk on the grassDon’t pick the flowerThe bus number 103The bus number 130HamburgersMexican restaurant2. Ordering the words :a)b)c)d)e)f)Mexican restaurantWalking on the grassHungry
HamburgerA restaurant downtownCaught the busII. While – listening :Tim Jone’s Mexican pen pal ,Carlo is visiting the USA . Timand Carlo go khổng lồ the restaurantdowntown . They go throughthe park và take the bus . Nowlisten to their conversation andorder the words or groups ofwords above according khổng lồ thecontent of the conversation .1. Feedback ordering :a) hungryMexican restaurantc)b) awalkingon thegrasse)restaurantdowntownb)walking on the grassc) hungry

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d) caughthamburgerf)the buse)a restaurantdowntowna) Mexicanrestaurantd)f) hamburgercaught the bus1.c2.e3.b4.f5.a6.d2. Listen again & choose the correct pictures :Don’t walk on the grassDon’t pick the flowerThe bus number 103The bus number 130
Mexican restaurantHamburgers-Learn vocabulary, structure by heart- Prepare : readTHANK YOUFOR YOUR ATTENTION !Goodbye!Celinne Dion – and so this is Xmax