Welcome to a place where sea meets sky, và earth embraces ether

A space inspired by the principles of wabi-sabi and wellness traditions that value the simple beauty and healing properties found within the natural world. As the only comprehensive wellness program in the Hamptons, Shou Sugi Ban House offers an environment that is both tranquil và transcendent, encouraging one to Return to the Simplicity of Self.

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This is Shou Sugi Ban House

Spanning over five acres in Water Mill, Shou Sugi Ban House is a private sanctuary and gated compound surrounded by evergreen trees & lush grasses. The portfolio includes a thirteen-room destination retreat and luxury spa, an intimate bed & breakfast for overnight stays, và two standalone luxury residences for short-term rentals.

All properties are connected và accessible by a private stone pathway, offering a balance of seclusion & connection amongst guests.

Featuring organic amenities, holistic living, yoga, meditation, fitness, nutrition, advanced skin care, therapeutic massage and bodywork, hydrotherapy, & a world class culinary program, Shou Sugi Ban House offers fully integrated experiences that support every step of your journey.


Shou Sugi Ban: Our Inspiration


Our physical structure, as well as our namesake, refers khổng lồ the meditative process of Shou Sugi Ban, an ancient Japanese technique that preserves wood by charring it. The time intensive process ends in a final hàng hóa that is not only beautiful, but also resilient. In this meeting of earth and fire, the wood is reborn making it more resistant to fire & decay while increasing the longevity of its physical structure. It is the very idea that one can alchemize life by stoking the fires of transformation.



Shou Sugi Ban House is located in the Hamptons, just 90 miles outside of thành phố new york City, an area celebrated for its pristine beaches, sprawling farms, local vineyards and historic estates. The location is famed as the residence of countless artists & photographers who were drawn to lớn the natural beauty & light of the land. Shou Sugi Ban House sits on three acres in the pastoral hamlet of Water Mill, adjacent to lớn the Parrish Art Museum, & is just three miles from the ocean.



To book a ritual please reviews our Wellness Menu and fill out the form below with your desired services & preferred date of visit.

Please note, for day guests, spa làm đẹp rituals must be booked as part of a package và a two-service minimum is required. Packages are not limited to spa services, và itineraries can include any two offerings from our Wellness Menu.

During peak season, we encourage you lớn book at least three weeks in advance of your planned visit lớn ensure availability. Our Guest Services team will answer all inquiries thoughtfully and in the order in which they were received.

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Top Wellness Destination

Shou Sugi Ban House has again been recognizedas a vị trí cao nhất Destination spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp Resort in the U.S.,by Condé Nast Traveler và Travel + Leisure.

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