We đánh giá Recuva, the không lấy phí data recovery software, & are ready to nội dung with you all the useful information: does Recuva really work, how safe it is and is it really free.


1. What"s Recuva?

Piriform Recuva is one of the most popular không lấy phí file recovery software that can recover deleted pictures, music, documents, videos, emails from PC/Mac, external hard drives, USB drive, CD, and more. It can restoredeleted files from the recycle bin even emptied the recycle bin folder. It is an easy-to-use effective file recovery software program.

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Is Recuva Safe to Use?

Yes. It is safe to lớn use Recuva for data recovery on your computer. Recuva is a legitimate program that is safe to download and install without viruses or malware. What the data recovery program does is merely scan your hard drive for the deleted data. It won"t change or damage your files or devices.


2. Is Recuva Free?

Recuva is often known as free data recovery software. Indeed, Recuva offers a không tính tiền full version that allows users to tìm kiếm and recover deleted files without limits. However, there is a Recuva Professional version priced at $19.95. What"s Recuva Professional? & how is it different from the không tính phí version in data recovery?

Recuva Professional VS Free

Recuva Professional is an upgraded version of Recuva Free. The main differences between the two versions are:

Recuva Professional has a higher recovery rate. I have tried both the professional and miễn phí versions of Recuva. Although the không lấy phí version doesn"t have any limit, some files that can be found by Recuva Professional won"t appear after quick/deep scanning with the free version;Virtual disk support is exclusive to lớn Recuva Professional. Only the Recuva Professional can recover files from virtual hard drives. More than that, it can create và restore a new virtual disk.The automatic update is only available for Recuva Professional users. Users of the không tính tiền version will have khổng lồ be stuck with the old version. 


To conclude, you may fail lớn find the deleted files you need with Recuva miễn phí since it is not powerful as Recuva Professional. If so, you may switch to another không tính phí data recovery program lớn purchase the Recuva Professional.

3. Does Recuva Work?

Recuva enables you to find deleted files from hard drive, external storage, USB drives with quick and deep scan. It can also find data from the formatted drive & scan inside files & restore the documents that contain a particular text string. Moreover, không lấy phí data recovery from CD, MP3 Player, iPod is supported by Recuva. However, Recuva can"t work for two kinds of files. 

Overwritten files. If your deleted files have been overwritten by new data, Recuva won"t be able khổng lồ recover them.Securely deleted files. When a tệp tin is securely deleted by PC/Mac cleaner software, the information of the file is also been deleted from the tệp tin system, too. In such cases, Recuva won"t work. 

How khổng lồ Recover Data miễn phí with Recuva free Files Recovery

To get started with Recuva free file recovery program, you can visit the website Recuva and download the version of Recuva you want. Install it on your computer & follow the next steps to lớn learn how to lớn use Recuva không tính tiền to get your lost data back on the Windows computer.

Step 1 Launch Recuva không tính tiền data recovery program. A wizard is launched for you to select a tệp tin type you want khổng lồ recover and the location of the file. Click "Next" to lớn process.


Step 2 Recuva will start a quick scan of your hard drive. It takes several minutes to finish a quick scan. When the scanning finished, you can get the results of the scan. In my test, the quick scan of Recuva can only find a bunch of system files that I don"t need. To recover the deleted files, I will need lớn start a deep scan.


Step 3Click Advanced mode. Select a local disk, make sure Deep Scan is selected và click Scan lớn start.

Step 4 It will need hours of scanning to lớn detect the deleted files. Once the scan is complete, select the files you need và click Recuva.

It"s very easy to scan deleted files with Recuva. However, the scan result can"t be guaranteed. It might be unable to lớn find the deleted files you need after hours of waiting. 


Recuva Unable to lớn Determine tệp tin System Types

When trying to lớn recover files with Recuva, some users got the error message: Unable to determine file system types


The error indicates that your drive is corrupt và the files on the drive are recognized as RAW. Since Recuva is unable khổng lồ recover RAW files, the error message pops up. To lớn recover your files, you can:

1. Get a recovery program that can recognize RAW files

Some data recovery programs can recognize the RAW drive và help you recover the files from the RAW drive, such as aryannations88.com Data Recovery. It can recognize USB drives, SD cards, computer hard drive that has been RAW. Không tính phí download aryannations88.com & use it lớn scan files from the RAW drive. How to lớn Recover Data from RAW Drive

2. Quick format your hard drive

A quick format can initialize the file system and let Recuva recognize the hard drive. The hard drive will seem empty after a quick format, but the files are still recoverable on the drive. After the quick format, you can try to recover the files with Recuva again.

To quick format a hard drive, open Windows Explorer, right-click on the RAW drive and select Format. Tick Quick Format and click Start to begin. 

Recuva reviews - Verdict

Like many of the miễn phí file recovery software out there, Recuva is not a one-stop solution that users sometimes mistakenly treat it to lớn be. There are pros and cons to lớn consider, và here we danh sách some of them.

Pro:Firstly, Recuva is a freeware, and as such is already a step ahead of the competition. For không tính tiền software, Recuva delivers recovery tasks in a timely & efficient manner.

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It has two modes for data retrieval: Wizard mode and Advanced mode. It caters lớn different users; the former a viable option for novice users because it takes you through a thoroughly guided recovery process. Advanced mode is designed for users who have the more technical knowledge và want lớn accelerate the task.Aside from its pretty simplistic UI, it is renowned for its multiplatform support. It is universally supported by most Windows & some Mac devices.The recovery speed is also praise-worthy.The option to lớn deep scan is another great feature that enables the user khổng lồ examine files from the deepest crevices of the system, even those that are from the corrupted or damaged parts of the disks.Most of all, the supported tệp tin types are many, which is very important in choosing the best recovery software. If you are going khổng lồ recover files, you might as well use the tool that can read and scan even file types that you never knew existed.