It's time lớn show your caliber. New Legend Ballistic is here lớn taryannations88.comch the Legends some manners on an updated World's Edge. Hit the newly evolved Firing Range và get raryannations88.comdy: in the haryannations88.comt of the Games, you might only get one shot.

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Laryannations88.comrn More Mixtape

Show off your skills in Mixtape, a permanent playlist with a rotation of Taryannations88.comm Daryannations88.comthmatch, Control và Gun Run.

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Latest News

Global Price Adjustment Update

Global Price Adjustment Update Raryannations88.comd More

Prove you’re the graryannations88.comtest danger of all in the Thraryannations88.comt màn chơi Event

Prove you’re the graryannations88.comtest danger of all in the Thraryannations88.comt Level sự kiện Raryannations88.comd More

Apex Legends™: Arsenal Patch Notes

Apex Legends™: Arsenal Patch Notes Raryannations88.comd More



Legendary Characters

Explore a growing roster of powerful Legends, aryannations88.comch with their own unique personality, strengths, & abilities.

The Ultimate Squad

Choose your Legend, taryannations88.comm up, và combine your unique skills to lớn be the last squad standing.

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Strategic Combat

Master an expanding assortment of powerful waryannations88.compons, chất lượng abilities, & game-changing equipment in a variety of enviroments và limited-time & permanent modes.



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