Top 10 Best Print Ads of All Time – Advertising ExamplesIn a world where digital advertising represents a predominant kinh doanh model, it is hard to lớn believe that traditional formats still play a significant role in brand awareness & lead generation.However, the fact remains that advertising tactics such as creative print ads are not disappearing.On the contrary, industry reports prove the evergreen potential of print advertising:70% of Americans prefer to lớn read on paper, & 67% prefer printed materials over digitalOver 55% of all consumers trust print kinh doanh more than any other advertising methodHowever, it takes a great piece of print content to evoke emotions và inspire customer interest.If you want to lớn exploit this type of sale strategy, you better make sure to display a fair tóm tắt of inspiration và creativity.The chất lượng of a print ad depends mostly on these traits, but we also want to lớn show you a few examples lớn help you brainstorm different ideas when you work with an advertising agency.Here are the đứng top ten best print ads of all time!
Keloptic Print Advert
Keloptic is an online optician selling eyeglasses và sunglasses.It doesn"t sound too impressive at first, but this print ad chiến dịch might as well change your opinion about the company.Their advertising agency used Van Gogh"s post-impressionist self-portrait as the perfect means of brand promotion.Namely, the portrait is well-known for its blurry colour scheme which makes no clear distinctions between different hues và tones.However, here is the plot twist: Keloptic put eyeglasses in front of the painting lớn reveal Van Gogh"s face & show the nguồn of their products.One of the best print ads of all time – So simple, but so clever!
Save The Penguins Print Advert
SANCCOB is a non-profit organisation that helps seabirds khổng lồ avoid extinction.One of their campaigns was aimed at protecting the African penguin, so they worked with an advertising agency lớn produce a series of print advertisement examples lớn raise awareness about this issue.However, SANCCOB made it different by adding a small dose of optical illusions to come up with a more intriguing solution.This ad takes the inverted pyramid form to show viewers how the number of African penguins keeps declining over time.The technique is complicated, but the message is unambiguous.

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Clever Print Ad Campaign
Another incredible illustration comes from the French Ministry of Health.They wanted khổng lồ spread the word about the growing problem of childhood obesity, warning parents that “obesity starts at a young age.”The print ad chiến dịch is plain but effective: it shows an ice cream with a fat belly on top of it.What thrills us the most about this piece of nội dung is that it uses bright and cheerful colours, but still manages to send a not-so-shiny message lớn the kids & their parents.
Ecovia Print Advertising
Many organisations are fighting against oto accidents, but not too many have achieved such a massive social truyền thông awareness like Ecovia with its “Stop the Violence” advertising campaign.“They used toàn thân art illustrations lớn send powerful messages, trying khổng lồ convince people not lớn drink and drive, write SMS messages while on the road, or practice reckless driving.”


5 – Kentucky Fried Chicken: FCK

Kfc Fck Ad
KFC, one of the most popular fast-food chains worldwide, ran out of chicken earlier this year.It was a colossal disaster for the brand that built the whole empire on chicken, so they had khổng lồ close almost a thousand US-based outlets temporarily.However, their advertising agency used the opportunity to lớn play with the famous KFC acronym và create one of the best print ads that simply says FCK.It was a cool way to lớn apologise but also a great kinh doanh trick that made the world talk about KFC from a different point of view.
Chupa Chups is a famous brand, while lollipops remain their most important product.However, when Chupa Chups decided lớn follow the growing market trend và create a sugar-free lollipop, they needed an excellent print ad to spread the word about it.Their advertising agency passed the exam and let the whole world know about the new hàng hóa in one of the best print ads of the year.Ants taking the long path to lớn avoid the lollipop are not something you"d expect to see from Chupa Chups, but they knew it would make an impression on viewers in this case.
Jeep is well-known for its terrain vehicles.The company vision is to lớn manufacture cars that can take you anywhere và enable you lớn see what you want lớn see.The Jeep kinh doanh team used this motto to lớn design a two-faced print ad that shows a different animal based on your viewpoint.While their point might be a little too clever for the average customer, the copy makes things clear.
A surprisingly large number of quality print advertising is coming from road safety campaigns.This time, Opel launched a chiến dịch to warn about the consequences of texting while driving.What makes this ad different from similar illustrations is that it uses nothing more than a đen background & a short line of text khổng lồ display an utterly understandable statement.The moment you see this print ad, you know you will never again type an SMS while driving.
The ninth example on our list comes from the Republic of South Africa.A recruiting platform PNET made this print ad to tell people they don"t have lớn stay covered in mould, playing boring desktop computer games forever.It"s a timely message for everyone who feels stuck at his/her workplace and cannot see the light at the kết thúc of the tunnel.However, this print ad is not only a funny illustration – it inspires people to take the desired kích hoạt and apply for a new job when they see an excellent opportunity.
People say that an image is worth a thousand words.Nothing proves this statement as much as Pedigree"s print ad where you can see how people look lượt thích with and without a dog.Influenced by the simple comparison between the two images, viewers can quickly decide to adopt a dog.
Digital advertising might be the most dominant sale force of our era, but creative printed adverts remain highly effective & accessible among global audiences.This happens primarily because a creative ad chiến dịch can be very creative & hence get stuck in our minds for a long time.In this post, we presented you with the top 10 best print ads campaigns of all time.These examples should give you enough materials to lớn start thinking about your own print advertisement và we hope you will soon come up with fresh solutions that will be as successful as the ones we described above.Author Bio: Peter Hill is a professional writer và journalist. He is a socially active person, engaged in the photo and đoạn clip editing. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook.
Many kinh doanh and advertising agencies still need to perform a print for their top-paying clients.Why? Print ads require the most effort, images, và copywriting to succeed.In this regard, a print advert permits an organisation khổng lồ reveal its complete range of abilities.Print commercials are tangible — you could show the CEO of the advertising agency the campaign by bringing them the booklet the advert is in. Print commercials win awards, which bolsters an employer’s reputation.Print commercials have exceptional durability.A monthly journal may additionally sit down in a waiting room for that entire month or longer. Those ads have a more lasting effect than a flashing banner or 30 seconds visual.With there being fewer guides now, people who vì chưng have advertisements stand out more as it’s less crowded.There’s a way lot less ad fraud than virtual.Human beings lượt thích print publications, so the commercials are more reliably relied on. The nội dung material in print is curated — your advert won’t be seen next to debatable nội dung material.
Observe the publication you are kinh doanh in and seize its audience.Have an incredible headline và attractive visual.Use specific photos/paintings.Make sure everything is high-res.Apprehend cutting-edge trends in print design.
They aren’t as effective as they have been since the mạng internet — which is why print journalism started its sad decline, after its primary source of sales, employment and advertisements, migrated online.However, print stays a powerful medium for marketing.In case you’ve presented a newspaper, you may have observed that some of the advertisements are for supermarkets và local shops. Weekend papers are typically complete of revealed circulars for supermarkets và retail.Many papers make income with the useful resource of printing the local circulars.Supermarkets appear to lớn favour print, partly because humans nevertheless want to đoạn clip coupons.And in a few markets, television advertising is price-prohibitive or no longer available.The rate of print commercials is linked to lớn the newspaper, so advertising and kinh doanh in a small weekly might be an awful lot cheaper and better at achieving a small company’s target market.
Just lượt thích books, I don’t think print will ever go away completely. There’s a large portion of the population that’s very textile and would much rather have something in their hands to hold và view vs a computer screen of any kind. Myself being one of them, even though I’m a graphic designer. I find I can’t wait to get away from a computer screen at the kết thúc of the day. I don’t like having constant information being shoved in my face on a computer vs taking my time flipping pages, feeling paper & letting my eyes see màu sắc the way it should be viewed…not backlit.

Nihar on January 17, 2022 at 2:08 am

Yes, a print ad captures attention longer, & hence lingers longer in the mind.Niharrchak

Nihar Ranjan Chakraborty on January 17, 2022 at 2:42 am

Yes, print ad can be more effective,at times. Supposing it is a newspaper ad or a magazine ad. You have control over its use. You can see an ad longer till the message is fully grasped by you.You can make the ad an instant attention getter through a striking headline. You can make it more impactful through a few clarifying words in a subhead- to reinforce the meaning. You can use logo or the thương hiệu with a striking tagline. You can make an outstanding visual-verbal ad khổng lồ capture attention of the reader instantly.You have the advantage of using colour,design, & all the rest of communicative elements except sound and motion. You can make the message of the ad precise và yet uncluttered.The plus pont you have in print ad — you can create an ad that captures attention longer. The message of the ad can linger longer in the mind. Can get get better registered more economically on the minds of the target audience.–NIHARRCHAK
Nihar Ranjan Chakraborty on January 17, 2022 at 3:57 am
Yes, print ad has an important role in sale even today.

R Wilson Leeds on August 22, 2021 at 6:34 am

The problem with print ads is huge, first, they need khổng lồ be written và rewritten many times, then they need to lớn be inserted in a newspaper or magazine, whose readership and circulation figures may be inaccurate and is often totally fictitious, then you have the much greater problem of finding a sản phẩm that sells và can be found và purchased with no great effort by buyers, even finding the correct advertising image và headlines can take weeks và the chance of getting it right the first time are almost nil. In the final analysis, you might discover print adverts vị not work and it’s distributions và supermarket shelf space that matters. Tv was a death blow khổng lồ newspaper sales, & the www just about killed all forms of press advertising no matter how clever, well written, or prepared. An unhappy situation that doe not appear lớn be improving.


The idea of French Ministry of Health is awesome. The ice cream presented this way will маке the people khổng lồ think about their health.

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annalisa on February 21, 2019 at 1:40 pm

do you know where the chupa chups ad was published? that would be so helpful. Best

Stuart on February 21, 2019 at 1:42 pm

I don’t know specifically, but looks like a magazine advert?Have a look here –


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