The xperia XA is a mid range phone produced by Sony last year, it is running on apk Marshmallow with a planned upgrade to lớn nougat, a Mediatek processor coupled with 2GB of ram and 16GB of ROM, we’re going to lớn show you how to lớn root your Xperia XA lớn be able khổng lồ install custom recoveries, Roms and others like Xposed Framework.

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Before you continue with the steps listed in this guide; you acknowledge and accept that any damage khổng lồ your phone caused by your attempts to root your phone is your own responsibility., the (author) and our affiliates will not be responsible for a bricked device, dead SD Card, or anything to bởi vì with your phone. If you don’t know what you’re doing; please research & If you vì not feel comfortable with the steps, thenDO NOT PROCEED.

What you’ll need:

1) Your Xperia XA

2) A USB cable

3) A laptop

First you need to kiểm tra what model do you have và if your boot-loader is unlock-able, to kiểm tra the model go lớn Settings → About phone and you should be able khổng lồ see your model number, also notice your IMEI number, write them down because we will need them. & while you are at it, you should enable developer option by clicking on Build Number 7 times, go back to the Settings menu and enter developer options & enable USB debugging. (or app android debugging)


Next go to the phone application, type this number *#*#7378423#*#* then tap on Service info → Configuration → Rooting status, if the Boot-loader unlock says yes then your phone is unlock-able & you are ready khổng lồ go, if not then it isn’t và you should stop reading.

Before we continue, vì chưng know that unlocking your boot-loader will wipe your phone clean, so before unlocking you should make sure you Backup all the data that matters khổng lồ you.

Next we will need to lớn install your drives, download the adb drivers from here then the fast boot drivers from here and install them all.

We will now make a backup of your DRM keys, these are the keys provided by sony khổng lồ use some of their optimizations lượt thích X-reality và low light pictures. All you need to bởi is download this script, unzip it và run the “backupTA.cmd” as administrator.


You should install minimal fast boot and ADB, you can find it in this link.

After you download it follow the installer’s instruction and create a shortcut on the desktop, Once we’ve done the backup, we can complete rooting our phone, you need to lớn go lớn the Sony boot-loader unlock website, & follow the instructions they set to lớn you, once done you will have a code.

Shut down your phone & press Power + Vol up khổng lồ boot it into fast boot mode, then connect it khổng lồ your PC using a USB cable, xuất hiện a command prompt (search cmd on your start menu) và run as administrator, then type in “fastboot devices” if your phone shows up then you are ready, next type in this code.

“ fastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0x “PASTE YOUR UNLOCK CODE HERE” ”


Once the phone is done, it will reboot.

Now you will need lớn install one of these two zip files, depending on your mã sản phẩm number.

For: F3111, F3113, F3115

Download this one.

For: F3112,F3116

Download this one.

After you unzip them và with your phone connected to lớn the PC, copy the “SUPERSU” zip tệp tin into your phone’s microSD card.

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again nguồn off the phone and boot it into the boot-loader mode, copy the “Boot.img” & the “Recovery.img” và paste them into the desktop, where you installed your ADB file. Mở cửa the a command line in the folder and type in these commands.

“fastboot flash boot boot.img” & “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img”


once you’re done unplug the phone from the pc and press on Power + Vol Down, you will now boot into TWRP’s recovery, when prompt for the password, press cancel and then “Keep read only”, then open install, navigate khổng lồ where you put the “SUPERSU” file and install it, now you are rooted và done!