The Dead by Daylight Rank Reset changed recently following the launch of Patch 5.2.0. With the integration of Skill-Based Matchmaking, the old Ranks system became obsolete after 5 Years in the Game và was quickly replaced with a new Grades system.

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Keep reading, we’ll explain exactly how this new grades system works – because it can be a bit confusing for new (and old) players – when the monthly reset takes place, what rewards players can earn each month và everything else you need to know.

The next Dead by Daylight Reset is coming on September 13.


Dead by Daylight Grades Ranking System Explained

As we mentioned, the Grades system was only introduced recently, with the launch of patch 5.20 in September 2021, with further revisions made to lớn grades in February 2022. So the all-important question is: what vì chưng the grades mean in Dead By Daylight?

The Grades system does work, by-en-large, the same as ranks. In the previous ranking system players were tasked with starting at Rank 20 and slowly advancing to Rank 1. From now though, players will start from Ash IV and work their way lớn the đứng top grade of Iridescent I. Likewise, you earn Grades the same way as you earned Ranks, by earning pips in each match you play until you reach the next grade threshold.

So what are the big differences? Well, first off, unlike before you can increase your grade by earning pips but there’s now a limit lớn how many pips you can chiến bại each match. Plus, you’ll never move down a Grade, so the only way is up. Likewise, unlike the old Ranks system, your Grade is not used for Dead By Daylight’s Matchmaking-process. This is especially helpful when you consider that both Killers & Survivors now have a separate Grade.

In short, this helps with balancing matches, và in theory, you won’t be playing against a higher Grade Killer when you’re a lower Grade Survivor.


When does Dead By Daylight rank reset?

The Rank Reset, or Grades Reset as it should now be called will happen on the 13th of each month, every month.

Following the reset time, grades will be reset khổng lồ Ash IV (the lowest grade) and you’ll receive up khổng lồ 250,000 Bloodpoints depending on how far you’ve managed to lớn climb in the previous month. As we mentioned previously, you have a separate grade for your killer & survivor. As such players will be rewarded for each role separately, so playing both sides can reap double the rewards & earn you more Bloodpoints.


Dead By Daylight grades list

As we’ve mentioned, Ranks were replaced by Grades, but what are the many new grades that players can achieve each month? Here’s a các mục of all the Grades you can achieve, alongside what Rank they would have been previously. Players can also see their current Grade by hovering over the emblem at the vị trí cao nhất right of the screen.

Ash IV – Rank 20Ash III – Rank 19Ash II – Rank 18Ash I – Rank 17Bronze IV – Rank 16Bronze III – Rank 15Bronze II – Rank 14Bronze I – Rank 13Silver IV – Rank 12Silver III – Rank 11Silver II – Rank 10Silver I – Rank 9Gold IV – Rank 8Gold III – Rank 7Gold II – Rank 6Gold I – Rank 5Iridescent IV – Rank 4Iridescent III – Rank 3Iridescent – II – Rank 2Iridescent I – Rank 1


Dead by Daylight grade rewards

Following the Rank Reset time on the 13th of each month, players will be given their Killer & Survivor grade, & earn various Bloodpoint rewards based on their position that month.

The Grade rewards can be seen on the below chart, & as we touched on, players will start on Grade 4 Ash, & work their way up from there.

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Grade 11,000,000550,000340,000175,00050,000
Grade 2900,000500,000310,000150,00035,000
Grade 3800,000450,000280,000125,00020,000
Grade 4700,000400,000250,000100,00010,000

That’s everything you need to lớn know about ranks/grades in Dead By Daylight. However, if you’re looking for more DBD guides then follow the link below for more helpful tips, tricks and explainers.

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