Thì hiện tại tiếp nối là phần kiến thức và kỹ năng cơ phiên bản nhưng rất quan trọng trong giờ đồng hồ anh. Nội dung bài viết dưới đây vẫn giúp các bạn hiểu rõ hơn về thì hiện tại tiếp tục và bên dưới là một số trong những bài tập để chúng ta áp dụng.

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+Câu khẳng định: S+ am/ is / are + Ving+ Câu che định: S + am/ is / are+ not + Ving+ Câu nghi vấn: Is / Am / Are + (not) + S+ Ving?+ thắc mắc với từ nhằm hỏi: Wh-questions( How/ where/…) + am/ is/ are + (not) + S+ Ving?

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-Dấu hiệu phân biệt : khi trong câu có xuất hiện các từ: now, at present, at the moment, right now, giờ cụ thể ( vd 3 o"clock), Look! , listen! , Be careful!, Watch! ..- để ý một số động từ không áp dụng thì bây giờ tiếp diễn:Like, want, love, need, prefer, believe, contain, suppose, remember, understand, seem, know, belong, hope, forgetSee, smell, hear, tasteLook, feel (động từ chỉ cảm giác)Bài 1: ngừng các câu sau, phân chia động từ trong ngoặc
1.My sister (watch)_______ TV right now.2. The children (not swim)__________ at the moment.3. I (drive)______ to work right now.4. She (write) ________ a letter to her friends at present.5. Keep silent! The teacher (come) _______6. My friend is on holiday now & I (want)_______ to lớn talk lớn her.7. Lan usually (go) khổng lồ school on foot but she (go) ______ by oto today 8. Please be quiet! I (do)_______ my homework.9. Where (be) ____ your mother?-She (prepare)______ dinner in the kitchen.10. What you (do)_____ at the moment?I (write) ______ a test.11. It (snow)_____ at the moment?12. Listen! John and sue (play)_____ the piano in our class.13. We (wait)_____ for a bus now.14. It"s 8 o"clock and my parents (work)__________ in the office.15. They (not/ jog) ______ in the park right now.16. The telephone (ring) _______. Can you please answer now?17. Listen! Someone (knock) _______ at the door.18. It"s a beautiful day. The sun (shine) ________19. She usually (wear)________a uniform to school but today she (wear) _____ casual clothes.20. Peter (have)_______ a bad cold now. He (lie)________ on the sofa in the living room.21. Look! She (smoke)______ in the non-smoking area.22. My brother (tour)________ Italy at the moment.23. We (save) __________ money for the trip.24. I (wear)________ a beautiful dress today because it"s a special day.25. This valuable watch (belong)______ khổng lồ my mother now.Bài 2: Đặt câu hỏi cho những phần gạch men chân bên dưới đây.1.My sister is eating a sandwich for lunch.=>2. The children are playing soccer in the field behind the school.=>3. Hoa is talking with her teacher now.=>4. Five people are waiting at the bus stop right now.=> 5. My father is reading a newspaper at the moment.=>6. They are watching TV at 2pm.=>7. At present my sister is studying in Korea.=>8. My sister is going shopping right now.=>9. We are living in a small flat at the moment.=>10. Those men are looking at us very strangely.=>Đáp ánBài 1:is watchingare not swimmingam drivingis writingis comingwantgoes - is goingam doingis - is preparingare you doing- am writingIs it snowingare playingare waitingare workingare not joggingis ringingis knockingis shiningwears- is wearingis having- is lyingis smokingis touringare savingam wearingbelongsBài 2:1.What is your sister eating for lunch?2. Where are the children playing soccer?3. Who is Hoa talking with ?4. How many people are waiting at the bus stop right now?5. What is your father reading at the moment?6. When are they watching TV ?7. Where is your sister studying at present?8. What is your sister doing right now?9. Where are you living at the moment?10. Who are looking at us very strangely?