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Monster Legends
Social Point
Always Win 3 Stars
Android 4.4

Do you like the powerful Pokemon? do you lượt thích to take part in fascinating confrontations between unique monsters? So quái nhân Legends MOD apk – an amazing simulation trò chơi of Social Point, will be an appropriate choice và will definitely make you satisfied.

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About quái nhân LegendsMOD apk version of boss Legends

About boss khủng Legends

Launching game android version on June 12, 2014, this is not really a new trò chơi if anyone ever knew Dragon thành phố – the game very popular on Facebook, then boss khủng Legends is its successor. Both are simulation genre, you have khổng lồ take on many tasks such as building houses, raising monsters & using them strategically in PvP battles.

Each quái nhân has its own elements, stats, skills, and experience points of different levels. So they can serve many tactics created by you. More specifically, every monster has the ability lớn spawn itself in gold (at the monster’s Habitat), giving you extra income to lớn build & upgrade.

Monster Legends really developed more than rồng City?


Indeed, unlike dragon City, monster Legends is actually more developed though still based on the common platform. The first is the number of monsters, there are more than 500 different monsters and can propagate with many rare elements lớn discover new species. Monsters also have more skills và depend on each element. 3vs3 battle instead of 1vs1 of Dragon thành phố will increase your tactics so you can fight in your own way. Besides, there are also many features & modes waiting for you khổng lồ discover.



Most games today have eye-catching 3 chiều graphics, but trùm cuối Legends only has 2d graphics. Simple but doesn’t mean it’s bad. In my opinion, 2 chiều graphics are also not too influential to lớn the game. On the contrary, it gives the ancient, untouched style for monsters, & they are designed to lớn be diversified, meticulous và very personal.


Players will constantly change monsters for each battle lớn discover the most powerful monsters. Fighting & promoting the stats of the beast when you are fighting. Each type of quái vật has its own elements & skill, requiring players to lớn catch the right time lớn finish off the opponent.



RPG: cấp độ up your monsters, use their cells in the Lab lớn break their limits. Equip them with runes và relics to lớn upgrade their skills.Battle Monsters: Build strategies & set up boss khủng teams to lớn attack and support in your own way. Then, take them khổng lồ battle through Adventure Maps and Events to lớn get many exciting rewards.Team Wars: Join the epic Team War & earn rare và exclusive monsters.Expanding, collecting và building a quái nhân Paradise: There are more than 500 monsters for you to lớn collect & breed new creatures & elements. Build a house for monsters on many marvelous islands with Habitat, Farm and Breed room.When leveling up you will discover more with Dungeon, Library, trùm cuối Lab, Smithy, & Temple …In addition, there are many interesting events lượt thích Halloween, Christmas … khổng lồ increase diversity & appear more interesting activities.


With these features, building a community on the trò chơi will be very easy. With hundreds of millions of players worldwide, when you experience the game, you will meet many “war leaders” with many professional tactics, genius and effective teaming.


You will work with your teammates to discuss the best tactics lớn win in Team War & find the best allies. Build the largest Clan in the world.

MOD game android version of trùm cuối Legends

In Adventure Map, there are many stages that make you difficult. You need a strong team, but this requires you lớn play for a long time.

MOD feature

Always Win 3 Stars: If you win a match, the game will force you to lớn win with 3 stars. After that, you can receive rewards and spin the lucky spin.

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Remember that the thủ thuật version only works in Adventure bản đồ mode.

Download monster Legends MOD android for Android

Through the above article, I really think that you should experience this game once. Actually, quái dị Legends makes the more you play, the more interesting things you discover compared with the first stage. A vast world of monsters full of miracles awaits players to explore. Let try this game, you will love it!