If you use a Mac or an iPhone, it’s hard to pick a different browser over Safari. It’s incredibly fast, uses minimal resources, & respects user privacy. But if you also use a PC, you won’t have the luxury of installing Apple’s flagship browser on Windows since the Cupertino-based tech giant does not develop Safari for the Windows PC. That’s a major issue when your gear consists of cross-platform products.

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What you can bởi is install an older version of Safari on Windows 10 or 11, although we highly advise against that due to compatibility and security-related issues. The best và safest option is khổng lồ sync your browsing data from Safari to Chrome or Edge on your PC via iCloud for Windows. Setting up macOS on your PC & using Safari that way is another feasible option.

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Download & Install Safari on Your Windows PC

Apple halted the development of Safari for Windows in 2012. However, the final version of the browser (Safari v.5.1.7) is freely available on the internet, so you can quickly tải về and install it on your Windows 10 or 11 PC. The problem? It’s terribly slow & dated, lacks compatibility with most web apps, và poses security risks. You also can’t sync your browsing data, so it’s not a solution if you want lớn access bookmarks và passwords.

Regardless, the steps below will walk you through downloading and installing Safari on your Windows 10/11 PC. But unless you just want lớn have a feel of how Safari looked almost a decade earlier, we recommend you stay away from it.

1. Download the Safari installer from a software tải về portal such as Uptodown, Filehippo, or TechSpot. It weighs in at 36.7MB. Unfortunately, táo apple no longer supports Safari for Windows, so you can’t get it from an official source.

2. Double-click the downloaded SafariSetup executable file.

3. Select Next on the Safari Setup’s Welcome screen.


4. Accept the license agreement và select Next.




After installing Safari, you can choose to mở cửa it by double-clicking the Safari icon on the desktop. Or, you can open it by selecting Safari on the Start menu’s programs list.

Despite being almost ten years old, Safari for Windows doesn’t look too out of place. To lớn the top, you have the familiar URL bar (you can’t use it lớn perform searches, however), a Bookmarks strip underneath, và a dedicated search bar on the left corner. By default, new tabs display frequently visiting sites in thumbnail format—you can use the vị trí cao nhất Sites và History tabs to lớn switch them & your browsing history.

Selecting the cog-shaped icon at the right corner of the screen reveals the Safari menu, where you can choose to lớn customize the toolbar, access your browsing history, launch a private browsing window, and so on.

Selecting Preferences opens the Preferences pane, which provides options to modify the homepage, pick a default tìm kiếm engine, adjust privacy settings, manage extensions (although extensions support is non-existent), etc.

What the browser does not allow is to sign in with an táo ID. That makes it impossible to sync your browsing data from an iPhone or Mac. Even if the functionality were present previously, hãng apple probably would’ve stopped you from signing in khổng lồ it by now.

During our Safari tests on Windows, the browser started showing its age. Most websites took a long time lớn load, while web apps (such as YouTube and Google Maps) simply failed or prompted us to switch lớn a compatible browser. Other than for basic website browsing, it was practically useless.

Safari for Windows also hasn’t received security updates in almost a decade, so we recommend that you don’t attempt lớn use it for any sensitive activities such as banking or shopping.

Sync Safari Browsing Data via iCloud for Windows

If your gear consists of a PC và iPhone or Mac, you can sync your passwords and bookmarks from Safari with Google Chrome và vice-versa by installing iCloud for Windows. That’s the most convenient method for accessing your browsing data on each platform.

iCloud for Windows also offers password syncing for Microsoft Edge & bookmarks syncing for Mozilla Firefox. However, only Chrome receives support for both.

If you don’t have iCloud for Windows on your PC, you can get it via the Microsoft Store or the táo bị cắn dở website. If you already have it, make sure khổng lồ upgrade it lớn at least version 12.5 or later (you can vì that via the Microsoft Store’s Downloads và updates screen or by running the hãng apple Software Update applet).

With iCloud for Windows up và running, mở cửa the iCloud app and check the boxes next to Passwords and Bookmarks. You can also activate additional iCloud services such as Photos & Drive if you want.

Follow that by installing the iCloud Passwords on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. The former lets you insert & save passwords khổng lồ the iCloud Keychain. You can also use the iCloud Passwords app (which installs automatically alongside iCloud for Windows) khổng lồ manage your passwords in Windows. On the other hand, the iCloud Bookmarks extension syncs passwords between Chrome/Firefox và Safari.

Download: iCloud Passwords (Chrome)

Download: iCloud Bookmarks (Chrome)

Download: iCloud Passwords (Edge)

Download: iCloud Bookmarks (Firefox)

Run Safari via a macOS Virtual Machine

If you want to lớn use the most recent version of Safari on your PC (perhaps to thử nghiệm a feature or extension), the only way you can vì chưng that is by running macOS via virtualization software. However, the procedure is not convenient. For starters, Mac’s operating system is not natively supported by most VM software, so installation generally relies on workarounds relying on additional software. Also, it requires lots of không tính tiền disk space và uses up system resources, not khổng lồ mention that virtual machine guests generally run sluggishly compared khổng lồ the host operating system.

If you still want to go ahead và install macOS, the easiest way to do that is by following the instructions within this macOS Virtualbox project on GitHub. It lets you install macOS Catalina as a virtual machine via a Bash script. We’ve condensed it into the following steps:

1. Download and install Oracle VM VirtualBox on your PC (it’s free).

2. Tải về and install Cygwin with the following dependencies (you can select them during installation).


3. Tải về the macos-guest-virtualbox.sh bash script from GitHub.

4. Open the Cygwin Terminal. Then, drag and drop the bash script and press Enter.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions lớn set up macOS as a virtual machine on your PC.

After the setup procedure, you can xuất hiện and use Safari by selecting the Safari icon on the Mac’s Dock. Learn about using và customizing Safari on the Mac. Before you bởi that, however, it’s a good idea to lớn update macOS và Safari. To vì that, xuất hiện the Apple menu and select System Preferences > Software Update > Update Now.

iCloud for Windows Is the Most Convenient

Although it’s possible to tải về and install Safari on your Windows 10/11 computer, we recommend you stray away from it. The security risks alone make it impractical, and it’s not lượt thích you can use it for any serious web browsing anyway due to compatibility issues.

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Since the most likely reason you would want to install Safari involves syncing your passwords và bookmarks, using iCloud for Windows is the only viable alternative. But if you do have the time & just want khổng lồ try out the latest version of Safari, your best option is to set up macOS as a virtual machine on your PC.