below standard; poor: It was a sour effort all around, the kind of effort that doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

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any of various cocktails consisting typically of whiskey or gin with lemon or lime juice và sugar & sometimes soda water, often garnished with a slice of orange, a maraschino cherry, or both.
any of various beers with a particularly acidic or tart taste, made so by acid-producing bacteria & yeast in the brew: Sours are a good choice to lớn go with deep-fried bar food.
an acid or an acidic substance used in laundering & bleaching khổng lồ neutralize alkalis và to decompose residual soap or bleach.
to become sour, rancid, mildewed, etc.; spoil: Milk sours quickly in warm weather. The laundry soured before it was ironed.
to become unpleasant or strained; worsen; deteriorate: Relations between the two countries have soured.
to become bitter, disillusioned, or disinterested: I guess I soured when I learned he was married.My loyalty soured after his last book.
to make bitter, disillusioned, or disagreeable: One misadventure needn't have soured him. That swindle soured a great many potential investors.

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First recorded before 1000; Middle English adjective & noun sure, soure, Old English adjective sūr; cognate with German sauer, Dutch zuur, Old Norse sūrr
soup plate, soupspoon, soup-to-nuts, soup up, soupy, sour, sourball, sourberry, source, source amnesia, source book
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acid, acidic, acrid, biting, bitter, briny, caustic, fermented, musty, peppery, piquant, pungent, rancid, sharp, soured, unpleasant, acrimonious, grouchy, rotten, embitter
Old English sūr; related lớn Old Norse sūrr, Lithuanian suras salty, Old Slavonic syrŭ wet, raw, surovu green, raw, Sanskrit surā brandy