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Từ điển LongMan Dictionary
wanton wan‧ton/ˈwɒntən $ ˈwɒːn-, ˈwɑːn-/ adjective aryannations88.com. Deliberately harming someone or damaging something for no reason: ▪ an act of wanton aggression ▪ a wanton disregard for life 2. Old-fashioned a wanton woman is considered immoral because she has sex with a lot of men 3. Formal uncontrolled: ▪ wanton growth —wantonly adverb —wantonness noun adjectiveCOLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES wanton destruction (=done deliberately & without caring about it)▪ People were shocked by the wanton destruction that occurred during the riots.COLLOCATIONS FROM CORPUS
destruction▪ The trang chủ Secretary, David Blunkett, took a tough line, saying that he would not tolerate wanton destruction và violence.

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▪ As stated in the supplement, the heritage erosion is due khổng lồ ignorance, và not wanton destruction.EXAMPLES FROM OTHER ENTRIES▪ the wanton killing of civiliansEXAMPLES FROM CORPUS▪ Feeling drugged và quite incredibly wanton, she moved her fingers lớn his jaw.▪ It tells of homes phối aflame, planes dropping turpentine bombs and the wanton shooting of unarmed đen men on the street.

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▪ She rolls her eyes, and gets this wanton look on her face whenever she tells me how sexy he is.▪ The home Secretary, David Blunkett, took a tough line, saying that he would not tolerate wanton destruction and violence.


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