Noticeably, most of the people in the world now are always looking for không lấy phí to tải về files such as videos, music, và documents. One of the recommended sites that are free and has the capability of file hosting is the Openload.

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Openload is the same as storage but in digital form. It is the site where a user can upload to lớn save any type of files to the site and tải về it lớn get a tệp tin from the site. A user can also giới thiệu different files with others.

It has a premium version which is the Openload Premium.

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3 Openload: Downloading Files7 Openload: Pay Per tải về (PPD) Program

What vày the Openload free and the mở cửa Premium trương mục offer?

Openload Version:Openload Free
Storage Capacity:Limited
Supported Devices:Any devices with an internet connection
Openload Version:Openload Premium
Storage Capacity:Unlimited
Supported Devices:Any devices with an internet connection

Comparing the two versions of Openload, these are both free, but the Openload Premium account contains more functionalities & has a bigger storage capacity than the không lấy phí version of Openload.

Openload: Uploading Files

You can upload files, documents, music, và videos on Openload especially if you are using the Openload Premium Account. Just follow the below procedures.

1. Go to lớn the Openload site.

2. Browse your folders and locate the tệp tin or document or music or đoạn clip you want to upload. 3. Once you find it, select that file.

4. Drag và drop the tệp tin on the Openload upload page.

5. Your file will be automatically uploaded to the Openload site.

Openload: Downloading Files

How to tải về any videos on the OpenLoad tệp tin hosting site?

You bởi vì not have lớn worry, because downloading files is không tính phí here. There are two (2) ways to download a file on Openload. To download any files from the Openload file hosting site, follow the below procedures.

The first way to tải về a file:1. Go to the Openload site.2. Find a file that you want khổng lồ download.3. Click that file & you will be directed lớn the page of the file.4. On the page, find the “DOWNLOAD” button and click it. Close the ads that will show up.5. Another button will appear which is the “FREE DOWNLOAD”, wait for 3 to lớn 5 seconds lớn enable the button, click the button, & the tệp tin will now start to download.6. Your tải về will automatically open your downloader software like Internet tải về Manager (IDM) or if you vày not have software lượt thích that, the browser will be the one to handle your download.The second way to download (A TRICK – for videos):This way is for the đoạn phim file types.Instead of clicking the download button, there is another tricky way for a user to download it. See below.1. Go lớn the Openload site.2. Find a đoạn clip that you want to tải về to watch.3. Click that video and you will be directed khổng lồ the page of the video.4. Here’s the trick. Click the “PLAY” button and close the ads that will show up. If the clip was paused by the ads, just keep on clicking the “PLAY” button until the đoạn phim loads.5. When the video loads, right-click on the đoạn phim and click “Save đoạn clip as”.6. Choose a location on your device where you want to save the video clip file.7. Click “OK”.8. Your tải về will automatically xuất hiện your downloader software lượt thích Internet download Manager (IDM) or if you vì chưng not have software lượt thích that, the browser will be the one khổng lồ handle your download.
To ensure the đoạn clip is downloading properly, the mạng internet connection of your device should be stable. If not, the video clip will not be fully downloaded or else it will be corrupted.

Openload: Watching Videos

It is very easy to lớn watch any videos here on the Openload tệp tin hosting site. You will just need lớn go to the site, find the đoạn clip you want khổng lồ watch, 

1. Go to lớn the Openload site.

2. Find a đoạn clip that you want lớn watch online.

3. Click that clip and you will be directed lớn the page of the video.

4. Just click the “PLAY” button & wait until it loads the video. After that, you can now enjoy watching the full video clip online.

Openload: Sharing Files

Users can nói qua files with other people through the links.

To access the file, others should click the liên kết and they will automatically be directed to the file.

Openload: User Panel

The User Panel is consists of the following: Dashboard, file Manager, Remote Upload, Multi Upload, User Settings, tiếp thị liên kết Program, Conversion Settings and Statistics.

Before you can access the user panel, a user must sign up on Openload to use these functions above.


This shows the current user status, the number of total downloads, files, and storage.

File Manager

This is the page where a user manages his or her folders và files on the Openload site. This contains the created folders and the added files (active và inactive files) of a user, the folder or tệp tin size, the nội dung type, the links of those folders and files, the upload date time, và the number of downloads for a folder or file.

Remote Upload

This is where a tệp tin comes from a source link to be uploaded lớn the user’s Openload account.

Multi Upload

A user can upload multiple files in any tệp tin type. Just click the “ADD FILES” button to địa chỉ the files và click the “START UPLOAD” button lớn upload the files you just added on the Openload site.

Users can cancel the uploading file anytime you want by clicking the “CANCEL” button beside the uploading file. They can also cancel all or clear all the upload list, just click the “CANCEL ALL/CLEAR ALL” button. 

The uploaded tệp tin will be added and will be displayed on the tệp tin Manager page of User Panel.

User Settings

This is where users manage their accounts và information.

Affiliate Program

For a user to join the affiliate program, he or she needs to agree & to accept the Openload affiliate Program rules and conditions, because there are types of files that are not allowed to lớn be uploaded on the Openload site.


This shows the reward or income of a user in dollars, the traffic, và the countries where there is traffic. These are shown by day, by month, and by year.

Conversion Settings

This is where the conversion for a video clip is set. The Openload has an auto-convert feature to automatically convert the quality of a video when streamed by a user into what resolution a user has already set và saved in the conversion settings.

Openload Supported Resolutions
HD, HD 720p, SD 480p, và SD 360p

Openload: Pay Per download (PPD) Program

Openload, especially with the Openload Premium Account, has a program called Pay Per tải về or PPD Program which are created for the users to lớn generate income. A specific user can use Openload to lớn earn by just downloading or streaming in the Openload site. Openload pays the users who make content on their site with a fixed amount per 10.000 of downloads or streams, but it depends upon what country the downloads or streams are taken (See the Openload Tier for Pay Per download (PPD) Program figure below). 

Payouts: For as low as twenty dollars ($20) a user can request a payout và the payouts will be processed within the day.

How are the downloads or streams being counted in Openload?

In Openload, the downloads or streams of every mạng internet Protocol (IP) addresses are counted only for up lớn three times (3x) in the whole day, but this for the automatic way of downloads, Openload will not give reward for these.

Note: If a user fails khổng lồ comply with all the rules & conditions of the Openload or Openload Premium affiliate Program & Pay Per tải về or PPD Program, his or her trương mục will be temporarily suspended or worse, the account will be permanently terminated.

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Openload Tiers for the Pay Per tải về (PPD) Program

This figure below will show how Openload sorts the different countries from the lowest tier to the highest tier màn chơi where they pay for the downloads or streams on the site.