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Stick War Legacy
Android 4.4
Max Games Studios
Menu, Unlimited gems, gold, upgrade 999 army, skin vip
MOD Google
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Stick War Legacy is the most famous stickman strategy game on mobile. This trò chơi will make you fall in love with a series of squad battles with top-notch strategy elements. These are battles where you don’t have to lớn manipulate too much. Instead, you need to use intelligence & creativity to lớn recruit soldiers và build squads to gain an advantage. The fight only ends when you defeat the opponent’s statue. But new challenges will come lớn you with attractive loot. Get ready lớn conquer all wars in all modes!

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Download Stick War Legacy – Strategy chơi game with stickman style

Download Stick War Legacy – Strategy chơi game with stickman style

Stickman games always leave many interesting impressions, but Stick War Legacy is the most impressive game. This game has millions of players on many platforms from PC khổng lồ mobile. Its appeal comes from strategic chơi game and a fun kiến thiết style. This game play gives you less manipulative but always engaging battles. Moreover, the simple stickman kiến thiết style is suitable for the preferences of many players. The task system is also hierarchical from easy khổng lồ difficult, making it easy for all gamers to access.

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Join the battles in many modes

The battles of the game take place in the world of Inamorta. It is trang chủ to many countries belonging lớn different factions such as archers, witches, spearmen, swordsmen, & archers. These countries always seek to lớn fight each other for supremacy. But you, the head of the nation of Order, go against that. Khổng lồ unify the world, you need khổng lồ defeat every enemy plot. If you have enough power in your hands, you will lead the world to kết thúc all wars.

That’s the reason for your fighting journey in this game. Classic mode is where the plot is most evident. But you can also find interesting quest series in Zombie Survival mode or tournament. Each mode has its own mission & reward system. Each mission is an opportunity lớn show your bravery và strategy. Lớn join the war & win, you need to lớn build a strong stickman squad. The formation is a collection of many classes of soldiers. You need to know how lớn combine them khổng lồ optimize combat effectiveness.


Unlock & upgrade the soldier system

The soldier system in Stick War Legacy is extremely diverse. Not to mention typical classes such as archer, digger, swordsman, spearman, mage, giant, và more. Of course, each soldier class will have its own characteristics. For instance, mages và archers are ranged, damage-dealing soldiers. Meanwhile, swordsmen and spearmen were the assault force in close combat. Miners are a force that does not participate in the war but plays an important role.

In every war, you need to recruit miners first. This is a class that works hard to dig for gold, which in turn gives you the money khổng lồ recruit other units. Khổng lồ recruit any unit, you must spend a certain amount of gold. Therefore, consider carefully before recruiting certain units to lớn the battlefield. Moreover, you should think about how to optimize the effectiveness of defense – attacks by combining different classes of soldiers. At the same time, vì not forget to upgrade for each soldier class to lớn improve strength continuously.


Explore a variety of battlefield backgrounds

The game offers many unique map contexts. Context doesn’t seem to influence strategy too much. However, new maps with new designs will bring new inspiration. For example, you’ll see things differently when you switch from a jungle map to a desert, snowy land, or steppe at night. This will create excitement for the long battle journey. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to meet many new enemies on the new battlefield. Be prepared strategically to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with them all.


Simple but fun 2d design

This trò chơi does not impress too much in the visual style. But the appeal of the gameplay seems to make up for this. Besides, everything is well-designed with a classic stickman style. Thanks khổng lồ that, your battles are still very exciting và fun. Stickman classes are designed with many features with eye-catching combat effects. At the same time, the sounds from the battles are equally vibrant.

MOD Feature of Stick War Legacy

Mod Menu
Unlimited gems
Unlimited gold
Unlimited money, allupgrade 999 armyskin vip

That’s why you immediately download Stick War Legacy khổng lồ your phone. This hit game will not let you down with its top-notch strategy gameplay. No need to lớn manipulate too much but you will feel the heat of stickman battles. The strategic element of bít tất tay will make you unable to sit still all the time. Many missions are waiting for you khổng lồ explore in many modes. Bring your troops into battle & return victorious.

App Info

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Stick War: Legacy
450 MB
Max Games Studios
Unlimited Gems expand_more
android app android 5.0 expand_more
android apk 5.0wifi_off Can be used offline
English, Arabic, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
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 Are you a fan hâm mộ of strategy games? Are you in need of entertaining moments after stressful & tiring working hours? I have one interesting thing for you. Max Games Studio has released the game Stick War: Legacy, a stickman strategy trò chơi that was developed on the thiết bị di động platform and has attracted more than 100 million downloads on the Google Play store. Let’s find out what Stick War: Legacy has that helps it make a storm on the trò chơi market!

Introduce about Stick War: Legacy
MOD game android version of Stick War: Legacy

Introduce about Stick War: Legacy

What is Stick War: Legacy?

Stick War: Legacy is considered a highly entertaining trò chơi in the stickman strategy genre. When entering the game, you are lượt thích being transformed into a king of a kingdom and your task is khổng lồ create a lot of resources khổng lồ train a mighty stickman army with the responsibility of defending the territory and destroying the enemy.

The story 

When you first enter the game, you will be told a story about a land called the continent of Inamorta. There are many different races living here and they are fighting day by day for domination of this vast land. The continent of Inamorta consists of 5 kingdoms: Archidons, Swordwrath, Magikill, Speartons, & Order Empire. All believe that khổng lồ gain domination, the weapon must be ‘their religion’. War broke out everywhere, with one purpose: to force other kingdoms to obey the harsh laws laid down by the nation that had won the dominion. However, your Order Empire has taken peace and knowledge as the guideline & has a developed society that stands out from the rest.


When you first start the game, you have 150 gold units that will be used to lớn train a Miner. This person will take on the role of mining, gathering resources for your kingdom. From the first gold, the first soldiers will be trained and sent lớn battle. They only hold a wooden baton in their hand và rush straight into the enemy’s territory and destroy the enemy’s monument. Try lớn gather as many resources as possible khổng lồ train as many soldiers as possible because your army can be attacked back fiercely on the other side. The reinforcements are essential to lớn maintain the state of battle. However, your army is limited to lớn 40 people, so try to lớn balance between soldiers and miners. The game will kết thúc when the enemy’s monument is completely destroyed.

Interestingly, you can click on any stickman và control all his actions. It will be very useful when you use this advantage khổng lồ the fullest in survival battles.

More advanced types of soldiers will be unlocked when you successfully pass certain stages. You need to arrange the squad reasonably because the number of troops is up lớn 40.

You can order miners or soldiers to lớn retreat khổng lồ the castle, then enter a defensive or combat state. You can completely improvise according to lớn the situation of the battle.

However, there are lands where you vày not need to lớn attack the enemy, but you just need to lớn build an army to lớn protect your territory. The variety of game play will help you a lot when participating in different battles.

After each victory, you will receive tăng cấp points to improve the stickman’s characteristics, such as gold mining speed, damage, health, & movement speed…

In addition, the trò chơi also has a tool lớn help increase the tốc độ of gold mining in a short time or increase the training tốc độ of soldiers. This is an advantage for players in important situations when your và the enemy’s armies are in a never-ending battle.

Game modes

Classic- Order Empire: This is the normal trò chơi mode, & your mission is to collect as many resources as possible, build an army và win.

Survival – Endless Dead: This mode has an unlimited number of rounds. Your task is khổng lồ pass as many rounds as possible by destroying the Zombies with your powerful army. You can upgrade your army between each round. This mode has 3 levels: Easy, Hard, and Extremely Hard

Tournament – Crown of Inamorta: You need lớn fight và defeat 4 out of 12 AI opponents lớn win the “Crown of Inamorta!”. This mode has 3 levels: Easy, Hard, và Extremely Hard

Mission: New missions and levels appear every Friday. You must constantly fight to dominate the continent of Inamorta.

The game is regularly updated in terms of chơi game and graphics

A series of new game modes are developed such as Win before sunset, Triple barricaded gold, Deathmatch, Forward Statue, vs Mini-Bosses…

They will also improve the effect of arrows on Stickman & gore lớn make it more realistic.

Moreover, the trò chơi developer has designed separate costumes for each different type of soldier. You can build an army with a favorite outfit, which will create inspiration throughout the game.

Does Stick War: Legacy cost?

Currently, this stickman strategy trò chơi is released for free on the Google Play store. You can also tải về and experience it at our links below. However, you may face a lot of ads during the gameplay. You should sympathize with the publisher because it is a source of income for the game, and it has also been announced on the Google Play store.In addition, there is a resource called diamonds. You can find diamonds during the trò chơi or buy them with đá quí packages from the developer. Packages will range from $2.99 khổng lồ $33.99. Diamonds will be used to buy items, upgrade points, costumes, và chests.Moreover, the game also adds a few vật phẩm packs lớn increase the strength of your army. For example, the Starter Pack for beginners costs $17.99.

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I want to lớn own the in-game skins/costumes, what should I do?

To own the skins/costumes you love, you need lớn pay for in-game skin packs with different prices for different types. In addition, you can get không tính tiền costumes after completing missions or winning in-game achievements.

Download Stick War: Legacy APK & MOD for Android

Stick War: Legacy is a highly entertaining, popular, và famous stickman strategy game in the world. We may have moments of tension in each battle, but it is equally entertaining. Let’s download Stick War: Legacy to join this fascinating tactical world!

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