Subway Surfers Mod app android – Surfing on the rails!? Dash-type action featuring a wealth of items and characters

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Subway Surfers
SYBO Games
Unlimited Everything, Mega Menu

– thực đơn MOD– không tính phí Shopping– Unlimited Everything– Complete All Achievement

– Godmode– Speed– Multiple Jump– Score– No Gravity– No Clip– Instant Change Line– tự động hóa Reviver– Coins Doubler– No Coins Pick Up– Follow Camera– Stop Camera

An endless escape is challenging you in Subway Surfers. This is one of the most popular games from the advertiser SYBO Games. An attractive, thrilling storyline and popular, simple gameplay have attracted the attention và excitement of players. In the adventure to lớn conquer the exit, some challenges force you to overcome the obstacles on the tracks. Besides, you can seize the opportunity khổng lồ own valuable assets such as gold coins, keys.

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You will experience many different lands & meet and interact with the people there. In parallel with each added location is the character system, new skateboards will be added. Specifically, your exciting adventure has been set in Japan, specifically Tokyo, with the latest updated version. Here, you have the opportunity lớn accompany 2 surfers lớn conquer the challenge together.

The magnificent đô thị of Tokyo will welcome you with Akira. She is known as a prodigy in this surfing thể thao because of her toughness, perseverance, and never back down. You will have the experience of walking through the streets of Tokyo as scheduled on the Sakura bulletin board. Not stopping there, Harumi, a charming & wonderful athlete, is the next character you conquer. Your mission is khổng lồ pass the quest to lớn get the Meow skin.


The track becomes your escape route because when you phối foot in the world of Subway Surfers, you will transform into very naughty youths right for your age. Specifically, every day, you sneak onto the train cars khổng lồ paint graffiti on them. However, soon you are discovered by the railway inspector. From here, a chase between the inspector and his scary dog ​​and you officially begins.


The game play of Subway Surfers is quite familiar khổng lồ followers of the endless-run genre. You can start the game by touching the touch screen. At that time, the character for you will appear as ready as possible. You control the character through each touch. Specifically, an upward swipe represents your ascent, và a downward swipe means lớn slip inside the obstacle. Not only that, the track is not a straight line, so you have to lớn run left và right to lớn move and dodge constantly.



On the track, there are always alternating obstacles that hinder your escape. Especially when you encroach into the inner rings lớn the higher levels, the number and danger are upgraded. This makes players always want to lớn stay until the last moment to be able to lớn conquer as much as possible.

Some obstacles are as common as rolling stock on rails. In this case, you can dodge left or right if there is a road on either side. Otherwise, you are forced to lớn move up on the train và continue running on it. Not only that but the traffic light poles are also used to challenge you. Barriers in the middle of the road are not uncommon. Sometimes, players are also led into dark basements lớn challenge their agility & perseverance.


Accompanying the dense system of obstacles are scattered rewards waiting for you to take over. Those are also the special rescues that Subway Surfers is dedicated lớn you. The most typical is the system of gold coins lined up in a long line. Not only that, keys, shoes are useful assistants for you later, especially in times of danger, it will save you a visible goal. Or jet bags, magnets, bouncers with chất lượng features.

These items tư vấn each other in the adventure journey to lớn escape the chase of the inspector and the dog. When you own the magnets, they will help you quickly & cleanly suck without missing a single gold coin. Besides protecting your feet, it also has the ability khổng lồ take you higher & multiplier points. Not stopping there, Subway Surfers allows launching the character khổng lồ provide the ability lớn burn with the tư vấn of the booster Jumper.

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The event that gives you the most rewards and items is the Daily Challenge & the Weekly Hunt. They will continue to take place daily & weekly for you to lớn freely receive items, nâng cấp your level and conquer this exciting race the farthest. Besides, you are provided with 18 different characters and 17 skis that protect you for 30 seconds, which are sold indefinitely at the store of the location you visit.