Free browser that compromises privacy

UC Browser is a free web browser application. UC Browser apk has millions of downloads that are mostly in China, India, và Indonesia. While the internet browsing service is popular, the popularity is decreasing due to security concerns. The platform is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group that is developed by UCWeb. 

Go and Mozilla Firefox are safer alternatives khổng lồ UC Browser, since you can turn tracking off in the alternative browser applications. UC Browser does not let you disable tracking. Firefox and Duck
Go are ad-free whereas UC Browser shows advertisements often. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari are additional mạng internet browsers that are more trustworthy than UC Browser.

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How vày I download UC Browser?

The internet browser is cross-platform for táo khuyết Mac, Linux, Microsoft Windows operating systems. While UC Browser is especially popular for Android devices, the browser is also available for i
OS electronics like i
Pad & i
Phone. UC Browser is often marketed as being a fast browser.

UC Browser works like most browsing services. The search bar lets you type từ khóa in to find topics on the internet. Your recently searched websites will appear on the tìm kiếm page. A ‘Top sites’ category is available to let you easily open your favorite websites. The ‘Most visited’ area keeps track of the URLs that you go khổng lồ the most. You can bookmark liên kết to go back to.

UC Browser delivers an incognito mode. While the incognito may hide your personal identity from sites that you visit, UC Browser still logs your private information in the database.

Is UC Browser safe?

UC Browser is not safe, since the phầm mềm automatically stores your software và hardware information. You will compromise end-to-end encryption for high speeds as your online activity is not encrypted with UC Browser.

Since your IP address and network operator can get logged by UC Browser, your location will be automatically recorded into the system after you grant UC Browser permission. UC Browser sends your personal data to third-party advertisers lượt thích your device model, network provider, language, operating system version, IP ID, time zone, và GPS location.

Even your táo apple IDFA & Google AAID identifiers can be shared with third parties and your confidential information can get disclosed in investigations with UC Browser. While UC Browser does send info, the privacy policy states that your data will not be sold.

How can I tải về You
Tube videos from UC Browser?

UC Browser includes a downloader like most web browsers, và you can download multimedia content directly from websites lượt thích You
Tube. Your items will appear in the ‘Downloads’ area of the main menu. 

Videos that you download from the internet will appear in the ‘History’ và ‘Downloads’ areas. Your watching history is available in the ‘History’ tab. You can see a danh mục of videos that you marked khổng lồ ‘Watch Later’. 

Other features

The main thực đơn section can expand & collapse in the UC Browser app. Additional categories in the thực đơn include bookmarks, history, themes, and tools. A night mode is available to customize your user experience.

UC Browser features add-ons on the browser"s home screen as a daily horoscope and weather forecast preview. The forecast will show the temperature và a brief mô tả tìm kiếm of the weather. Additionally, you can download online games from the trò chơi center, and is available in multiple languages lượt thích Chinese, English, Urdu, etc.

Not the safest website browser

UC website browser is not a reputable application to download, và not khổng lồ mention, the ứng dụng does not deliver a browsing experience that makes the service worth getting. You will have commands at the bottom of the simple interface with arrows to lớn go forward and back. The hamburger menu will show you the main features. A trang chủ button is available khổng lồ let you quickly navigate khổng lồ the main screen.

What’s new?

UC Browser is updated frequently and the versions vary with the device you use. While UC Browser has an ad-block feature, the platform is well-known for showing advertisements in the user interface. The ads are often flagged as inappropriate.

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UC Browser
Apps, Tools
Google Play
UCWeb Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Apps, Tools
May 24, 2022 (1 year ago )

NG MIỄN PHÍ cho IPHONE khuyên bảo Ci Đặt Apps/Games!
Exclusive U4 engine makes web connection 20% faster than normal. UC Browser game android
becomes the most popular website browsing application for mobiles 

App Information UC Browser Apk 

UC Browser apk  is a smartphone browser with over 500 million users. The application has full versions on all platforms such as: Android, i
OS, Windows Phone, Symbian, Java ME, và Black
Berry. If you used to lớn be a child of a nokia click phone for a while, then UC Browser is nothing new.

Currently, there are more và more different web browser applications that help users to surf the website quickly on their phones. But UC Browser app android always has its own strengths khổng lồ gain a foothold with users. This is one of the top lightweight applications, with fast access speed, và does not take up much space of the phone. 


Fast – Light – Simple – Effective is what UC Browser brings to users. Whether accessing or uploading, you still get satisfaction when using UC Browser Apk.

The browser of every trang chủ is called UC Browser Apk 

Fast, stable browsing 

As mentioned above, this is the advantage that makes UC Browser durable over time, popular with users. With a separate U4 engine created by himself, UC Browser apk is capable of providing the best access speed experience that not all browsers can do. When applying this technology, the developer has increased the speed many times, about 20% compared khổng lồ normal. 

U4 công nghệ helps you not only surf the website fast, but also watch movies smoothly. The phenomenon of lag is that you can rest assured that it will not happen if you have a stable internet connection. Switch from window lớn window with just one cảm ứng without worrying about breaking or losing access in the middle. 

In addition, UC Browser app android can also be viewed off-screen. The small window feature helps you lớn go out and watch movies while texting with your carefree lover. You can vị anything on your phone without worrying about being pasted when watching movies or watching videos on UC Browser Apk.

Super fast tệp tin download 

With the advantage of having a large & stable server, UC Browser app android always brings a satisfying experience when it can download files super fast without worrying about being broken. Và when the network is disconnected in the middle, UC Browser app android will stop & continue downloading if the connection is restored. This is suitable for those of you who are busy, or your memory is not very good because you do not worry about forgetting when you unfortunately lose your life.

Safe to lớn use, secure

UC Browser app android has an anonymous browser opening feature khổng lồ help you keep your information secure, without worrying about being detected. Using incognito mode you won’t have khổng lồ worry about your history or cookies being saved. You can completely experience the application without worrying about being judged. Every movie site is secure , keep it private when you close the app.

Some other features of UC Browser Apk

In addition to lớn the outstanding features mentioned above, UC Browser app android also has some other great features such as: 

Ability to compress data to lớn save data space Can block ads Disturb alert Night mode helps you khổng lồ protect your eyes when using it late at night.App is free, easy khổng lồ use.

FAQs – Questions related to UC Browser Apk 

1. Is the UC Browser game android safe for your game android phone?

The answer is yes. The app android version of UC Browser only tweaks some features and unlocks the paid nội dung to give you a smoother experience. You should download the android file on just khổng lồ be safe.

2. What is UC Browser?

UC Browser is a điện thoại browser developed by UC-Web in China. It uses cloud computing technology & data compression technology

3. Can UC Browser be used offline?

No. This is an internet browser so it cannot be used offline.

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4. Is UC Browser free?

UC Browser is không tính tiền to download and has basic functions for the không lấy phí version

Download for Android và i

If you are looking for an application for your phone to access the web, tải về files quickly, và with a small size, Download UC Browser app android – Fast and không tính tiền web browser right at khổng lồ ensure full functionality & security all right.

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