Harman Industrial Group has a wealth of fashion consumer sub-brands. For example, Harman Kardon focuses on luxury music experience, JBL focuses on young and fashionable users, và AKG captures users from entry-level to lớn enthusiast-level users with professional headset manufacturing quality. Moreover, according khổng lồ the different needs of users, different product designs are brought khổng lồ users, & Harman Kardon has more chất lượng design products. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 3 is one of them.Harman Kardon has many products that are good at design. The iconic Aura Studio speakers in wireless speaker products lines, the Soho Wireless in headset sản phẩm lines, & the Onyx Studio series in desktop speakers hàng hóa lines.

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You will find that Harman Kardon is very good at delivering beauty design khổng lồ customers. For example, in the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 3 bluetooth speaker, Harman Kardon still follows this principle thiết kế on the speaker.Onyx Studio 3 is the third-generation sản phẩm of the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio series. From the first-generation Onyx, the rounding element has always run through the entire design gene.Onyx Studio 3 also adopts the iconic circular kiến thiết principle. The overall outlook is very similar khổng lồ Onyx Studio 2 in appearance. What performance upgrades will it bring as a third-generation product?


The difference from Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 2 is that the color finishes have become more convergent. The biệu tượng công ty returns lớn silver, và the tư vấn stands use the same màu đen as the body.The integrated kiến thiết also makes this product more integrated into the home decoration. The driver units are all concentrated in the circular cavity, & the buttons are laid out on the frame. In terms of color, there are five colors in black, white, red, blue, & gray.

The buttons and indicator lights are still arranged on the side. There are power, volume +/-, hands-free, & Bluetooth connections. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 3 wireless speaker using công nghệ bluetooth 4.1 protocol, và there are two woofers và 2 tweeters in the circular cavity. The battery can last for up 5 hours of continuous music playing.What can be seen on the front of the speaker is the entire spherical grille. The surface of the grille is covered with a layer of fiber woven mesh, which has an excellent dustproof effect. In the center of the cover is inlaid with a shiny silver Harman/Kardon brand nameplate. Of course, this dustproof grille is detachable for easy cleaning in the future.

The Driver

After removing the grille, let’s take a look at the internal layout. At the top is a trắng passive low-frequency radiator, & you can see the letters Harman/Kardon logo.The two sides are equipped with tweeters, và the tweeter adopts a 20mm silk dome driver, which can see natural silk weaving.

There are two mid-woofer speakers below, using a 75mm rubber-edged composite basin unit. When the music is played, it will move linearly, generate airflow in the cabinet, and drive the bass radiator for long-stroke propulsion.

There is a small hole at the bottom, with a built-in microphone in the hole. Thus, hands-free calls can be made when thiết bị di động phone calls. Khổng lồ ensure the clarity of the call, noise reduction giải pháp công nghệ is also used.


The Rear

The coating on the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 3 speaker’s back has a clear texture, a delicate touch, & has a specific anti-slip effect. There is a handle on the đứng đầu to be easy khổng lồ carry, making it easy khổng lồ carry the speaker around.The middle is an 85mm passive low-frequency radiator, the kích thước is the same as the front radiator, the màu sắc is matte silver-white, & the Harman Kardon hình ảnh sản phẩm is also printed.
There are three ports at the bottom, và the SERVICE port on the left should be used for firmware tăng cấp operations. In the middle is the AUX audio input đầu vào port, which is used to connect TVs, computers, mobile phones, players, và other equipment.Harman Kardon Onyx Studio3 can be used as an active speaker. When charging the speaker, the power indicator will flash once every three seconds.Onyx Studio 3 adopts the latest bluetooth 4.1 streaming technical features. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 3 supports the connection of up to lớn 3 smart devices, allowing you khổng lồ stream music wirelessly. Of course, you can also choose lớn connect two Harman Kardon speakers on the same device to achieve a stereo dual-channel.
I tried khổng lồ connect laptop apple macbook Pro, iPad, iPhone, Surface Pro, lưu ý 3, and other devices. All of them are working well.

Sound Performance

The Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 3 công nghệ bluetooth không dây speaker is a two-channel, two-way stereo system. It has an independent tweeter. As a result, the two domes have good treble quality. Its high-frequency characteristics are mainly expressed as delicate và soft, transparent. When listening khổng lồ popular music, the energy of the tweeters is enough.If you are a high-frequency enthusiast, remove the speaker’s grille, the treble details will be richer, the penetrating power will be more substantial.
The midrange has a thickness, và the vocals are full. The midrange performance of the 3-inch unit is satisfactory, without too many adjectives lớn describe it.Besides, this pair of mid-woofers looks lượt thích a paper cone speaker at first, but if you carefully observe the surface of the driver, you can find many very tiny fiber filaments, which are more delicate than the wool. So it should be a new type of composite material.The low-frequency characteristics of this speaker are powerful, sinking, and stable. Mainly due to the two low-frequency radiators. Generally speaking, a 3-inch mid-woofer speaker cannot have such an extensive dynamic range. Only through the designer’s ingenious design and passive speakers can the bass be enhanced in a closed cabinet.
The depth of the dive creates a sense of shock; even compared to lớn the 4-inch 5-inch woofer, it is not inferior, and the transient response tốc độ is also timely. Listening to Onyx Studio3 has the effect of a small subwoofer.The sound of Onyx Studio 3 is bright & not excessive, và it can grasp the performance of one degree. It allows you to savor the rhythm of jazz music by yourself & will enable people in a room khổng lồ hear every electronic item. The drums are blooming in the chest.The tác giả has not doubted Harman Kardon’s strength in the field of consumer công nghệ bluetooth speakers, and the sound performance of Onyx Studio 3 gave me some surprises.


When I tested Onyx Studio 2, the surging bass và wide sound field performance in Onyx Studio 3 made me listen lớn it again và again. Once you feel the incredible sound experience brought by the expansive sound field, it will show up in front of your eyes as if you can see the sound.

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The sound of Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 3 is bright & not excessive, và it can grasp the performance of one degree. It allows you lớn savor the rhythm of jazz music by yourself and will enable people in a room to lớn hear every electronic item.I always vì not doubt the strength of Harman Kardon in the field of consumer công nghệ bluetooth không dây speakers, và the sound performance of Onyx Studio 3 really gave me some surprises.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 3 Specifications

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