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Stick War 3
Max Games Studios
Free Summon, Unlimited Money in battle

Stick War 3 MOD android from quảng cáo online Max Games Studios is considered a seemingly simple game, but it will be difficult when playing. What has made it so difficult for so many players?

Introduce about Stick War 3MOD android version of Stick War 3

Introduce about Stick War 3

Play the most fun, challenging, and addicting stick figure game!

There are quite a few games that combine the genre of strategy, combat, và building quite well on mobile. If you want to lớn find a hybrid game lượt thích this but have fun graphics and witty gameplay, you should prioritize Stick War 3.

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Speaking of graphics, Stick War 3 has the first identifiable point of its extremely simple image, background, & characters. Well, the character is just a little bit like this? How to punch? You will be overwhelmed with this series of questions when you first play Stick War 3. But actually what brings the attraction to this game lies in another factor.

Build your own battle decks

When many action games on sản phẩm điện thoại work hard into kích hoạt scenes or puzzles, Stick War 3 focuses on the Lineup. The advantage of this gameplay is that it does not require too many contextual elements or complex 3 chiều shapes like action games, so it can be adapted to lớn many models.


But it also has the same stimulating feeling as any fighting game. Because you can choose your own strategy, implement it yourself, and experience the success or failure of the results of that staging process. Stick War 3 is one of the few games that has gone deep and fully exploited this unique và rare lineup element. Players will be able khổng lồ unleash their creativity, experimenting with all manner of battle arrangements before entering the battle or even during the battle. Depending on the number of stickman soldiers available, you will arrange front và back, top & bottom, left & right lớn lock the enemy’s grip, and at the same time defend to lớn limit casualties. Or you can proceed khổng lồ launch the type of battles focusing on pointing the nose at the enemy lớn quickly destroy and win when the time comes. You’ll be able to vì whatever you want without the consequences or traumatic loss.

Build a mighty base

Along with arrangement, then fighting, Stick War 3 also has a pretty good task for players: Build a base depending on the status of the army. This is a place for you khổng lồ retreat when you are at a disadvantage in battle, also a place lớn gather troops, recruit & train new soldiers or upgrade weapons for your troops. The more bases you have, the more chances you have to turn the tide of battle.

Stay true to your own fighting style

In the role of a general of the Stickman army, you will mobilize your troops according to lớn arbitrary tactics, arrange formations, fight, and build military bases. The player’s biggest goal is divided into two styles. One is to lớn fight hard, continuously strengthen the base khổng lồ last the longest in all battles. That’s the case when you prefer to lớn play in the “peace-loving” style, preferring defense to lớn attack. The second style: “Attack is the best size of defense”. You will attack and tear down the enemy’s base in the fastest time so that they can’t react. This is a common way of playing for players who like to attack.


Choose which style is up khổng lồ each player. Because anyway, you have to constantly fight, và display all kinds of battles khổng lồ defeat the enemy according to lớn the requirements of the game. And when you pass a level, you will be rewarded with 2 skill points that can be used to lớn upgrade soldiers’ stats and strengthen military bases.

Custom stickman armies

Talking about Stickman soldiers in this Stick War 3 trò chơi is also quite interesting. The trò chơi offers 6 different soldier classes: Miner, Swordsman, Soldier, Wizard, Giant, Archer. Each type of soldier will possess different special skills. Depending on the fighting style, you will choose how to lớn arrange the squad khổng lồ achieve the best goal. The melee soldier goes first, the long-range soldier is behind, và the long-distance soldier is defense, or they all rush lớn fight a battle to over it quickly. The decision is entirely up khổng lồ you.


Each time you win, you will have more soldiers, upgrade the stats for the current soldiers. & your squad will be more quantity and invincible. Every time there is such a change in quantity và quality, you have khổng lồ be more careful in arranging the squad accordingly và have a balance of forces. This challenge also makes every battle in the game a whole new one, where everything repeats itself differently.

The soldiers themselves when upgraded will also change their appearance. You will gradually witness your army from raw until majestic & glorious.

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Game mode

Stick War 3 has 3 game modes: campaign, tournament, & countless zombies. Play the chiến dịch mode suitable for new players. The game screens are designed from easy lớn difficult gradually with specific instructions. The rewards are also more generous (2 skill points + diamonds). In Tournament mode, each player will fight in turn based on the league table. The final winner will be the champion. The battle in the tournament is quite difficult và is usually for those of you who are more familiar with the game. & Countless Zombies mode is a very chất lượng mode. Each night, the player only has a certain number of soldiers & must arrange the smartest array lớn fight the increasing number of zombies.