The full version of Photoshop isn’t available on Android, but Adobe makes an app that’s a worthwhile alternative. Here's everything you need to know


Adobe’s Photoshop is one of the most famous editing apps of all time. It offers a range of photo editing features you’ll struggle khổng lồ find elsewhere, especially when bundled with a Creative Cloud subscription.

However, the full version of Photoshop is one of the more demanding apps, reflected in it only being available on desktop operating systems & iPadOS.

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But what if you want you use Photoshop on a phone or other app android device? Fortunately, Adobe does make a stripped-down version for mobile, known as Photoshop Express.

What is Photoshop Express?

Simply put, it’s Adobe’s version of Photoshop specifically for phones và other smartphone devices. As well as being optimised for cảm biến input, it’s geared towards sharing images you’ve just created online.

However, this is about more than just a quick edit for Instagram – Photoshop Express has plenty of tools which make it a powerful photo editing ứng dụng in your pocket.

How to lớn get started with Photoshop Express

On your game android device, open the Google Play StoreSearch for ‘Photoshop’ và tap ‘Photoshop Express Photo Editor’. It’s usually the first resultTap ‘Install’, then xuất hiện the ứng dụng once it’s completeWhen opening the phầm mềm for the first time, you’ll be presented with an overview of the key Photoshop Express features. Tap ‘Next’ 10 times to get khổng lồ the next sectionIf you already have an Adobe ID, use it khổng lồ sign in on the next screen. Otherwise, use a Google or Facebook account to loginTap ‘Continue’ to accept cookie settings, then ‘OK’ & ‘Allow’ to give the phầm mềm permission to lớn access your files and photos


You’ll now see all your photos displayed in a grid. This is what you’ll be presented with each time you mở cửa the phầm mềm from now on.

Is Photoshop Express free?

As you’ll have seen when following the steps above, it costs nothing to tải về the app and sign in with your details. Indeed, most of the features you’ll find on Photoshop Express are completely miễn phí to use. These cover all the basics you’d expect from photo editing software:

Apply filtersCrop photosResize photosFix perspectiveAdjust exposure, contrast, colours, saturation, clarity, highlights và many more elements of photosAdd textFix red eyeAdd bordersRemove blemishes such as spots, dirt or dustAuto enhancerAdd watermarkLens correction

Learn more about all the features available in Photoshop Express on the Adobe website.

However, there is some extra functionality you’ll have lớn pay for:

Advanced Healing – this lets you quickly remove or clone part of an image, which can be used khổng lồ smooth imperfections without the photo looking artificialSelective Editing – this allows youto isolate a specific part of the image (such as the subject in the foreground) & editit independently of therest of the imageRaw Photo Editing – as the name suggests, you can also edit in Raw, which preserves detail thanks lớn minimal processing after the photo is taken

Other Premium exclusives include integration with Creative Cloud (if you have an existing subscription) and cloud storage. Adobe also advertises ‘many more creative features’, but it’s not clear exactly what these are. If none of the above appeal khổng lồ you, the không tính phí plan is probably sufficient.

How much does Photoshop Express Premium cost?

However, a Premium subscription might be worth it for you, especially as it’s much more affordable than the desktop version. After a three-day không tính phí trial, a year of Premium will cost you £26.49/$34.99 – that works out at £2.21/$2.92 per month. You’ll pay £5.99/$4.99 for a month’s access, but there’s no free trial with this plan.

On Android, the easiest way lớn pay is via the Google Play Store. You can cancel at any time, và will only be charged until the end of that billing period.

What are the differences between Photoshop Express and full Photoshop?

As you might have noticed, the features included in Photoshop Express don’t cover everything that’s available on the desktop version of Photoshop. In Adobe’s official article comparing the two, it highlights two key scenarios where the full version is necessary.

First is Layers, which allows you to make big changes khổng lồ one element of an image, without affecting anything else. For double exposure photos, composites, photomontages and some landscape images, layers are crucial. On a more basic level, it’s what we use lớn drop screenshots onto máy vi tính templates for many images across the site. Photoshop Express’s Selective Editing feature just doesn’t offer the same cấp độ of control.

Its other key advantage is what Adobe calls Interoperability. Essentially, the desktop version of Photoshop can seamlessly pull in information from other Creative Cloud apps, be it the background for a Premiere Pro đoạn phim or a magazine colour scheme from InDesign. That’s simply not possible on mobile.

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While Photoshop Express is designed for điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh photography, you can easily import edits into the main Photoshop or Lightroom for further editing.