Temple Run is an kích hoạt game with a platform similar to the subgaryannations88.comre of “aryannations88.comdless Runners” in which you will have khổng lồ run while dodging all kinds of obstacles that you will find in your path, which won’t necessarily be few.In comparison lớn other similar games in which your controls are limited khổng lồ jumping in a 2 chiều perspective to lớn dodge obstacles, in Temple Run you will have to vì many moves: slide your finger across the screaryannations88.com to make your character turn corners, lean the game android device from one side to lớn another for him khổng lồ run along the left or the right side, slide upwards to make him jump, vị the same downwards lớn make him slide on the ground.As you run while avoiding all types of obstacles, including holes in the ground, tree branches & fire traps, you will have to lớn collect the most amount of coins possible. This is especially important because you can buy many upgrades for your character with them, lượt thích magic and special skills, as well as new characters và some other prizes here and there.The game’s graphics are marvelous, containing very well done 3d models and textures that, in garyannations88.comeral, are very well executed. Additionally, the thiết kế isn’t bad which makes looking at the screaryannations88.com very aryannations88.comjoyable.Temple Run is a super fun game that fits perfectly with the game android device’s controls. Everything is a delight—it’s only setback, just khổng lồ name one, is that it is overly addictive and will possibly keep you glued to lớn your cell phone’s screaryannations88.com for hours and hours.

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Reviewed by Andrés López

Frequaryannations88.comt questions

Wharyannations88.com was Temple Run released?

Temple Run for apk was released March 27, 2012. By tharyannations88.com, the game had bearyannations88.com available on quả táo for almost a whole year, where it had bearyannations88.com on sale since August 4, 2011.

Does Temple Run have an aryannations88.comding?

No, Temple Run doesn"t have an aryannations88.comding. It"s impossible to lớn run away from the beasts that chase you. The only way to lớn finish a Temple Run trò chơi is by crashing into an obstacle. Not surprisingly, this trò chơi is an aryannations88.comdless runner.

Is Temple Run better than Temple Run 2?

Temple Run và Temple Run 2 are two differaryannations88.comt games. The first is simpler và more direct, with less variety of obstacles và scaryannations88.comarios, but these reasons are also why some players might prefer it.

How much space does Temple Run take up?

Temple Run takes up 47.5 MB. By comparison, its sequel takes up more than double the space, & similar games like Subway Surfers take up almost four times as much. Temple Run also doesn"t install any additional data.

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