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Is your TP-Link router playing up? Here"s how you reset a TP-Link router to lớn restore its factory default settings.

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You can reset a TP-Link router back khổng lồ its factory settings in multiple ways. The reset process removes all the custom settings and restores the router factory defaults so you can reconfigure the TP-Link router again.

Here we show you the two ways to reset a TP-Link router khổng lồ its factory settings. Resetting a TP-Link router removes all the third-party customizations and configurations made khổng lồ the router. However, before starting any router reset process, back up any configuration you want lớn restore after the reset is complete.

1. Reset Your TP-Link Router Using the web Interface

You can use the Backup & Restore option on the web-based router management utility to lớn factory reset your TP-Link router. In addition, you can also use it back up current router settings to a file & restore after the reset is complete.

Creating a router configuration backup may not be the first thing to vị with a brand-new router, but it's a good practice.

To reset a TP-Link router using the web interface:

Next, type in your router password. You can find the router password printed on the label at the bottom of the router. If you've changed the password during the initial setup, use that password instead.


Next, click the System tab in the vị trí cao nhất left corner. xuất hiện the Backup & Restore tab in the left pane.

Click the BACKUP button to download the current configuration settings tệp tin to your local drive. Next, scroll down to the Factory default Restore section.

Here, you'll see two options lớn perform a Restore and Factory Restore. The Restore option will wipe all the data and configuration settings except your login credentials & cloud tài khoản information. If you need to lớn delete everything, select Factory Restore. Then, click on Restore again to lớn confirm the action. Wait for the router khổng lồ reboot & resets itself to factory default settings.

Your TP-Link router features a tiny physical reset button, usually located at the back of the device. It's useful if you have forgotten your router's website interface password & can't log in. You can long-press the Reset button lớn reset your router lớn its factory defaults.

The only downside is you cannot back up your current router configuration, and you'll need lớn set it up from scratch.

Locate the tiny Reset button on your router. Depending on your router model, the button may be on the rear or front panel. Use a paper clip or similar object and press & hold the Reset button for over 10 seconds. On some routers, you may see a 2-in-1 WPS/Reset button. In that case, you may need lớn press the button longer to lớn perform a reset. Wait for the system LEDs lớn go from slow-flash to lớn quick-flash & release the button. Wait for the router to reboot khổng lồ its factory default settings.

There Are 2 Easy Ways khổng lồ Factory Reset a TP-Link Router

A factory reset is useful if you determine the router khổng lồ be acting up and causing connectivity issues. It may also be necessary if you are giving away your old router and want to lớn ensure all the data, including password và wireless network details, is completely deleted.

Does your TP-Link router show orange light or it doesn’t work properly? That might be due to lớn some malfunction in the device, và a simple factory reset will solve it. Resetting a TP-Link router only takes about 5 minutes và is a pretty simple task.

There are three ways to reset the TP-Link routing device, và I’ll touch upon each in detail in the coming sections.

Before proceeding, let me warn you that all the settings of the router will be erased. Therefore, it’s important khổng lồ back up any configurations you want to restore later.

Also, make sure that your router is turned on và plugged into the power nguồn source during the whole reset process.

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1. Using the Reset Button

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