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Handicapping professionally for the last two decades, Scott"s in-depth analytical skills have helped him build one of the đứng đầu football records in the industry! From 2012 through 2017 Scott is 140 games over .500 earning dime players net profit of $82,230!

Marc has won more vị trí cao nhất 10 Handicapping Awards than anyone in the nation (near-500). He was also the winner of the prestigious STARDUST INVITATIONAL in 2005, and the Playbook Football Wise Guys Contest.

The most demanding individual thể thao in the world, tennis can be a minefield for even the most seasoned sports bettors. Tennis Insiders will help you understand the inner workings of the sport while growing your bankroll throughout the season.

A documented sports betting champion, Jesse Schule AKA "The Iceman" has a chất lượng approach which has paid huge dividends và can help you bởi the same.

MMA industry veteran Kyle Marley is a regular contributor to MMA OddsBreaker và has made a name for himself in the MMA DFS arena. The "MMA Oddsbreaker" is your go-to source for winning MMA picks!

Officially turning "pro" in 2013, Rogers believes in finding +EV value & extracting it lớn its fullest with one goal in mind - lớn help you make money.

Two decades of experience & winning, while continuing to lớn stay one step ahead of the oddsmakers. Heard on numerous radio and TV shows. $100,000 Insider"s Handicapping Invitational world champion.

The tự động hóa Racing Advisor is a motorsport veteran named Eric Smith - lead Writer for Race đánh giá Online. Eric has been covering Nascar/IndyCar/Formula One since 2010 and is credentialed with multiple races & racing publications.

Well-known on TV & Radio for his expert trò chơi analysis và no-nonsense handicapping style, Ness is in his 35th year in the industry & looks lớn continue his success for many years to lớn come.

A long-time Las Vegas professional handicapper who has been featured on ESPN, CBS Sports, in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post và the thành phố new york Times. Teddy gets national publicity because he’s earned it!

AAA Sports joined CE in 2012. They"ve finished #1 in NFL 12", NCAAF 13" and NBA 13"; #2 in NHL 13" & 16", MLB 16" & NBA 14". Noteable wins on the Cavs +185 Gm 7 of 2015/16 NBA Finals and +795 Iceland over England in the 2016 Euros.

Silicon Valley Simulator is the brainchild of a software engineer, a statistician and a veteran sports handicapper. Together they"ve created a winning formula which assesses each và every trò chơi for a competitive advantage.

The Covers Expert resident Soccer specialist with over 15 years in the business. Get your footy fix from this team of Premier League, La Liga and World Cup experts.

Covers Experts" flagship product. Every day we will give you the biggest “Consensus” in each thể thao from our board of handicappers. When multiple handicappers align on a game, the Experts Consensus will be released.

Numerous documented #1 titles across football, basketball, baseball & hockey; and well known for his excellence with totals. Burns is a legend within the industry và can lay claim to lớn hitting 10 straight Super Bowl winners.

Power Sports have established themselves as one of the brightest handicapping groups around. Bryan "The Real Deal" Power, first debuted here in 2011, going an AWESOME 21-5-1 và they"ve never looked back.

Matt has built a reputation in the handicapping industry that is based on integrity, consistency and most important, winning. Numerous handicapping titles across every thể thao prove his legendary success.

If you"re looking for "locks" và "can"t đại bại systems," Ricky Tran is NOT your man. If you"re looking for someone extremely sharp with numbers, who lives & breathes sports betting, who will treat your money lượt thích it"s his own then Ricky Tran IS your man.

A longtime Las Vegas sports handicapper, a radio & TV personality, & a sports loving media mogul who continues lớn make history as one of the nation"s đứng đầu sports gaming analysts.

With over 26 years as a professional handicapper, Big Al McMordie is recognized as one of the leaders in the industry. Through April of 2018, Al"s won 19 of 26 Football seasons, and 18 of 25 Basketball seasons.

Whether in life, or in sports, Tim Michael is a winner. Determined to lớn "do things better," he brings a much-needed fresh approach khổng lồ the sports-handicapping industry. Clients know that if Tim identifies an edge, he"s going khổng lồ exploit it to the fullest.

Chris returns to lớn Covers having stepped away in 2013 khổng lồ pursue opportunities in Daily Fantasy Sports. His new found player performance knowlege, along with his pre-existing strength with numbers has helped him pave a winning strategy.

A former poker pro, Mike Lundin is a numbers guy with a keen eye for spotting stats và trends. Mike burst onto the handicapping scene in 2014 and amassed a profit of $34,970 for $1,000/game clients over the course of his first year!

For over 40 years Marc has been betting on sports. Now his understanding of sports betting is available lớn you so you can start supplementing your own income by cashing in on the games that only someone with his knowledge can offer.

Brady Kannon joined Covers Experts in time for the 2017 Masters. Brady"s professional career in sports began in 1991. Throughout that time he has featured on many radio shows. Brady has had success in a number of renowned Handicapping Contests.

Las Vegas based handicapper, Zack Cimini, is a long-standing industry leader who squeezes current market value out of the oddsmakers lớn help YOU win.

As a former professor, Dan brings a high IQ approach to lớn sports handicapping. He has a deep understanding of all facets of the game be it football, basketball, baseball, soccer or boxing. His contacts and friends include linemakers from across the globe.

Have you ever wished you could see every single available pick from all the Covers Experts? Your wish has now come true. Get complete access khổng lồ the best handicappers in the business with the *NEW* Experts All Access!

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