Download Shadow Fight 2 Mod apk Menu cấp độ 99 – Unlimited everything and max màn chơi 52 for game android if you want lớn experience a brand-new fighting trò chơi that involves shadows and epic fight scenes!

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Shadow Fight 2 is a sản phẩm of NEKKI that has over a hundred million installs in Google Play Store! This is a sequel to lớn the successful first game that has captivated the world in a storm! What made this one so unique is the fact that all the characters are just shadows. Yet, the game involves realistic and complex physics và graphics that allows you to lớn perform incredible moves. Aside from that, there are many weapons to lớn unlock!

What is Shadow Fight 2?

The mobile market is filled with fighting games of all sizes. There are ones who only involve fighting in a small portion & there are others that focus on this aspect a lot. But whatever type of trò chơi it is, we can all agree that fighting games are among the most enjoyable khổng lồ play!


One of the most famous fighting games today is Shadow Fight 2. This is no doubt one of the most immersive fighting trò chơi right now with tons of enemies khổng lồ annihilate, weapons khổng lồ collect & moves khổng lồ master! Even though you can only have shadows as characters, the developers did a great job of presenting the kích hoạt scenes in the most satisfying way possible! In here, you’ll truly appreciate the fighting aspect và not just the characters.

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Features of Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is a chất lượng game that utilizes shadows as characters to lớn fight against each other! Conquer new lands, fight plenty of opponents and collect weapons! Here are its features:

Story – Martial arts is popular around the world. Almost everyone recognizes it và it’s incorporated in a lot of sản phẩm điện thoại games. It makes everything look awesome và feel incredible. One of the most successful franchise khổng lồ date is Shadow Fight 2. In this installment, you get to lớn fight more powerful characters in different worlds! There are specifically 6 worlds khổng lồ conquer that increases in difficulty gradually! In here, the more matches you win, the more rewards you’ll get. But don’t underestimate your opponents though, they are masters on their own!


Epic weapons – Another aspect that makes fans of this game raving are the weapons! There are tons to choose from in here such as the bat, scepter, knives, blades, nun chucks và many more! Each weapon is unique và has its own strengths as well as weaknesses. You’re miễn phí to use any weapon you want just as long as you can buy it. Of course, the stronger the weapon, the easier it is lớn defeat opponents! You can also upgrade your weapon’s stats to lớn make it even deadlier!

Intelligent graphics – What truly separates this one from mediocre fighting games is the realistic physics and graphics! The game allows you lớn focus more on the fighting rather than the flashy characters. Here, you’ll truly appreciate the work that the developers have done to make this an exciting one. Perform incredible combos, wield swords & incapacitate your enemy in style!


Immersive controls – In here, the controls are fairly easy. You have the movement pad on the left và the other controls on the right. You can punch, kick, jump, throw shuriken & perform magic attacks!

Multiplayer – Another great feature in here is the ability khổng lồ fight against real players worldwide! In here, you’ll match against similarly ranked opponents khổng lồ achieve rewards! Climb the leaderboards as you prove your worth as the ultimate shadow.

Shadow Fight 2 Mod apk 2022 - Unlimited Everything and Max màn chơi 52

Shadow Fight 2 mod android all weapons unlocked level 99 is a truly immersive fighting game for all! tải về the không tính phí shopping to unlock all the weapons và stages now.