Nokia finally announced three smartphones which are running on game android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean nokia X software platform which supports apk apps and games, in other words, it supports installing .apk files officially. Strange! they released with no inbuilt play store khổng lồ get game android applications & other apk stuff from store, only way we have is lớn get a .apk tệp tin by some means to enjoy them but, however, there are many ways to download android apk files directly from Google Play store but no doubt it won’t work every time & time taking process. Developers are too fast this time & they found a way khổng lồ root nokia X mobiles to lớn get root access & to install Google play store service on nokia X.

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Root nokia X & Install Google Play Store

Here is a detailed tutorial which helps you lớn root hãng nokia X smartphones & later let you enable to lớn install Google Play Store, which means you can now tải về any application from play store directly by signing in with your Google account.

Neither Geek Dashboard nor XDA developers are responsible in case of any hardware or software problem to your hãng nokia X while following this tutorial. We’re sure, there is 0% harm but try at your own risk.
Pre-RequirementsEnable USB Debugging from Settings > Applications > Development.Make sure your device is charged at least up to một nửa of maximum.Go to lớn settings again and this time, select “Security” & make sure you kiểm tra “Unknown Sources”.Download Required stuff

Now make sure you have downloaded all these 3 below provided files and copy them khổng lồ your microSD card. No matter from where you tải về either from PC or from mobile, copy them to root thư mục of the SD card.



Root Explorer Application

Rooting nokia X Smartphone

In order lớn install Google Play Store on your mobile, you should root hãng nokia X in the first phase. Xuất hiện “Framework-1.9.1.apk” file & install it.

Once installed, you’ll see a new icon named “Frameroot” in your ứng dụng menu. Open it and select “Gandalf”

If you have done everything fine, then you should see a popup saying “Success :-)…”


Press OK lớn reboot your device

That’s it, you have successfully rooted your nokia X điện thoại cảm ứng and you should see SuperSu tiện ích in your applications list. You can proceed further lớn install Google Play Store in hãng nokia X.

Install Google Play Store Service

Installing Google Play on nokia X is very easy once rooted. Now extract all the apk files inside “Nokia X_Gapps” & copy them khổng lồ “system/app” and change the permissions as shown below


Reboot your device again và that’s it. You can now see Google Play Store in your ứng dụng list and you can directly install any ứng dụng from the store just like we did in app android mobile. As usual, you should sign in with a Google account in order lớn get access khổng lồ the store.

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