The release date for the UK, Germany, và the rest of Europe has been pushed to early May. For those you from the US, it’s likely it will be released on major carriers like Verizon as early as July 14. Read our full article here.

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It’s still looking like it will take some time for this amazing piece of technology to hit North American shores. It’s slated for release sometime in July in Canada.

Performance Unleashed

Read our full đánh giá on the Samsung Galaxy S II’s performance – as it’s looking lượt thích the most powerful điện thoại thông minh in the world currently available.

Samsung Executives were joking that it might actually go on sale in Canada (at least through a carrier) earlier than the US.

While initial reports back in early April indicated the Samsung Galaxy S II would be priced somewhere north of $800, it appears as though things are finally heading south towards the much more reasonable area of $600-$699. The Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 app android 2.3 Gingerbread điện thoại thông minh will be released at some point in the beginning of May 2011. The 16GB version unlocked version will be priced somewhere in the range of $599- $699 USD, while the price of 32GB variant remains unknown.


Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S II is looking to be one of the most expensive smartphones on the market, but who cares? This phone is absolutely amazing & I can’t wait lớn get it. What we are talking about here is a phone that can take 1080p video clip at 30fps, has arguably the most advanced display on it, runs the fastest, and is the lightest and thinnest of any điện thoại thông minh out currently. To top it off, early adopters are all over the forums saying that the battery life is fantastic. We all know this phone is packing amazing hardware, but it will have to lớn get picked up by a carrier (like AT&T) and be priced somewhere in the $199-$249 range for it khổng lồ sell like hotcakes.

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Also, it appears that the radio inside the Samsung Galaxy S2 will enable it to lớn properly function on AT&T’s network, so it’s likely it will be offered their soon, và thankfully, probably subsidized by a healthy amount. In Canada, it will function on Rogers, Bell, và Telus’ HSPA+ networks, and be able to receive healthy download/upload speeds. No word yet on whether it will function on T-Mobile, but we will keep you posted as soon as we know.


For an extra bonus – look how the Samsung Galaxy S II doesn’t even break a sweat under heavy browser usage, with full flash running on multiple tabs: