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a subsidiary bank/business/outlet The company yesterday said its strategy is to lớn grow subsidiary businesses for future sale.

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Psychometric tests used at interview are not always accurate and only provide subsidiary information.
In other words, there"s no way that two subsidiaries of the same company could interact with each other the way two unrelated parties would deal.
A larger fine would drain the subsidiary of cash for 2015 and push it to lớn the brink of insolvency, the company said.
The early research on rewards investigated some intriguing subsidiary questions that stemmed from the central finding.
Both companies used highly complex financial arrangements that resulted in opaque project costs & ownership shared among multiple subsidiaries.
Those same companies can xuất hiện non-regulated subsidiaries that operate in ancillary businesses (eg, sale and repair of furnaces) to lớn prop up the bottom line.
Through operating subsidiaries in four continents, they are engaged in the production, distribution, marketing and sale of cement, ready-mix concrete, aggregates & clinker.
They have hatched more than 10,000 of these subsidiaries since 1991, largely in an aim khổng lồ skirt regulations and taxes, according to the report.
The boost in foreign subsidiaries is part of a larger trend of wealthy people và corporations finding creative ways lớn avoid paying taxes.
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