There are still many users using win7 system, sometimes they have khổng lồ reinstall Win7 system when encounter unsolvable system failure, but Win7 doesn"t lượt thích Windows 10, it can not automatically activate system after installation. So, you have to lớn enter the activation key to lớn activate the system . However, in the activation process, you find it is invalid when typing the genuine key or gives you an error. How lớn solve it? Well, If you don"t activate Windows 7, you will be frequently prompted to activate in the lower right corner of the screen, the desktop wallpaper cannot be changed, the computer keeps restarting & blue screen. This is because you have not activated Windows 7. So you need a valid Windows 7 activator.

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Window 7 Activator is a miễn phí win7 trang chủ Edition activation tool that supports dual systems & is valid for Windows 7 trang chủ Basic, home Premium, Professional and Ultimate (including 32-bit & 64-bit). There will no OEM & GRUB booting information displayed after activation. This không lấy phí Windows 7 activator tool can be uninstalled and has no effect on computer hardware. Here we will shows top 5 miễn phí Windows 7 activator download for all version for PC.

#1. KMSpico

KMSpico is also known as the KMS activation tool. KMSpico is currently the most successful and frequently updated Windows 7 activation tool. It can activate any version of the window system & any version of Office software even it is win8 and office2013. KMSpico is small, pure và fully supports local activation. Activate Windows 7 without network. In case of lack of a hàng hóa key, it has the capability of generating one. KMSpico is one of the few không tính phí Windows 7 Activators which lets you access genuine Windows 7 features.

1) KMSpico activation tool can activate all major versions of window, including Windows 7 professional / ultimate 64 bit, win8 và win 10, etc.

2) KMSpico activation tool can activate all series of office, including office2016, office2015.


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#2. Windows Loader v2.2.2 by Dar

Windows Loader is a simple, practical and không tính tiền Windows 7 activator tool that can activate any version of Win7 system with high success rate . Windows Loader is based on the soft activation principle of analog OEM computer. It can activate Win7 system without brushing BIOS! & it is stable without getting error. It is the best auxiliary tool for you to lớn activate windows 7.

One thing to lưu ý is that Windows Loader 3.1.1 is the highest version, but it may report poison. So, all you have to do is disable any anti-virus in your PC that will stop you from installing any pirated Windows. Or you can install Windows Loader v2.2.2 lớn help you activate Windows 7, it also works fine!


* support Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit activation, professional 64 bit activation & windows 7 home premium 64 bit activation.

* The program can self-test integrity to avoid malicious integration of Trojans, etc.

* Custom error handling (strong error correction capability).

* support for hidden partitions or other complex installations.

* Compatible with Linux GRUB or other boot manager

#3. Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.4

Microsoft Toolkit, referred lớn as MTKV, is a general-purpose offline Windows 7 activation tool developed by CODYQX4, Bosh, etc. It is rich in functions và its volume is slightly large. However, the principle adopted is still the Key management service mechanism of KMS.Microsoft Toolkit uses a phối of tools and features to manage activation authorization, deployment, và activate the Universal Offline KMS hệ thống for Microsoft Office và Windows. It supports silent uninstallation of Office software và product key detection feature. The permanent activation service can be achieved by installing AutoKMS. It also supports Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit activation.


Requirements: .NET Framework 4.0 framework above.

For Windows 8 user: free Windows 8.1 Pro Build 9600 sản phẩm Key download (Updated)

#4. RemoveWAT

WAT is short for for Windows 7 Activation Technologies. "RemoveWAT" means "Remove Windows Activation Technology". As we know Microsoft Genuine System can be applied for không lấy phí for 30 days. After 30 days, you will be prompted khổng lồ activate. This software can actually remove “the 30-day activation period" by bypassing Microsoft"s activation mechanism, then you can miễn phí to use the genuine system.


This không lấy phí Windows 7 activator tool essentially violently enforces to remove “the 30-day activation period" of Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10/Server 2008 R2, makes the "30-day activation countdown" lớn be completely shut down. The final result: make the "activation prompt information" disappear, so you can not see the activation information in the computer properties. This cracking mechanism is to completely remove Microsoft"s piracy verification system. With this tool, the entire system is equivalent to no piracy verification mechanism. It is reported that you can not upgrade your Windows.

Although this is also a pirated software, the effect is more obvious than the others. But the only drawback is that it only works on WIN7 system 64 bit and 32 bit. For WIN10, you need lớn find the corresponding crack file.

#5. Activate Windows 7 with Code

In addition to using the free Windows 7 Activator tool, you can also use code lớn activate Windows 7. Here is an activation code available for you. All you got to do is copy và paste it from the liên kết in a Notepad. Follow the steps khổng lồ activate your windows:

Step 1. Copy the content from the liên kết https://www.aryannations88.com/downloads/code.txt

Step 2. Paste it in a Notepad as New text.


Step 3. Save this text document in a folder and name it Winodws7.cmd


Step 4. Run this file as administrator & activate your Windows.

Step 5. After this restart your Computer. Your Windows 7 is now activated.

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These were the đứng top 5 tool can easily activate your Windows 7. You just have khổng lồ carefully follow the steps mentioned in it so that you can successfully activate your Windows 7. Most of the software downloaded online is pirated. Therefore there is no guarantee of them working for a long period of time. Some of the features may not work smoothly & the system might get corrupted. But like we said these free Windows 7 activator software are the best for those who need it in an emergency.