TeamViewer 15 Version 15.34.4

Teamviewer 32 bit và 64 bit

TeamView software is constantly upgraded and improved, in the latest version promises to improve connectivity, better control for those who often have lớn work remotely.

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TeamViewer is among the best, most commonly used remote desktop control software khổng lồ help you quickly connect to PC systems at any distance. TeamViewer is now used by many businesses và individuals for efficient, time-saving & financial online meetings.

Features in Teamviewer

- Updated TeamViewer EULA (End-User Lcense Agreement).

- You can invite other users khổng lồ participate in a TeamViewer Pilot session by creating a Pilot code.

- You can send files in a TeamViewer Pilot session khổng lồ a remote device.

- Fix error of displaying too many messages when performing copy & paste kích hoạt from local computer to lớn remote computer.

- Fix a bug that prevented the execution of the PowerShell script from the client toolbar if the Windows user name of the remote computer.

It should be noted that this is a newly released official version. You can only connect to remote devices that use this version if your local device uses the same or higher version.


How khổng lồ install TeamViewer

Step 1: Users download Teamviewer 15 version lớn the computer.

Step 2: You run the Teamview thiết đặt file, you can double-click to run it or right-click and select Run as administrator khổng lồ run with Admin privileges.


Step 3: The installation interface of Teamviewer appears, choose:

- Select Basic installation under How vì you want to lớn proceed?

- Select Personal / Non-commerial use under How vị you want to use Teamviewer? to lớn use this application for free.


- Then, click Accept - Finish.

You can also tick Show advanced settings khổng lồ display more and further refine the installation if you want -> click Finish

After you select Finish, the software will automatically install và create a shortcut lớn the desktop.

The process of installing TeamViewer is successful, the software will automatically display the main interface of TeamViewer and you enter other people"s ID & password khổng lồ access the connection with that computer or you can use the ID và password shown on then giới thiệu the software to lớn others so that other person can connect to lớn their remote computer.

New feature:

- Improves the usefulness of joining a secure password-protected meeting. Users can now easily enter their password on the meeting preview page to lớn get instant meeting membership.

- Allows installation of VPN drivers through MSI during mass deployment to lớn enhance security & broad accessibility for Team Viewer users.


- Allows users to find and copy fingerprints next to their personal TeamViewer ID in the Remote control card to use for security purposes.

- Added per-monitor DPI reception, which improves image quality when remotely connecting to multiple monitors at the same time in case the DPI ratio is not uniform across devices.

- Added Speaking-while-muted message.

- Improved responsiveness to weak network connectivity during a meeting. There will be a separate message and icon displayed when the client detects that the network connection is weak và unstable.

Experience unprecedented performance with the latest TeamViewer

★ New quality benchmark:

- Better unique for low bandwidth: So you can connect Team Viewer anywhere.

- Reasonable server infrastructure: khổng lồ increase stability & uptime.

- Improved connection quality: Provides better global connection speed.

- Outstanding performance

- TeamViewer Pilot: Solve off-screen problems with augmented reality.

- Customize device information: So you have all relevant information in the palm of your hand.

- Advanced device groups: For easier organization và quick reference.

- One-click command execution: Perform repetitive processes with one click.

- Enhanced accessibility lớn customer support: Provide more efficient service to lớn increase customer satisfaction.

★ Better Availability:

- Dark Mode: Increases focus while reducing eye strain.- New Design: Enjoy a cleaner, more efficient Team Viewer experience.

- New game ios screen sharing workflow: The first solution for remote iOS support is now better than before.

- Prioritize security

- Trusted device management: More management options for ultimate protection.

- Made in Germany: Trust is built on the highest safety standards.

- GDPR Compliant

Teamviewer 32-bit và 64-bit client

Currently the 32-bit version of the software is used well on 64-bit systems, but we recommend installing the 64-bit version of TeamViewer on the 64-bit operating systems. But you should install the version that matches the architecture of your operating system:

- For 32-bit operating systems, you must install the 32-bit version of TeamViewer.

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- For 64-bit operating systems, we recommend installing the 64-bit version of TeamViewer.