The time has come to lớn release another one of our co-production babies into the wild. This time, the world will be taken by a storm named The Hand of Merlin.

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Made by some of the standout veterans who worked on The Talos Principle, & written by Jonas và Verena Kyratzes, The Hand of Merlin blends Arthurian legend with sci-fi horror. The trò chơi is a tactical masterpiece if we vì chưng say so myself, but don’t trust our word on it, check it out for yourself as it’s available in Steam Early Access now.

Make sure khổng lồ provide any feedback directly to lớn Room-C Games. They are a passionate & super talented bunch, eager khổng lồ hear what everyone has lớn say. Find them on the official Hand of Merlin Discord server.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Serious Sam 4 and Serious Sam 2 get updated, everything gets discounted!

The Serious Sam series celebrated 20 years of shooting kích hoạt this past Sunday, March 21, & we wanted to make this milestone special by delivering a huge update to lớn not one, but two of our games.

First up, Serious Sam 4 got the long-awaited 1.08 update which includes a bunch of brand new playable characters, even more fixes và tweaks, as well as official modding tool in Serious Editor 2021, powered by Serious Engine. The modding tools are closely followed by full Steam Workshop support, and we’re extremely happy khổng lồ see that our amazing community is already hard at work, creating magic in Serious Sam 4.

You can find much more info on this latest Serious Sam 4 update in our official announcement on Steam.

The second updated game is much more unexpected. Many, many years after it was touched last, we have updated Serious Sam 2. As part of this update, Serious Sam 2 got 12 brand new multiplayer maps, and some incredible game play improvements including dual-wielding, sprinting, & much more. Find out everything there is lớn know about how this update came khổng lồ be, & what it includes, on the Steam Community Hub.

To continue our celebrations with you, the fans, we have discounted the entire Serious Sam franchise on Steam, & cut the prices down by up to lớn 90%. Check out those amazing deals on the Serious Sam Anniversary Sale page on Steam.


As promised a few weeks ago, Serious Sam 4 Update 1.07 arrives just in time for the Steam Winter Sale & comes with a bang. If you haven’t guessed by the cover image, the update celebrates upcoming Holidays with a special time-limited in-game sự kiện and a new playable character. That’s right, Serious Sam 4 is taking you on a trip khổng lồ an alien-infested Winter Wonderland.

To activate this special event, make sure you are playing on Steam, then find a lonely Christmas tree on “Death from Above” và slap some decorations on that bad boy. Bởi vì it as Santa Sam for a complete experience.

Alongside the new Christmas event, Serious Sam 4 Update 1.07 delivers the long-awaited Survival mode. Jump in solo or with friends and see how long you can survive fighting ever-growing hordes of aliens across three very different locations.

This update also contains various fixes and tweaks, so make sure khổng lồ read through the entire changelog on Steam or Reddit.

During the Steam Winter Sale, Serious Sam 4 is available at 20% off, so grab it now if you haven’t already.

As always, we’ll be looking out for your feedback & acting on it. Feel không tính tiền to report any issues in the tech-support subforum, và we’re always mở cửa to suggestions via forums. We’ll love you even more if you join our official Discord server.

Got a funny moment to lớn share? Maybe some fan-art or a crazy Serious Sam video clip you made? We’d love to take a look & share it for everyone else lớn see. Reach out lớn our community team directly via Discord, or holler at us via Twitter –,
danny_hr, and

Much love from!


Well, this escalated quickly… What was supposed to lớn be a quick turnaround became super complicated, & here we are. A few weeks removed from the time our community dude promised lớn deliver the update. But it is what it is, the world keeps on spinning, & the updates keep on giving.

The Serious Sam 4 update 1.06 is finally with us, và it lays the foundation for 1.07 due before Christmas. With that being said, it’s not a huge update, but it’s not a tiny one either, with some new cool chơi game features, more characters, and additions requested by the community.

The stars of the show this time around are a quartet of characters, including the notorious gunslinger Wild Wyat (you’re welcome, Yasen), money-loving executive, & since recently, head-honcho, Fork Parker, as well as two metallic bros – Silicon Sam và Elohim’s Son!

These folks are well-trained special forces veterans, so they forced us to make some changes in the way the gadgets work. There are three new commands when using gadgets. Quick use (Z), previous gadget (N), và next gadget (M). Instead of using the old command (gadget selection), which served as a shortcut lớn equip gadgets, quick use equips the current gadget, fires it, & returns to lớn the current weapon. You can also cycle gadgets without having them equipped (N & M, respectively). In the weapon wheel, you can right-click a gadget to preselect it.


By default, in this patch, the keys for using gadgets quickly are not bound, so go khổng lồ Options > Keyboard & Mouse và press the default button lớn bind them automatically. You can also bind them manually to any key you wish.

The full changelog is available on Steam and Reddit.


Hey everyone! This patch has been a long time coming, but because we made you wait so long, we have made sure that it’s a special one. It expands Serious Sam 4 with some of the features you have been requesting for a long time, even before SS4 came khổng lồ be.

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The 1.05 update features a Halloween special event. Find a special Jack-o’-Lantern on Death from Above, but beware. Many scary things await those who pick it up. This special sự kiện will be active through November 3, but if you miss it – shame on you – you’ll be able to check it out next year, as it’s not going away.

One of the highlights of this update is extra multiplayer skins. The ol’ Pirate Pete is back, and so is his friend Boxer Barry. The two of them are joined by the dancing bros themselves, Groovy Gregory & Dancing Denzel, but that’s not all. A brand new face has got a bone lớn pick with those pesky aliens, the one and only Meatless Mike.

As if dressing up in Multiplayer is not enough, you can now use all those characters in your Singleplayer adventures. & finally, all of them have their own hands in the first-person view. It’s been 84 years, we know.

Find the full changelog on the Serious Sam 4 Steam Community Hub & the official subreddit.