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Dragon Mania Legends
Gameloft SE
Unlimited Money
Android 5.0

Dragon Mania Legends MOD apk is one of the super simulation games from the game quảng cáo trên internet Gameloft SE. If you are interested in dragon training and fighting with dragons, let’s try this game!

Introduce about long Mania LegendsMOD apk version of rồng Mania Legends

Introduce about rồng Mania Legends

Let’s grow & fight together with dragons!

Game of breeding, collecting, and training dragons

Dragon Mania Legends is basically a city building and development simulation game combined with training và combat. The main characters are dragons of all sizes, shapes, powers, và special moves.

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Your mission is khổng lồ collect dragons for an army, train rookie dragons into the most powerful long warriors. Then take your army lớn battle across different lands on the map, destroy all the enemies & return the world to its original order. In addition khổng lồ this main task, there are also a series of side quests along the way, such as collecting precious items, collecting gold to build a city, performing special long combat missions to lớn get special loot…


Dragons in dragon Mania Legends are divided into 9 types based on attributes including Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, Plant, Metal, Energy, Void, & Legend. As for the system, there will be 4 groups: 

Dragons containing 1 element (Basic Dragons: Fire, Wind…): they have quite weak characteristics & are usually used lớn breed stronger hybrids only, not suitable for combat. Dragons containing 2 elements: they are usually from C (Common) khổng lồ U (Uncommon) or R (Rare). Dragons containing 3 elements (Rare lớn Epic).Legendary Dragons: they contain only Legendary composite elements. 

You should play each type at least once lớn experience & understand the characteristics more carefully. Just understanding them all is already an art of this game.

If you play in solo mode, you will aim to build your long army, fight và develop the city. In multiplayer mode, there will be continuous competitions in the rankings with other players acting as tribes in the world.

Either way, the result is calculated in Experience Stars, gold, & rubies accumulated through a series of victories lớn increase the rank và get closer to lớn the respective goals of each trò chơi mode.

Having money is having everything

At first, you only have a few normal dragons in your hands. Then use your ingenuity to collect more items on the way to lớn breed lớn create new, unique và stronger dragons. Not only that, but you also need to build farms with a variety of agricultural products khổng lồ use khổng lồ feed your dragons. After eating & drinking enough & receiving regular training và breeding, soon your long army will become much more interesting and diverse.

When the number of dragons is too much, of course, you will need a large space for them to comfortably live, move and practice. Now use a part of the gold you have khổng lồ upgrade & expand the city and the general territory of the kingdom. Showing off your prestige with a large country is also a way for you khổng lồ destroy your enemies from the first appearance.


When I mention it here, you will wonder “Well, everything needs money, so where does the money come from?”. Making money in this game is not difficult, but making a lot of money is not easy. Because money can only be obtained through completing the assigned tasks at each level. Along with the money, there are also experience points & rubies.

Depending on the level of danger and complexity, the reward will also be different. But every time you see something khổng lồ do, just accept it right away, don’t hesitate, especially at the beginning. Even some small missions like raising dragons for a certain tribe, or even watching promotional videos… The more you accumulate, the more you can develop later. Don’t let your hands be busy all around, then it’s hard to lớn sit leisurely lớn earn money.

Bring the long army into battle

At this point, rồng Mania Legends is no longer simple. Not only training dragons, but we also send them to battle everywhere. When the dragon army seems mature & skilled enough, you will register for their ability challenge. At this time, there will be matches that take place in levels from easy khổng lồ difficult. In each match, you will have the opportunity lớn see the rồng army from the enemy, & in turn, display the strengths of your troops to bring about victory.

Manipulation in this part of combat is also quite simple. The start is to select dragons with a specified number of each battle, cảm ứng the foot icon khổng lồ move the dragon, attack when the arrows under each dragon turn green or yellow. But chú ý that the opponent on the other side is not always defeated when you make a move. Depending on their inherent nature, they will take different damage with the same attack from you.

The outcome of this turn-based battle: the one who loses all the dragons first will lose. If winning, you will earn experience & gold coins. With difficult matches, you will also be rewarded with more rubies. What these things are used for, I have already mentioned above.

Graphics & sound

Dragon Mania Legends has graphics slightly different from other Gameloft SE titles that you have ever known. Every detail and 3D perspective here is clear và colorful. Although there is a mythical element of the dragon, it is very cute. The long world opens with more than 100 places. The scenery is unique: spring, summer, autumn và winter, rain and sunshine, snowfall, arid desert. The way these spaces are expressed is clear, poetic with typical color tones. So, when you play, you will find it very interesting. It’s also a part of the motivation for you to pass the scene.


As for the long army, it must be called the most abundant banquet table. Having played through a few dragon-themed games, dragon Mania Legends, in my opinion, is the place where many chất lượng dragon breeds converge. Each one has its shape, size, color, personality, & abilities. Great moves, movements, attacks are also different. When you directly train & fight, they show all these characteristics. That is to lớn say, the deeper you go, the more the thành phố expands, the more you get caught up in the game.

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Corresponding to each scene is a different phối of sounds. There is the sound of waves, birds chirping, wind whistling, snow falling, & many other clear sounds in the background. Then each evolution is accompanied by an effect: the rồng flaps its wings, spits fire, unleashes moves, howls when facing enemies. The picture of the dragon war appears vivid & colorful lượt thích never.