PaintTool không nên is a graphic designing solution that helps painters create different types of illustrations such as anime và cartoons. It offers an anti-aliased drawing functionality that allows artists to lớn minimize distortions across low-resolution images and drawings.Teams can view the entire spectrum of the light and dark versions of various colors on a unified interface. PaintTool không nên provides layer tools, enabling operators khổng lồ erase, transfer or combine specific portions of multiple drawings. Additionally, teams can transform brushes into erasers & remove hard edges.Pricing is based on a one-time license and tư vấn is extended via thư điện tử and FAQs....

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PaintTool sai is priced at 5500 JPY (Japanese Yen) per 1 software license. Pricing in other currencies depends on current exchange rates.


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PaintTool SAI


It"s a very lightweight application và rarely crashes.


It is lacking more options for image editing.

Benefits và struggles of Paintool SAI


Great variety of tools & modifiers to each allows you to lớn customize your brushes, erasers, etc khổng lồ your liking. Paintool sai has a more lightweight feel compared lớn other painting softwares, allowing you lớn have a more fluid workflow


Lacks the variety of tools other softwares in the industry have. Its interface looks a little outdated, despite its tools being a good match against other softwares.

Reasons for switching to lớn PaintTool SAI

Its one-time payment makes it a lot more affordable than the industry standard

This reviewer was invited by us khổng lồ submit an honest reviews and offered a nominal incentive as a thank you.

An Introductory Software

I learned so much using this program, và it worked well with multiple drawing peripherals. But at it"s current price point, I cannot recommend it over other options.


The basic tools in sai are intuitive và easy lớn use out of the box. It is a great way to learn the basics of digital art.

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The software has some clever tools và features, but isn"t as robust as a program like video Studio Paint. Anymore, I"d recommend GIMP as an introductory software. GIMP"s xuất hiện source model really broadens the capabilities & versatility of an ever changing art scape.