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A salesperson is a person whose job is lớn sell products or services.

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Another term for salesperson is sales rep (or sales representative). The terms salesmansaleswoman are still commonly used, but salesperson & sales rep are often used in their place. The plural of salesperson can be salespeople or salespersons.

A salesperson is often said to “work in sales”—in which sales refers to the type of occupation or the division or department within the company.

A salesperson can sell directly lớn customers or khổng lồ other businesses or organizations. Sometimes, salespersons sell things in person, such as at a retail store or dealership. They also commonly sell things over the phone or by communicating with people online. In the past, it was common for some salespersons lớn travel door-to-door to lớn make sales to people at home.

A salesperson who has lớn travel as part of their job can be called a traveling salesperson. 

The word salesperson is sometimes used in a somewhat figurative way to lớn refer to lớn someone who’s skilled at persuading people, especially in a business or professional setting, as if they are selling them a product.

Example: The salesperson told me that this was the best khuyến mãi he could give me.

The first records of the word salesperson come from around 1920. It’s formed with the gender-neutral ending -person, which is often used in terms that traditionally ended in –man, such as businessperson and chairperson.

The job of a salesperson is to lớn sell, và to sell they have to lớn convince the customer lớn buy. For this reason, salespersons have a reputation for sometimes being aggressive or putting pressure on the customer, especially in retail settings, lượt thích furniture or electronics stores. Also contributing lớn this reputation is the fact that some salespeople are at least partly paid on commission—a percentage of sales that goes into their pay. Of course, this reputation isn’t always warranted—a lot of salespersons genuinely want to help you find the right product.

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Still, a lot of people try lớn avoid salespersons when shopping due to feeling pressured. Relatedly, the term used oto salesman is sometimes used in a figurative way khổng lồ refer khổng lồ someone considered a smooth-talking swindler.