We phối out to lớn make the best Tic Tac Toe trò chơi for your smartphone device. & we think we have done just that.

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First, it has awesome explosions & fireworks. Lots of ’em.Second, it includes bigger boards to play on than just the standard 3×3 grid. Take your chơi game to the next màn chơi with 5×5 and 7×7 boards. Go extreme.Third, our computer player rocks. It uses a predictive matrix combined with lots of mathematical goodness khổng lồ give you a balanced fun game. It even talks khổng lồ you with a sassy computerized robot voice.

The best news of all is this game is không tính phí and all future updates will be không tính tiền too. Here’s the các mục of full features:

One or Two Player with 12 Levels of Computer PlayPlay Classic 3×3 Tic Tac Toe where 3 in a row winsPlay 5×5 Pro Board where 4 in a row winsPlay 7×7 Extreme Board where 5 in a row winsAwesome glowing graphics & animationsKiller fireworks, explosions, sounds, and musicGame Awards – Classic Winner, Pro Winner, Extreme Winner, 2 Way Win, 3 Way Win – Collect them all!Winning Photo – chia sẻ directly to Facebook, Twitter, or E-mailUniversal quả táo (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch)Retina Display Graphics (iOS)Game Center Achievements (iOS)Google+ & GameCircle Achievements (Android)Android phones & tablets


Tic-tac-toe, also called noughts and crosses & X’s & O’s is a pencil-and-paper trò chơi for two players, X & O, who take turns marking the spaces in a 3×3 grid. The X player usually goes first followed by the O player. The player who succeeds in placing three respective marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row will win the round. Win 3 rounds lớn win the game.


You can get huge score bonuses to lớn boost your score khổng lồ the đứng đầu of the Leaderboard. You will receive an initial score based on a number of moves & the time it took to win. Each day you play, your score is multiplied by the number of days up khổng lồ a maximum of 5. Each consecutive game you win, your score is multiplied by the number of wins up to lớn a maximum of 5. That means when combined you can make your final score up to lớn 10 times bigger!


“Three different Tic Tac Toe variants, sharp computer opponent, wisecracking A.I., slick neon graphics and fireworks, two-player support, free.” — Chris Buffa, MODOJO“I was pwnd quite a few times playing Tic Tac Toe Glow” — Ant Pruitt, aNewDomain.net


“It makes parts of my toàn thân tingle!” — Hunter Graham“I love it when the ambiguously European female robot voice asks me ‘can we play again?"” — Jeff Brown“About as addicting as any drug you could ever have” — Anonymous“Never thought Tic Tac Toe could be reinvented, but it has!” — Chad In Spokane“It is very challenging, reminds me when my grandfather would beat me as a kid.” — Scott Shorter“This game puts the F U in FUN!” — YouLightUpMyLife1