0.2.8 build 1 Friday Night Funkin" is a music trò chơi application where you have khổng lồ master the rhythm to lớn impress the father of your girlfriend khổng lồ get a kiss from her

Friday Night Funkin" is a 2010 game that has enjoyed some success in its PC versions, và by popular demand, has been adapted for Android. Now, more than ten years later, it has been very successful on platforms such as TikTok and Twitch, where thousands of users are recreating the game và imitating its moves và dances in the most original videos.

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In case you still bởi not know it, we will tell you that this is a musical trò chơi where your mission will be to get a kiss from your girlfriend but to bởi vì so you have khổng lồ convince her father. How? Well, in the most logical way: by singing in rap battles.

Follow the rhythm of the music và defeat all the characters

Beyond the moral component of the approach, this is a game of skill where we will have to lớn follow the arrows on the screen khổng lồ tap the buttons in the right direction, following the indicated rhythm, in the style of the classic arcade dance machines.

Test your sense of rhythm & win every rap battle.

With the movements we make lớn the rhythm of the music, the character will rap against the father. Also, we will not have to thảm bại sight of the lower status bar, which indicates how close we are khổng lồ winning or losing. Week by week, or màn chơi by level, we will see the plot advance and how our character will have lớn face new challenges & new battles to continue his fight for love.

Overall, this FnF offers good graphics, & above all, a simple và addictive trò chơi mechanic very easy to lớn follow, with easy-to-handle controls. In case you have any doubts, it offers a tutorial và has two game modes: a không tính phí mode in which you will rhyme endlessly, và a story mode, where you can face one character after another as long as you manage khổng lồ defeat them.

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Finally, it should be noted that this is an open-source trò chơi so that many developers are creating Mods with their own version of the story, with new characters, or with different music.

What"s new in the latest version

Pre-release version of the new stable version that will be out some time soon.
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