Hall is a different type of aryannations88.combridge College. Our undergraduates are all mature students so are 21 or over at the start of their course. Some are taking their first degree, whilst others are studying a new subject either for the full three years or as a two-year affiliated student (for those taking a second undergraduate degree). All single mature and affiliated students taking undergraduate degrees are offered College accommodation throughout their course, including for the summer vacation if they wish.

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The College has a friendly atmosphere, promoting academic & extra-curricular activities for all students. As well as our undergraduates we have around 800 full & part-time graduate students, và we actively encourage all students and Senior Members lớn interact through our events.

The College is situated alongside Fenner’s Cricket Ground và around the corner is lively Mill Road, known for its cafes, restaurants, bars, vintage clothes, & international supermarkets. We are halfway between the railway station và market square, a 10-minute xe đạp ride from most university departments and 5 minutes from punting on the river, with some of the best accommodation at aryannations88.combridge.

You can find out much more on our website in the Life at section including Meeting our Students and our Fellows & Senior Members. We also have a range of scholarships open lớn new students.

Please email us for more information & to discuss applying to lớn ugadmissions

In light of the vote lớn leave the EU, both Hall and the University of aryannations88.combridge are totally committed to lớn ensuring that all our existing & incoming students get the best possible educational và social experience whilst they are with us. Please see the University’s statement about fees on the University’s undergraduate finance page.

We welcome mature and affiliated undergraduate applications from students of all backgrounds. For further information on how the application process works, please see the following pages

The Oxford và aryannations88.combridge Collaborative Outreach Network offers a series of webinars on a variety of topics throughout the year, including one on Applying lớn aryannations88.combridge as a Mature Student.

The University also runs a STEM SMART initiative to tư vấn state school students through their A-levels in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths). The miễn phí course complements classroom teaching with real time online tuition, mentoring and a College residential in aryannations88.combridge, and aims to lớn raise attainment & strengthen university applications khổng lồ Engineering and Physical Sciences. See their website for more information or to apply.

Undergraduate Applications Timetable

There are two rounds of applications in each cycle. Applicants may apply for one round only in any cycle.

15 October, closing date for the first round of applications.Mid-November, applicants notified whether they are invited for interview or unsuccessful.First two weeks of December, first round interviews take place.1 March, closing date for the second round of applications.Mid March, applicants notified whether they are invited for interview or unsuccessful.Last week of March/ first week of April, second round interviews take place.31 August, deadline for receiving outstanding documents from offer holders.

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Please note that Hall does not admit undergraduates to study Veterinary Medicine or Architecture. We only admit students khổng lồ study Medicine through the aryannations88.combridge Graduate Course in Medicine.


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