Hay Day Gameplay

The Supercell team developed this farm management simulation trò chơi in 2012. Now it is also loved by players from all over the world. It supports both iOS & Android devices.

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You can grow crops & harvest them on hay Day , make them into fodder to feed animals or sell them in stores to get coins. Go fishing, catch lobsters và ducks, complete truck or ship orders, participate in valley or derby events, and win more prizes! A variety of activities will keep you busy for your farm every day!



What is tuyệt Day Hacks

Hay Day hack Features

Hay Day Guides

How lớn Install tốt Day Bot Using Panda Helper

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What is xuất xắc Day Hacks

You may want to lớn use giỏi Day thủ thuật tools or tốt Day gian lận to help when playing xuất xắc Day. Here is an phầm mềm you are looking for, & you can use it for free.

Hay Day hack is a version based on the original game that adds some modifications lớn help you experience the game better without affecting your account. Common gian lận functions include unlimited coins, unlimited diamonds, automatic planting, harvesting, và sales. This hay Day mod is also called tốt Day Bot. Next, I will introduce you khổng lồ its function và how to use it.

Hay Day thủ thuật Features


Hay Day Bot - app android Automatic Tool to auto Farm


Hay Day Bot is an tự động hóa farming tool developed by game Bots team. It can automatically plant, harvest, và sell wheat, corn & carrot for players 24/7 without stopping

As xuất xắc Day Bot has those automatic features, xuất xắc Day Bot is considered as an effective hacking tool & Hay Day cheat for the game resources like Hay Day coins, tốt Day supplies including building materials, land expansion materials, clearance materials etc.

Kick back và enjoy tons of resource without effort with tuyệt Day Bot!

- auto plant(Wheat、Corn、Carrot);

- tự động harvest;

- auto sells them in road-side shops;

****AI smart games, safe and will not be banned****

User"s guidance: Click on the floating window in the game and switch lớn Bots.

As the cấp độ grows, we need more locations to lớn store and grow products. At the same time, you need more supplies. The number of Building supplies and Expansion supplies that you can purchase every day in the trò chơi is 80, và you can buy up to 89. However, this is not enough for most players. Due to this limitation, many players have to find ways lớn obtain more supplies.

Feed the animals, join the neighbors và request from other members, meet the visitors" needs khổng lồ get additional supply rewards, or participate in the derby to win the horseshoe reward redemption. The easiest way to obtain it is khổng lồ harvest crops. Among many crops, wheat is undoubtedly your best choice.

But manually growing và harvesting wheat is not the best option. Wheat has the shortest growth time, so you also need lớn spend a lot of time tapping the screen. Repeating such tedious actions is undoubtedly a waste of time.

You can use xuất xắc Day Bot to plant và sell wheat automatically. It can not only help you grow crops lớn gain experience và coins, but more importantly, it can also get you additional supplies that are not limited in quantity! In this way, you can expand your farm with hay Day Land deeds & Hay Day bản đồ pieces. Tuyệt Day Bot can save you time and, at the same time, bring you more benefits! Why not use giỏi Day Bot to lớn help you?


Hay Day Guides

Including hay Day Bot, you also need lớn know some hay Day tips & tricks.

Tips for Redeeming Gift Cards 

Tips to lớn Win Mystery Bunny Derby

Red Tom or Green Tom Booster,How lớn Choose?

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For more xuất xắc Day related information, you can view it by category in trò chơi bots.

Hay Day"s Latest event News


The first Sanctuary Valley of the Year has started with a new exclusive decoration as the primary reward! This sự kiện is khổng lồ return wild animals lớn protected areas. The relevant strategy content is given above for reference.

Hay Day will have new activities at a fixed time that is constantly changing, such as the Valley, Derby, và weekly updates. You can go to the official Facebook or Twitter tài khoản to follow. The event"s content is generally released in advance so that you can prepare early.

If you want to know information about an thành quả in the xuất xắc Day, it is recommended that you go to tuyệt Day wiki for inquiries.

How lớn Install tốt Day Bot Using Panda Helper


Want to lớn use this tuyệt Day Bot lớn help you? First, you need to install Panda Helper và then search Hay Day, và you will find an app called giỏi Day-AI. It is a hacked version of the trò chơi that supports giỏi Day Bot. Install giỏi Day-AI on your iPhone or iPad. The Panda Helper system will prompt you lớn uninstall the original version khổng lồ install it when downloading. If you are a VIP user, you can choose to lớn clone.

The specific tải về method can refer khổng lồ this tutorial:

Install and Use 2022 tuyệt Day Bot for quả táo 15, ios 14

If you play tốt Day on an app android phone, you can also use tuyệt Day Bot. First, you need to lớn install trò chơi Bots. After installing và opening trò chơi Bots, tìm kiếm for xuất xắc Day Bot and click “Get” lớn download.

Unlike iOS, the apk version requires you to lớn install the original tốt Day & then go to game bots to download Hay Day Bot for use.


How khổng lồ Play xuất xắc Day with tốt Day Bot

To use tuyệt Day Bot with such a powerful hacking function, you need to lớn read the following carefully lớn help you use it more effectively.

1. Tải về and mở cửa Hay Day-AI (Open tốt Day on android devices), log in to your Supercell ID account

2. After logging in to the game, tap the Panda floating icon--Panda Elves that appears on the right side of the screen.

3. Click 【Bots】, find【Hay Day Bot】, & click "Get."


4. Before choosing 【Purchase Now】, you can get a 15-min không tính phí trial today, và click "Get."

5. Before you start using it for free, you need khổng lồ read the content of 【About】 và make sure that your land is in the prescribed green box và has up lớn 5 consecutive columns.


6. Select the function in 【Main】: √ Plant √ Sell √ tài khoản switch and set the number of field rows, Growing crops, Sell crops, Custom planting settings, etc., & then click "Run" tuyệt Day Bot can automatically plant & harvest for you.


7. Until you click Panda floating icon--Panda Elves again & click the end button at the bottom, you can stop tuyệt Day Bot from working. Click the Panda floating icon--Panda Elves & select "Run" when you need it lớn continue working.


*****About switching accounts*****

If you have multiple Supercell ID accounts, hay Day Bot will automatically switch account actions when no operations are available for the current account.

Q&A about giỏi Day Bot You May Interested

Is tốt Day Bot free?

You can experience 15 minutes of xuất xắc Day Bot for free. After the experience is over, you can also purchase a more extended service.

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Is xuất xắc Day Bot Safe?

Hay Day Bot is a hack tool for tốt Day, but safer and more hidden because it only runs over the game as people play the game. Therefore, It will not detect your tài khoản at the risk of being blocked.

You will get it for your xuất xắc Day Farm & boost your benefits ever after, as you learned before!