NB! Før disse kommandoene kan brukes, må du legge inn admins på din server.Server Settings/Controls

chat.serverlog  - If true, chat will be logged to lớn the consoleecho "text" - Prints text khổng lồ the server consoleenv.time - supply.drop - Kommando for airdrop (ikke bekreftet)supply.call - Kommando for airdrop (ikke bekreftet)find  - search for a commandsay "message" - Broadcasts a message in chat khổng lồ ALL playersserver.globalchat  - If true, chat will be broadcasted to ALL playersserver.hostname "server name" - Sets the server nameserver.identity "identity" - Sets the server’s identity. This is used for the folder name of the vps dataserver.level "map name" : Sets the server’s mapserver.maxplayers  - Sets the maximum amount of players that can connectserver.port  - Sets the connection port of the serverserver.save - Forces the server to save the map and player dataserver.saveinterval  - Sets the server’s auto-save intervalserver.secure  - If true, EAC will kick banned or unregistered users upon joiningserver.seed  - Sets the server’s map generation seedserver.stability true/false - If true, structure stability is enabled on the serverserver.start - Uhh… starts your server? Wait, isn’t it already running?server.stop "reason" - Stops yours hệ thống with a specified reasonserver.tickrate  - Uhh… sets the tick rate?server.worldsize  - Sets the kích thước of the map/worldserver.writecfg - Writes & saves server configuration filesquit - Saves everything và stops the server

Player Administration

ban "player name" "reason"banid "player name" "reason"banlist - list of banned usersbanlistex - các mục of banned users with reasons và usernameskick "player name" "reason" - Kicks player, with optional reasonkickall "reason" - Kicks all players, with optional reasonlistid  - list of banned users by Steam IDmoderatorid "player name" "reason" - Sets player as a server moderator with auth màn chơi 1ownerid "player name" "reason" - Sets player as a hệ thống admin with auth màn chơi 2removemoderator  - Removes player as moderatorremoveowner  - Removes player as ownerunban  - Unbans player by Steam IDnoclip - lar deg som administrator fly

Player Controls

chat.say - Sends a message from the in-game F1 console to lớn the in-game chat as playercraft.add -craft.cancel -craft.canceltask -find  - tìm kiếm for a commandinventory.endloot -inventory.give -inventory.giveid -inventory.givebp -kill - Suicide/kill yourselfquit - Saves everything & closes the gamerespawn - Force yourself to lớn respawnrespawn_sleepingbag - Force yourself to respawn in your sleeping bagsleep -spectate -wakeup -


players - Shows currently connected clientsstatus - Shows currently connected clientsusers - Show user info for players on server


colliders -ddraw.arrow -ddraw.line -ddraw.sphere -ddraw.text -dev.culling -dev.hidelayer -dev.sampling -dev.showlayer -dev.togglelayer -entity.debug_toggle -entity.nudge -gc.collect - Recollects unused memory and unloads unused assetsobjects -perf - Print out performance dataphysics_iterations  - The default solver iteration count permitted for any rigid bodies. Must be positivephysics_steps ?? - The amount of physics steps per secondqueue - Shows the stability & surroundings queuesreport - Generates a report of all spawned entities in the server"s root directorytextures - Lists the loaded textures

Oxide Specific

oxide.load "file name" - Loads plugin with name given (do not include tệp tin extension, ex. Lua, js, py)oxide.reload "file name" - Reloads plugin with name given (do not include file extension, ex. Lua, js, py)oxide.unload "file name" - Unloads plugin with name given (do not include file extension, ex.

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Lua, js, py)
version - Displays the Oxide version and the Rust network protocol version in the console


error -init - Loads configinventory.give "item name"  - Gives yourself an item. Only works on RCON?