Assuming your LG G3 is on the latest version of game android available for the device, there likely isn’t a root that is compatible with it. So, to achieve the root, và then custom ROM, we’ll need lớn downgrade the device (back khổng lồ Kitkat in this case) first.

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Before you start that however, you’ll want to ensure there is an active LineageOS build for your specific LG G3 version, as not all devices might be supported. Https://


1 - Downgrade:

Download and Install the LG mobile Drivers. Click “Software và Firmware” on the following page

Download & Extract the LG Up Files

Install “LGUP_8974_DLL_Ver_0_5_CODEFIRE.MSI” followed by “LGUP_Install_Ver_1_14_3.msi”

Download and extract the respective KitKat tệp tin for your device. Our phone is a D852, và we will be using the Bell version specifically. Ensure you select the appropriate ROM for your device.

Canada D852 > BELL

On the device, go into Settings > General > About phone – và tap “Build Number” until it says “You are now a developer”

Go back, then into Developer Options, and Enable USB Debugging

Note: USB Debugging will be greyed out if the device is plugged in, so make sure it’s not.

Plug the phone into a USB 2.0 port, then swipe down to xuất hiện the notification tray and change your USB mode to MTP Mode.

On the PC, xuất hiện LGUP as Administrator, select the .tot file, Refurbish mode and then hit start.

If it doesn’t detect your device on open, try a different USB port, or a different PC.

Congrats, you should now be back on KitKat.


2 - Rooting / Flashing LineageOS:

If you’ve just downgraded, quickly thiết lập the phone, và reenable USB Debugging. (Repeat Steps 5 to lớn 7 in part one)

Download the PurpleDrake root

Check the following compatibility chart lớn see if you’re support, & to see what other root you might use if you’re not.

Plug in the phone, if it’s not already, & run PurpleDrake as admin.

You might have lớn re-plug the phone, or restart the root program if it doesn’t detect the device.

Select Yes to allow USB debugging with this Computer when prompted on the device

Select Yes khổng lồ permanently rooting with PurpleDrake.

Download the new version of TWRP and copy it over to lớn your device

Download the TWRP ứng dụng onto the device from the Play Store and mở cửa it.

Backup your recovery if you wish via the TWRP app, & then copy it over to your PC

Select the TWRP file we copied over earlier in the app, flash it lớn recovery, và then reboot khổng lồ recovery

Once in the TWRP recovery, select Backup, và swipe to lớn backup your install of KitKat with TWRP incase anything goes wrong later in the process. Copy that over to your PC from the TWRP folder.

Back in the main TWRP menu, select Wipe>Advanced Wipe, và select Dalvik / ART Cache, Cache, Data, Internal Storage, & System – then swipe to lớn wipe.

Download the latest build of LineageOS, selecting the correct version for your device. Copy it to lớn your device.

Download the latest open Google Apps – ARM, app android 8.1, and Nano. Copy it khổng lồ your device.

Back on the device, select Install in TWRP, select the LineageOS zip & swipe khổng lồ Install. Then select the OpenGoogleApps zip, và swipe lớn Install that.

After 5-10 minute it will complete and reboot the phone into LineageOS. Hurrah!

Setup the phone & install any missing Google Apps as necessary from the Play Store.

*Optional* download the install the Magisk root in TWRP


Helpful Side Notes:

Here’s a great clip on how lớn enter recovery mode w/o using the TWRP app:

Note: It wont actually factory reset the device if you have a custom recovery installed.


How to Flash an LG G3 Back lớn Stock (2015 method from this post:


There are a couple different methods, but I found the most consistent was lớn use LG FlashTool V1.8.1

Download & extract the KitKat .tot file, & the DLL file, for your respective device (assuming you don’t already have it)

Download and install LG FlashTool V1.8.1 (don’t run it yet)

Download the Megalock DLL file, and copy it lớn C:LGLGFlashtool, replacing the existing Megalock file (this might be a hidden folder, so enable viewing of those)

Power off the phone

Press and hold the Volume Up key & then plug the phone in, it should now be in “Download mode”

Open up Device Manager on your PC, navigate to “Ports (COM và LPT), select the one related to LG or “LGEModem”, navigate lớn the Port Settings tab, click Advanced, & change the COM port to lớn COM41, and then click “Okay”.

Run LG FlashTool as Admin, click “Select Manual Mode”, select the DLL file for the DLL slot, select the .tot file for the “S/W” slot, & click “OK”.

Select the big yellow right arrow in the vị trí cao nhất left. The COM41 box should change lớn say “READY!!”. It should say something along the lines of “Waiting for connection” below that. If it doesn’t, try replugging the device.

Once it’s done (it might show as failed in the software), you should be presented with a screen on the phone saying “LG Factory Reset Status” with a big number 3. Pull the battery và the phone should restart as normal.

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Now you can update the device back up lớn Marshmallow with OTA updates, or with the LG Mobile tư vấn Tool.